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Trending Hashtags: 40 Most Popular Hashtags on Social Media in 2022

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Instagram and Twitter won’t be Instagram and Twitter without hashtags. Even Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are using hashtags on their posts. However, it’s important to note that hashtags aren’t just there randomly. They’re mostly used for marketing purposes and to help your content show up on top searches. What hashtags are trending now? Discover the most trending hashtags in this article. If you look at posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, you often see hashtags. Some content don’t even have long descriptions, only a single or set of hashtags. You might wonder: what are the top 3 trending hashtags? There are more than three, and the list can go as long as 100 or even 400. In this article, we’ll cover the top 40 trending hashtags for 2022. Scan through our list below and pick the ones that are most suitable for your brand and social media marketing strategies.


Trending Hashtags: 40 Most Popular Hashtags on Social Media in 2022
Spread all forms of #love on social media, not only on hearts' month but any time of the year.
If you’re asking, “what hashtags get most likes Instagram,” the top on our list is the hashtag #love. This word pertains to everything we adore—be it a person, an object of desire, or a dear pet. The hashtag #love is also the most used hashtag in the majority of social media platforms.


Who better represents the hashtag #fashion than Kylie Jenner herself. This hashtag is also widely used on social media, given that fashion brands upload an average of 0.96 posts on Instagram every day and generate a 0.68% engagement rate per post.


Along with the popular hashtags #love and #fashion is the 3rd top hashtag, #beautiful. Again, social media is dominated by fashion and beauty brands, hence the hashtag #beautiful will be commonly seen on the platform. This word can also be incorporated on travel posts and anything related to sceneries.


Technically, the art of taking a picture is photography. The hashtag #photography falls as the 4th most used hashtag as more people are evolving as freelance photographers, bloggers, and content creators. Even ordinary people use the hashtag #photography when they capture sunrises or sunsets from their backyards or at the beaches near their homes.


This hashtag is mostly used by users who upload photos on their social media accounts every day. It could be on their stories, feeds, or even tweets. #picoftheday can be very random—from a new milk tea flavor to your pet’s new clothes, buildings in your city, or just yourself pouting in front of the camera.


Another hashtag that contains very random posts is the hashtag #followme. Its main purpose is to literally let everyone know you want to be followed on your account, especially if you’re new on social networks. You can also use a tool like the one in this MobileMonkey review to increase your social media followers.


With the concept of getting support and giving it back to your audience, the hashtag #like4like uses the same idea. It’s seemingly strategic in TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. This hashtag also creates a healthy interaction between account owners and their followers.


When it comes to trending hashtags on Instagram, the platform itself is used as a hashtag. Different languages using #instagram yet unites different audiences. #instagram is also used to point out the obvious—that the platform is the majority’s favorite social media site.


Reposting is an effective marketing strategy to boost a brand’s social media engagements and keep its content relevant. With this comes the hashtag #repost as one of the most trending hashtags on social media. Reposting content also gives you a chance to recall your message or campaign to your audiences.


Instagram daily or #instadaily is as simple as it gets—showcasing your daily activities on Instagram. Show off what, where, or when you’re doing something fun. You can also share your posts on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok.


Self-love is beautiful, and the hashtags #me or #metoo are low-key ways of appreciating yourself.
Familiar with the phrase me, myself, and I? Even G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha are rocking this into a song. The hashtag #me can be commonly found on selfie photos or memes where people can relate. Essentially, it’s the best hashtag to use when you’re flexing yourself.


What other word can be prevalent during the pandemic than the hashtag #fitness? Since people are mostly staying at home, they try to be productive by hitting their #fitness and wellness goals. Fitness enthusiasts are also popular on social media, teaching people how to establish healthy lifestyles and achieve a gradual body transformation through realistic #fitness routines and plans.


Of course, #food will never be out of the list. Ever since the use of hashtags became prominent on social media, #food has always been incorporated on posts. And this word isn’t only used by food bloggers but even by ordinary users who just love their food ATM. Using the hashtag #food is also a good opportunity to open a spectrum of different cultures—Western, Asian, Indian, Mexican, and other cuisines.


