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39 Instagram Hacks You Need To Learn Today

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With over a billion users each month, Instagram continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms today. The platform's interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and it would make you think that you know everything about the platform. However, there are numerous Instagram features and hacks that you still haven't discovered. Hence, we have rounded out 39 Instagram hacks that you can use for your brand.

39 Instagram Hacks

Instagram can help you connect and engage with like-minded users and increase your product sales. However, your Instagram posts will receive the attention it deserves if you can get ahold of these 39 Instagram hacks and tricks. These hacks can be beneficial in optimizing your Instagram account, from choosing the best profile picture to promoting with paid ads.

So, stick to the end of this article as we are letting you in on our little 39 Instagram hacks, tips, and secrets.

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What are The Secret Features in Instagram?

While Instagram doesn't have explicit secret features, there are strategies involved in discovering the secrets involved in Instagram. Here are some of the 39 Instagram hacks and secrets:

1. Download in Batches

Instagram is bent on protecting its users from having their content stolen or copyright violations. However, not being able to download photos and videos from the platform can be problematic, especially if you lost the original files. provides a solution to this problem. It is a website that allows you to download photos and videos straight from Instagram. All you have to do is copy a photo's URL or Instagram profile, then click the "download" button.

2. Upload Content Directly From The PC

Uploading directly from PC is possible with android emulators.

You can't install Instagram's app on your computer, and the upload feature is unavailable on Instagram profiles when accessed from a computer-based web browser. However, it can be easier for users to upload a large number of images from a computer compared to a Smartphone.

To post photos via your computer, you can use an android emulators, such as BlueStacks. Emulators allow you to connect your Android gadget to a personal computer and upload images and videos directly to Instagram through your computer.

3. Place Hashtags After Posting

Hashtags are a great way to make your content visible to other users, but they aren't as useful on other platforms as they are on Instagram. For that reason, you must post your image or video first before posting them, especially when your IG account is connected to your other accounts. Once you've hit the post button, you can edit the post's description and add hashtags.

With this, you don't have to delete the hashtags from the posts you shared on your other accounts and save precious time.

4. Use Instagram for Editing Photos

Instagram has excellent photo-editing features. Hence, if you want to edit your photos quickly, you can maximize Instagram. Enabling Airplane Mode or turning off your WiFi will prevent the image or video from being posted, so make sure to do either before you start editing. Also, ensure that your "Save Original Photo" is activated.

To edit, import your desired photo and apply filters or increase the contrast. The app will inform you that the image can't be posted on your account but will be saved on your photo gallery.

5. Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Business owners with multiple brands or services wouldn't want to use the same Instagram account for all brands. Hence, this feature comes in handy. The platform allows its users to manage a maximum of five interconnected accounts.

This feature is useful for big brands and startups alike.

What Are Other 39 Instagram Hacks and Tips?

In addition to the list above, here are some more hacks for you:

6. Mute Other Users

girl covering her mouth
Muting other users allow you to keep your peace.

Have you had the urge to unfollow other people or stop seeing their posts but are afraid to hurt their feelings? If so, this hack is for you! You can mute the user, and without unfollowing them, you won't be able to see their posts.

7. Clean Your Search History

Nobody wants to get caught red-handed, do you? Instagram's got your back! You can now clear your search history and go to bed san the worry of someone discovering what you've been up to on IG.

8. Limit Your Screen Time

We often find ourselves glued to our phones, scrolling through Instagram's home page, and it's not always healthy. Hence, this IG feature is helpful, especially for younger users. Limiting screen time allows users to have control over their Instagram usage.

9. Schedule Your Posts Ahead

To schedule your posts ahead of time, you can make use of a social media management tool. Most of these social media management tools feature an Instagram scheduling tool, then you can schedule your future posts. There are a lot of management tools to choose from; just find out which one works for you.

If you're looking for a great social media management tool with an Instagram scheduling feature, check out this HootSuite review and SocialBee review.

10. Choose Your Video's Cover Photo

If you find a good angle on the first or last few seconds of your video and want others to see it, you can choose that angle for your video's cover photo. You can also use any graphic design tool to make your introductory image, and place it either at the beginning or end of the video.

11. Record With Hands-Free Mode

The hands-free mode allows you to free your finger from pressing the record button while filming. You can find this feature on the left-side panel of Instagram stories camera. You can run the feature by simply tapping the record button at the bottom of the screen.

12. Write Using Your Preferred Font

Instagram doesn't have font options for writing captions. However, you can write your caption using the font style that you like by web-based fonts tool. All you have to do is access a reliable tool, input your message, choose your desired font, and copy-paste them on your caption, stories, or bio.

13. Write With Colors

Playing with colorful fonts is possible by creating a new story followed by writing your message. Then, select a portion of your text that you'd like to change colors. This is a fun way to create stories.

14. Don't Open Random Links

Can your Instagram get hacked by opening a DM? Technically, no. It can be impossible to hack your Instagram account by simply opening a DM. However, when a DM contains a certain link used to hack your account, and you click on that link, your account will be hacked.

