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Influencer Relationship Management: Cultivating Connections for Business Growth


How crucial is influential relationship management to your business? To get the most out of your influencer marketing efforts, it’s crucial to build solid relationships with your influencers. The closer you work with them, the better they’ll be able to accurately share what your brand stands for. In this post, we’re going to dive into what influencer relationship management (IRM) is and how you can use an IRM strategy to help your business grow. What is influencer relationship management and the importance of it for your brand? Let’s find out.

IRM Stats
Do your research and look at the statistics to know what works and what doesn’t before embarking into an influencer marketing campaign for your brand

Key Takeaways

  • Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) is crucial for impactful influencer marketing campaigns. It involves managing all aspects of engagement with influencers to foster lasting partnerships.
  • IRM Tools streamline collaboration with influencers by providing insights into their talents, content preferences, and audience demographics. They simplify campaign management and enhance communication.
  • Best Practices for IRM include evaluating influencers thoroughly, building mutually beneficial partnerships, and regularly evaluating campaign effectiveness using the right KPIs.
  • Choosing the Right KPIs is essential for measuring the success of influencer campaigns. Key metrics include reach, engagement, conversions, and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Influencer Relationship Management Tools Examples include Sideqik, CreatorIQ, TapInfluence, IZEA, and Traackr, which offer features for influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance analytics

What Is Influencer Relationship Management?

IRM refers to managing every aspect of your engagement with an influencer—from the initial outreach to all communications before, during, and after a marketing campaign. The goal of IRM is to foster a lasting partnership where both the brand and the influencer can understand each other more deeply, leading to more impactful and relevant campaigns. It’s similar to customer relationship management, but instead of focusing on customers, it centers on deepening connections with influencers to enhance growth and increase return on investment (ROI).

How Influencer Relationship Management Tools Help

Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tools are marketing software that helps brands and agencies streamline how they collaborate with influencers. These tools are essential for nurturing strong, ongoing relationships. They allow you to dive deep into the specific talents, preferred content formats, platforms, and promotional styles of each influencer. Meanwhile, influencers get a clearer picture of your brand and what it stands for.

Companies can find the right influencer by using an agency relationship management dashboard. Tools such as these are designed to support every stage of your relationship with an influencer. This includes the initial research phase where you track and analyze their performance metrics and audience segmentation, through to the first outreach, negotiation, campaign setup, and management, and finally, the follow-ups and feedback after a campaign ends.

Setting up a dedicated profile for each influencer in your IRM system acts like a one-stop shop where you can view all their relevant details—metrics, notes, pricing history, email interactions, and contact information. One of the biggest perks is moving away from juggling multiple spreadsheets and emails to having all the information centralized in one place. With everything just a click away, managing negotiations, pricing proposals, and partnerships becomes much simpler and keeps you up to date with all aspects of your influencer collaborations.

Best Practices for Influencer Relationship Management

Here are some top tips to help you forge successful and profitable partnerships with your influencers while using an influencer relationship management platform.

Evaluate Influencers

Evaluate influencers
Evaluate influencers to make sure their values align with your company’s goals and objectives

Before embarking on your influencer relationship management journey and utilizing specialized tools to foster partnerships, it is crucial to adopt a meticulous approach in selecting and evaluating each influencer to ensure they align with your campaign objectives. An effective method to assess influencers is by thoroughly examining their past endeavors and performance.

It is important to ensure that the content they produce not only resonates with your brand but also possesses an element of originality and captivation. Equally significant is the relevance of their audience and their genuine interest in your products or services. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the demographics of their followers correspond to your target market and that these followers actively engage with the influencer’s posts.

Build Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

How do you maintain relationships with influencers? In partnerships, it’s vital that influencers see the collaboration as mutually beneficial. Otherwise, they might not be as motivated to give their best to your campaigns. Fair pay is important, but it’s also crucial to share as much information as possible about your company and brand. This helps influencers understand the value you bring and can help them form a stronger connection with your brand.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Influencer Campaign

It’s important to regularly check how well your influencer relationship management program is doing. If you don’t keep track of the results, it’s hard to know what’s working and what needs improvement. One simple way to see how well your influencers are doing is to look at their performance, like the content they’re creating and their key performance indicators (KPIs). The most important influencer marketing KPIs help you measure how well your campaigns are doing.