If there’s #beautiful, there’s also #beauty. What’s cute about this hashtag is it doesn’t only apply to makeups or women. Some social media users describe their babies, hometowns, or even beaus as a #beauty in their sights.


As the wise men say, “a great way to start the day is with a smile.” A perfect #smile can make someone's day, and faces of warmth and joy go a long way to brighten your mood. The hashtag #smile is also used for dental posts, or when posting a portrait of someone with a really beautiful smile.


Ultimately, the majority of the content you see on social media is photos. No wonder #photo belongs to our list of trending hashtags. Although it can be used randomly, #photo best applies to professional photography posts, such as wedding photography, family portrait, or even real estate images.


This hashtag is already mentioned above—some people just prefer spelling out “for” and most Gen Z’s like to use 4. #likeforlike is again self-explanatory, and both ordinary people and some celebrities have used this hashtag to gain an audience. YouTube and TikTok are the top two platforms with the most #likeforlike content.


Finally, the outfit of the day or #ootd. We've all been there, for sure—the moment we realize our outfit is posh, we click our cameras and post on IG with the hashtag #ootd. There’s also #ootn or outfit of the night, but #ootd is still more widely used by social media users. It has been a fad that primarily became popular on Instagram and Twitter. Even the NBA page posts pictures of their players with their #ootd.


Vloggers have been posting a lot about #makeup tutorials and aftercare tips for each product. No wonder social media has marketed beauty products this way, by using hashtags, and it has been so effective that it led to paid ads on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.


Trending Hashtags: 40 Most Popular Hashtags on Social Media in 2022
How often do you use Instagram? Do you consider yourself an #iger?
You’re not reading #tigers—it’s #igers, as in IG-ers. From the word itself, Instagrammers or #igers are internet users who are most active on Instagram. Whether you’re posting content regularly or just actively liking, commenting, or sharing posts, you’re already considered an Instagrammer. Even people who are just using the app for messages are regarded as #igers.


When something is good and instagrammable, it’s #instagood. The hashtag #instagood is used for any content that’s pleasing to the eye. It could be food, a style, your outfit, or even a quote that contains a great sense of humor. #instagood can also be incorporated into art and design content. You know when something is really creative, it’s #instagood for sure.


This hashtag is like the long form of #picoftheday. Like #photo, the hashtag #photooftheday is best used on professional images. For example, photographers post different photos on their IG or FB accounts every day and label them with #photooftheday to showcase their craft. This hashtag is also applicable to travel posts and anything that has to do with nature or abstract images.


Speaking of art, the hashtag #art also belongs to our trending hashtags list. Any image that’s beautifully captured is considered art on social media. Sometimes, #art extends to short clips of drawings or beautifully-edited photos. As revealed in Statista’s survey, Instagram was more used for art-related purposes than Facebook.


You’ve come across the hashtag #smile on this list, right? If there’s #smile, there’s also #happy. Happiness is something profound, and #happy found its way to being generally posted on social media. This hashtag represents joyous events or any life celebration worthy to be shared.


Nothing is more entertaining than #cute puppies, cats, your longtime celebrity crush, or at least one of these critters. If you want to smile, search for the hashtag #cute and see cuteness overload.


Bet you’re looking for #throwbackthursday on this list, yes? Don’t worry, we’ve got #tbt. Gen Z’s and millennials, as they say, are the generations of social media slangs and abbreviations, hence #tbt. Aside from the fact that it’s shorter than #throwbackthursday, #tbt is also a low-key way of posting beautiful memories, fun moments, and even your most embarrassing events.


The words beautiful, art, beauty, and instagood can all be wrapped up in one hashtag—#nature. Some of the most picturesque social media posts use the hashtag #nature, along with other related hashtags. Nature has always been there for us, and it has been incredibly an eye candy for people living in various parts of the world. Also, it would be awesome to travel across different countries virtually by just looking at #nature posts.


Travel is a lifetime's worth of memories. And the experience of #travel on social media takes you on a next-level adventure. Explore and use the hashtag #travel to post your journey or discover the journeys of other people from different sides of the world.