15. Use A Difficult Password

hacker accessing laptop
Use difficult a difficult password to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

While hackers are bent on getting the data of popular IG creators, hacking can somehow be prevented by using an unusual password. So, can Instagram data be hacked? Yes, but the hacking is preventable.

16. Use Line Breaks in Bio

You can share visually appealing information on your bio by opening your notes app and writing your bio the way you want it to appear. Then, copy the text and paste it on your bio field.

17. Set Notifications for Favorite Accounts

In case you don't want to miss out on the newest update from your favorite Instagram account, you can add a notification alert for them. To do so, just visit the account, press the following button, and select notification.

18. Hide Your Hashtags

Hashtags may clutter your post's caption, and the best way to hide them is to place them in the comment section. Once the comments pile up, your hashtags will be hidden. You can also follow the line-break method.

19. Place Hashtags on Your Bio

To make your profile more discoverable, you may place hashtags on your bio. This hack also allows you to receive more discoveries and search results.

20, Send Disappearing Content

If you're thinking of sending a photo to someone else but don't want them to have a copy of the photo forever, you can send a disappearing content. This is useful in sending sensitive content.

21. Make Accessible Reels

Accessible reels content allows you to get more views and gain audience on Instagram. To do this, you can make a transcript of your video's audio or words, and position it on the screen's center to let people understand.

22. Create Photo Reels

Reels don't have to be videos. You can now create reels using stills. Photo reels are better when created with stop motion style where you can add photos and scale the timing for each photo according to the audio.

23. Study the Tools Bar

For newbies, creating Instagram reels is difficult. Hence, it helps to study and understand the toolbar before publishing your reel. In this way, you're output won't look mediocre and unkempt.

24. Post Reels Consistently

To keep your audience engaged, you must be consistent in filming and posting your reels. Showcase your creativity and keep tabs on new Instagram reels hacks to increase your engagement rate.

25. Arrange Your Favorite Filters

You can arrange your filters according to favorites by using this Instagram filter hack. With this, you can customize your filters menu and keep your favorite filters accessible.

26. Archive Your Posts

If you don't want your posts or stories to be irretrievable, you can put them in the archive. You can hide your posts and photos without having to delete the comments and likes.

27. Mute The Comment Section

Are you scared of receiving rude comments? Then, muting a post's comment section is the solution. Most celebrities and influencers do this to avoid harsh comments.

28. Keep Your Stories Away from Certain Followers

Not everyone will appreciate what you post on social media. Hence, you can now choose to hide your IG stories away from certain followers. You can hide your stories away from as many followers as you like.

29. Change Your Story Highlights' Covers

A well-organized and aesthetic Instagram feed is visually appealing. Aside from keeping beautiful posts, you can also change your highlights' cover and may use a single theme or color scheme for all covers to make it look uniform.

30. Hide Tagged Posts

Everyone who's trying to be a digital creator wants to maintain a well-kept feed, and one way of disrupting your feed is through the tagged post. But worry not because Instagram empathizes with you. Hence, don't forget to hide your tagged posts if you don't want to disrupt your feed's overall look.

31. Make A Strategy for Growth Hacking Foundation

The most important question for marketers and brands is: how do you hack Instagram growth? For the remaining points of this 39 Instagram hacks, we shall go over Instagram growth hacks. First, create an in-depth strategy that functions as a foundation in accomplishing your Instagram growth goals. Its best to start with a strategy on content creation.

32. Create A Business Account

To expand your presence on Instagram, you must have a business account first. Then, you can apply our 39 Instagram hacks and increase your Instagram growth.

33. Utilize Relevant Hashtags

Creating a hashtag strategy allows you to boost your follower count. Your branded hashtags allow your audience to identify your brand easily. The best number of hashtags range from 5-10.

34. Create A Caption Strategy

Another great way of capturing your audience's attention is through captions. Write the best captions for your posts, and use tags to feature your best staff members or customers.

35. Use Paid Ads

Using paid ads is another way of your targeting your audience, especially demographics that are not familiar with your brand. Investing in paid ads may help you achieve your marketing goals and generate sales.

36. Create IG Influencer Marketing Strategy

Instagram is a melting pot of different influencers, and it can be difficult to find the best to collaborate with. But influencer search tools are readily available for you to mix and match with the perfect influencer for your brand.

37. Run A Giveaway

Running an Instagram giveaway is a fool-proof way to trigger UGC and leverage your followers to grow brand awareness. The most recommended method is the giveaway loop strategy where you can partner with influencers.

38. Leverage Your Video Content

Creating fun video content helps amplify your audience engagement. Hence, make sure to work on that reel and be creative to acquire new IG followers, since IG videos tend to spread more compare to images.

39. Start Conversations

Starting conversations in the comment section of your post sparks engagement growth. This hack also allows you to connect with your audience personally, and make them feel like you trust them.

How Useful Are These 39 Instagram Hacks?

These 39 Instagram hacks can definitely help you achieve your brand's goals and objectives in a much quicker manner. So, always make sure to add these 39 Instagram hacks to your stash because you'll never know when they'll come in handy.

Now that you already know the best 39 Instagram hacks, learn some engagement tips on how to get the most likes and comments in this "12 Instagram Engagement Tips to Get More Likes and Comments" article.

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