Consider Hiring an Influence Relations Manager

Influencer Relations Manager
Consider hiring an influence relations manager for recruiting the best influencers to suit your brand

What is an influence relations manager? They are the ones in charge of your influencer marketing campaign. These people act like your in-house marketers but in this case, their specific role is to bring influencers who truly understand your brand’s objectives and goals. Thus, recruiting the best, most ideal influencers for your brand is their main role.

Choosing the Right KPIs that Perfectly Align With Your Goals

As you might already know, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are like scorecards for measuring how well a campaign is doing. Nowadays, there are so many different types of data you can measure, but it’s important to focus on the ones that really matter for your specific situation. So, let’s take a look at the most important ones.


In influencer marketing, one of the first things to check is how far your campaign posts are reaching. This helps you understand how much your chosen influencer is boosting your brand awareness. You can measure reach in a few ways, but the main things to look at are your influencer’s audience size, any growth in your brand’s social media followers, and how many views and impressions your posts get.

Make sure you’re using the best reviewed influencer relationship management tools to get this info. To gauge your brand’s awareness, keep an eye on these influencer analytics: your influencer’s follower count, your own social media followers, whether your audience has grown since partnering with the influencer, the number of impressions (how often your content is displayed), and the total reach (the overall number of people who have seen your campaign).


What is influence relationship management for when you can’t get adequate engagement with your target audience? When you’re looking at your influencer marketing performance, don’t forget to check how engaged your influencer’s audience is with your content. The more engaged they are, the better your influencer is at creating a positive brand image and building meaningful connections. Higher engagement also means more people are interested in your brand, which could lead to more customers.

Engagement is also a good way to see if your brand fits well with your influencer’s audience, helping you choose the right influencers for long-term partnerships. To measure engagement, keep an eye on likes, comments, shares, brand mentions, and the use of campaign hashtags.


IRM Conversions
Conversions are vital because they show you how your campaigns are directly affecting your bottom line

When you’re looking at the results of your influencer campaigns, conversions are where things really get interesting. They’re super important because they show you how your campaigns are directly impacting your bottom line. Conversions tell you how many people are not just interested in your brand, but actually taking action, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for something, or downloading content.

What’s great about conversions is that they can mean different things depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your campaign. It could be sales, new subscribers, downloads, or even people signing up for your newsletter. To track conversions effectively, you need to define what a conversion means for your campaign and then keep a close eye on the right metrics. Here are a few ways to do that:

Affiliate links: Use affiliate links to track sales that come from each influencer’s audience. To learn more about how this works, check out our Linkly review.

Promo codes: Give each influencer a unique promo code so you can see how many conversions each of them is driving.

UTM links: Create special URLs with UTM parameters to see where your traffic and conversions are coming from. Learn more about this from our Tapfiliate review.


Selecting the right influencer is crucial for getting the most out of your influencer marketing efforts. One way to see how well your influencer campaigns are doing is by looking at Earned Media Value (EMV). EMV tells you how effective your influencer campaigns are compared to what you’d spend on paid campaigns to get similar results.

Calculating EMV is pretty straightforward. You just need to know how much you’re paying for each engagement, each thousand impressions (CPM), and each person reached. For example, if your paid campaigns cost you $2 per interaction on average and a post gets 1,000 interactions, you’ve spent $2,000. To figure out the EMV for influencer posts, you do the same thing. If an influencer’s post gets 2,000 interactions, your EMV would be $4,000. That’s a better return on investment than your paid campaigns.

So, the higher your EMV, the better the influencer is at promoting your brand. It’s a great way to measure the success of your influencer partnerships and make sure you’re getting value for your money.