The hashtag #style not only shows everything about fashion but also the uniqueness in design. In #style posts, you’d mostly see matching outfits and accessories. This hashtag also showcases designing a blank canvas, cake, car, or house interior.


It's that time of the year again, and #summer is always fun! Be summer-ready and flash those swimsuits and outfits. While summer isn’t on full blast yet, get outfit inspos through the hashtag #summer to get you prepared for the hottest season of the year.


#me or #selfie? Why not both? Again, photos with the hashtag #selfie is a way of flexing yourself or a beautiful face. It’s mostly common on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media apps that offer a handful of creative selfie filters. Sometimes, selfies come with natural looks, tagging along #nofilter for a more authentic post.


Trending Hashtags: 40 Most Popular Hashtags on Social Media in 2022
What better way to flex your #friends than social media. Treasure your best moments together through posts and stories.
This hashtag can be used for any group of people or animals closest to you. It could be your high school friends, favorite college buddies, workmates, or your cuddly pets. Stay together, post and tag everyone, and use #friends to gain more likes and maybe come across with more acquaintances.


Eye-catching #girl posts are always trendy, sassy, and on point. Not to mention females are the majority of social media users because they’re more inclined to the top content on social media, which are fashion, beauty, and fitness.


This hashtag complements well with the hashtags #happy and #smile. Sometimes, people are using #funmoments, #funtimes, and other tags with the word “fun.” This hashtag is also incorporated into funny vlogs, fun memes, or just random posts where people are living their lives to the fullest.


Anything instant comes in a flash, and some posts using the hashtag #instalike reach many likes organically. #instalikes is just like #followme—it’s a hashtag that works well for organic social media marketing without the presence of bots or spam accounts.


This hashtag can also be shortened to #fam. Before, families are only those people who are related to us by blood or legal contracts, such as a brother, sister, mother, father, and other close relatives. In the Gen Z and millennial lingo, #family can extend to your closest friends, your sweetheart, pets, fans, and all people who support you genuinely.


Life itself is a treasure, and we should always celebrate life in the best way possible. Posts with the hashtag #life on social media are mostly gratitude posts or just appreciating the beauty of life. This hashtag could also mean anything lively, such as trending dance moves on TikTok or popular funny antics on YouTube.


DJs are everywhere on social media, and so is the hashtag #music. With #music, users can explore the auditory aspects of social media networks, discover different genres, and experience the culture and influence of an artist through various musical instruments and technology.


Another strategic way to build positive traffic is to use the hashtag #follow4follow. It has been used time and time again and has proven positive results for influencers, businesses, and even some celebrities.


Last but not least on our trending hashtags list is #amazing. This hashtag showcases science experiments, food, a simple flat lay, photography, or another cute pets post. Users also regard #amazing as one of the trending hashtags Twitter, especially if you’re talking about life or something that instantly catches your attention.

How Do You Find Trending Hashtags?

You can easily find trending hashtags through various digital marketing software. The best part? These tools don’t only provide hashtag finder options but also relevant keywords search, social media post scheduling, influencer search, social analytics, and more. For example, the software in this Capssion review allows users to curate the most powerful social media content through built-in image editing tools, content suggestions, and CRM integrations. Other useful hashtag software include:
  • Hootsuite
  • Hashtagify
  • Twitter Advanced Search
  • Tweetreach
  • Ingramer

Boost Social Media Marketing with Trending Hashtags

Number of Instagram hashtags vs. engagement rate per feed post
See how hashtags work across your engagement rates, comments, and follower count. | Source: Later
Hashtags are vital to expanding your audience reach. Social media users love to post with a hashtag and search for trending stories or topics through hashtags. However, it’s important to know how to use hashtags appropriately. Uniqueness and correct brand image are keys to reaching the right target audience and increasing your social media presence. The trending hashtags list above only serve as a guide for your content marketing strategy. If you’ll create your own, make sure it’s short and easy to remember. Also, when incorporating hashtags on your post, the limit is 30 hashtags per post. You don’t want to overdo it, or you'll confuse your audiences with your content. To know more tips about social media content, read our article: “Size Does Matter: How Long Should Social Media Posts Be?”
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