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ChatGPT Alternatives: 7 Best AI Chatbots To Try

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Because of its impressive capabilities as an artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT took over the internet by storm, and the hype is well-deserved. However, other great-performing AI tools also exist. So, if you are interested in discovering a ChatGPT alternative worth trying, read to the end of this article. Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT to the public, creators, programmers, and SEO professionals are continually testing the chatbot to discover its potential and how it can improve their businesses. The public has extensively tested ChatGPT with regard to task automation, content creation, and other project solutions. ChatGPT is, without a doubt, full of capabilities. ChatGPT is currently dominating the headlines, but there are ChatGPT alternatives worth knowing and testing.

What is An AI Chatbot?

We can refer to an AI chatbot as software that interacts or converses with real people through written language. You can often find these chatbots on web pages and applications to respond to customers' inquiries without tapping human agents to do the job. As a result, an AI chatbot provides more cost-effective customer service. AI chatbots are computer programs that stimulate communication with humans and are often used in customer service and sales. As the technology supporting artificial intelligence advances, AI chatbots now evolve from being basic tools to ones that can engage with humans in the most personal and human-like manner. Multiple AI chatbots have been around for quite some time, but one of the most celebrated to date is OpenAI Playground ChatGPT. Although, there are also excellent ChatGPT alternatives worth trying.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT user statistics
The number of ChatGPT users and visitors is increasing. Source: tooltester
Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that utilizes natural language to yield human-like responses. This AI language model can create responses to queries and various types of written content, including essays, poems, letters, codes, articles, emails, and social media posts. You can basically converse with ChatGPT on any topic and expect to receive intelligent responses as if you're talking with an actual person. ChatGPT is trained on a compilation of different articles, images, social media posts, web pages, and real-time interactions with hired human contractors. ChatGPT wasn't born with the ability to understand human language; it "learned" the proper writing structure and grammar. GPT in ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, the AI model's way of processing requests and creating responses. ChatGPT is trained on reinforcement through reward models that rank the best responses and human feedback. Human feedback helps improve the chatbot's future responses.

What is an Alternative to ChatGPT?

AI language and writing software are still in the process of constant development. Hence, many companies have already entered the field, producing their own sites like ChatGPT. Here are some of the best paid and free ChatGPT chatbot alternatives.

Google Bard

Google search engine
Google's Bard is a fair ChatGPT competitor.
Bard is Google's own version of an AI chatbot and may be the topmost ChatGPT alternative at present. The company's LAMDA, or Language Model for Discourse Activities, system underpins Bard. According to Google, LAMDA has trillions of words that can help the AI predict responses and carry on a conversation. However, like any other AI chatbot, Bard is not all-knowing. To prove this, Bard produced a factual error during its initial demo; thus, causing the company to lose a market value of $100 billion overnight. Other than that, we find that Bard is a promising ChatGPT alternative. Bard is currently a free ChatGPT alternative.

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft logo
Fact: Microsoft invested in OpenAI, ChatGPT's creator.
Microsoft Bing AI chat is an interactive AI tool that was also developed on GPT. Bing AI chatbot is connected to the internet and is an impressive ChatGPT alternative if you want to discover real-time data that comes with references. Bing AI chatbot produces outstanding social media posts and emails. It also has a user-friendly interface, so users won't experience difficulties navigating the platform. Bing has a free and pro version billed at $20 a month. While the free version is already a good tool, it doesn't provide complete assistance. allows users to choose from various AI characters for the ultimate chat-like experience. is a alternative, but the latter is more for entertainment value. You can use for free. So, if you're all for a unique AI experience, you can give a try. is a powerful and efficient AI conversational tool and a great ChatGPT alternative. This AI tool operates on the cloud, providing dialog management capabilities and natural language understanding (NLU). This ChatGPT alternative can give writing inspiration, article-writing support, and marketing assistance in generating images and ad copies. utilizes native NLU models in addition to GPT-3.5. The tool comes with an exquisite user interface, and it allows its users to enhance their capability to manipulate AI at work. Jasper's pricing includes a free version, Starter Pack billed at $29 a month, and Boss Mode for $59 monthly.


ChatSonic is another ChatGPT alternative that can generate factual content. The tool claims to be powered by Google Search; hence, its ability to generate accurate content based on facts is highly possible. ChatSonic can function as a grammar-checking and designing tool. It is equipped with a number of different features and tools that are ideal for authors to use. You can use ChatSonic for a starting premium of $52 a month.


YouChat is's AI search assistant enabling users to converse naturally with the AI chatbot. YouChat is highly similar to ChatGPT as it can provide real-time data with sources for a more accurate and relevant search result. Without a doubt, YouChat is a great-performing ChatGPT alternative. With YouChat, users can learn new languages, ask complex questions, solve problems through logical reasoning, and generate content in diverse languages. This AI tool can create SEO-researched content and has a caliber of different collaboration features. YouChat is currently available for free. So, use it while it lasts!


Bloom is another ChatGPT alternative capable of giving unique ideas to help you avoid writer's block as much as possible. It claims to be the world's largest open-access multilingual LLM or large language model. This AI tool has 176 billion parameters trained through the NVIDIA AI platform. The goal of this AI chatbot isn't to replace human writers with artificial intelligence. It instead aims to help writers produce better outputs and improve their writing skills. It is also helpful for marketers in creating articles and social media posts. Although, it's a bit costly compared to any ChatGPT alternative in this post, as its premium is $499 a month. Aside from AI chatbots, marketers can also use other AI-powered tools to automate social media marketing efforts. Learn more about our recommended tool in this Social Aider review.

Why Use A ChatGPT Alternative?

One good reason for using a ChatGPT alternative instead of the actual ChatGPT AI tool is to explore different, more advanced features. Many ChatGPT alternatives have speech recognition and sentiment analysis that may be useful for businesses in creating personalized conversations with their customers. Other alternatives can also be integrated with other customer service systems making them more efficient to use. In addition, an alternative can be budget-friendly. Hence, businesses can save money and time using the most appropriate alternative.

Do All Chatbots Use Artificial Intelligence?

AI robot
While many fear AI, we can't discount the reality that they're beneficial when used responsibly.
No, not all chatbots use AI. Multiple chatbots are rules-based, resulting in a structured and non-personalized dialog. These chatbots can only recognize messages containing specific keywords because these keywords are what the chatbot's programmer placed in the system. On the other hand, an AI-powered chatbot uses machine learning and natural language processing to give human-like responses even when the human input isn't part of a pre-programmed script.

What Are the Benefits of AI Chatbots?

Using an AI chatbot comes with benefits not enjoyed in using rules-based chatbots. Here are some:

24/7 Availability

By using an AI chatbot, such as ChatGPT or a ChatGPT alternative, instead of a human agent, you can be sure that your web page can respond to queries and address concerns 24/7. Furthermore, an AI chatbot gives instant responses so your visitor doesn't have to wait long. And the best part? It can potentially address all concerns instead of a non-AI chatbot that can only follow a provided script.


man on the phone
Will AI eventually replace humans in the workplace? That is the fear of many.
One of the forces that compel people to use AI chatbots is affordability. Purchasing a premium is much more affordable than employing additional staff members who require monthly wages on top of other mandated benefits. With an AI chatbot, you also don't have to go through the process of screening and interviewing numerous applicants, so you can better focus on your other needs.

Unique Customer Experience

Feeding an AI chatbot millions of data can give customers a unique and efficient service. An AI chatbot is capable of fostering interactions, streamlining a customer's journey, and enabling brands to collect real-time data they can utilize to improve their products and services. With an advanced and well-set-up AI chatbot, customers will experience excellent service. While chatbots have added benefits, marketers, creators, and brands can also benefit from other AI-powered tools aside from chatbots, such as Socialbakers. Read more about this tool in our Socialbakers review.

Should You Use ChatGPT or An Alternative?

OpenAI ChatGPT is an impressive and highly-capable natural language understanding system founded on the Transformer architecture. The tool is trained on a large dataset through unsupervised learning; therefore, it understands and responds to various topics with coherence and relative accuracy. It is good to explore a ChatGPT alternative and find out which AI tool works best for you. However, ChatGPT has been extensively tested and trained on tasks like translation, conversation generation, and question answering. The heavy testing and training show that ChatGPT possesses the power to comprehend and respond to a wide array of prompts, making it an effective AI chatbot. Furthermore, ChatGPT's ability to adapt and learn over time is a primary point to consider when in doubt about what AI tool to use. ChatGPT can refine its responses and increase its accuracy rate through a user's interaction with the system. So, you can be sure that this AI tool continues to generate quality responses over time. But in the end, only you have the final say on the best AI tool for your needs. AI and the future The future is getting brighter as technology constantly innovates to make life greener than it was for the people who came before us. Artificial intelligence tools come with shortcomings, like everything that's ever existed. However, with responsible usage, we can use AI-powered tools for good. ChatGPT and its alternatives are only a taste of what's coming, and we can't wait to experience the full potential of artificial intelligence. Now that you have an idea of what ChatGPT alternative to try, learn how to maximize ChatGPT through writing better prompts in this article on "20 Best ChatGPT Prompts and How to Write Them."
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