Influencer Relationship Management Tools Examples


Sideqik IRM Tool
Explore a new way of partnering with influencers through Sideqik

With Sideqik, you can explore a new way to partner with influencers that include creating tailored environments for brand-aligned interactions, streamlining management with automated systems, and leveraging real-time analytics for strategic decision-making. This approach opens up endless possibilities for direct engagement, campaign promotion, and handling global transactions.

Access streaming and social media. Dive into a comprehensive dataset that lets you build and manage your creator program from the ground up.

Find the perfect creators. Search for and connect with the best creators for your brand. Monitor and enhance their performance in real-time to maximize your investment.

Simplify campaign management. Efficiently manage your relationships with creators, oversee campaigns, and track performance indicators with customized workflows and automated communication tools.

Optimize in real-time. Use real-time data and analytics to fine-tune your strategies, improve conversion rates, and better understand your monetization strategies.


CreatorIQ is a sophisticated influencer marketing platform that features a suite of tools to help brands identify the right creators. With its AI-driven capabilities, brands can easily find recommended influencers, filter their searches to hone in on the best fits and analyze the influencers’ profiles and performance metrics.

Discover and vet Creators. Use their platform to search, compare, and receive recommendations on creators using detailed insights. This makes it faster and easier to find creators who align perfectly with your brand.

Build and nurture your brand community. Identify creators who are already talking about your brand and use this insight to grow and strengthen your community. Understand the impact of organic content and engage actively with your most influential ambassadors.

Track community trends. Stay informed about the latest trends within your most relevant communities by monitoring creator activities. This helps you spot opportunities that could benefit your brand.

Maintain a healthy community. Keep a close eye on your brand’s community health to improve creator loyalty and retention. Ensure that your community is thriving, well-supported, and fully engaged.


TapInfluence offers a robust influencer marketing platform packed with essential features such as influencer discovery, campaign management, and detailed analytics. It enables businesses to forge connections with a wide range of influencers and effectively monitor the success of their campaigns.

Wide-ranging influencer network. With TapInfluence, you have access to an extensive network of influencers across various industries and demographics. This vast selection makes it easier to find the right partners who resonate with your target audience.

Advanced campaign management. The platform provides advanced tools to help you manage your influencer campaigns smoothly. From facilitating easy communication to handling detailed content approvals, you can collaborate effortlessly with influencers and ensure your campaign runs smoothly.

In-depth analytics. TapInfluence delivers deep insights into how your influencer campaigns are performing. You can track essential metrics, assess ROI, and leverage this data to fine-tune your marketing strategies, making sure you’re getting the best results from your efforts.


IZEA is a standout platform for creators, offering effective tools to bridge the gap between brands and influencers. One of the toughest parts of business engagement and career growth is creating meaningful networking opportunities, and IZEA tackles this head-on.

Influencer marketing tools. IZEA Flex showcases what influencer management software can do, and The Creator Marketplace is where influencers and brands meet. These tools make it easier for marketers to organize and execute paid promotional efforts efficiently.

Dedicated managed services. For brands and marketers who need a bit more guidance, IZEA’s Managed Services team is ready to step in. They specialize in helping leading brands and advertising agencies with everything from strategy and creative ideation to project management and analytics.

A platform for every business size. IZEA is designed to support everyone—from smaller organizations with tighter budgets to well-known global brands. It’s a versatile platform that adapts to various advertising needs.

Benefits brands and influencers. The relationship is reciprocal; large brands can gain fresh perspectives by partnering with micro-influencers, while top-tier influencers can catapult smaller businesses into the spotlight, sometimes with a single successful campaign.


Maximize your influence relationship. Think of Traackr as your go-to CRM for simplifying activations, enhancing collaboration, and maintaining clear, organized information flow.

Beyond the basics. While Traackr handles the essentials like discovery, campaign management, and reporting, it offers much more. Access the largest global influencer database, unique market insights, and a team of experts ready to guide your decisions and investments.

A recipe for success. Their clients succeed because Traackr’s influencer marketing software and expert team stand by them every step of the way. With Traackr, you can measure your impact accurately, understand what strategies are effective, and confidently make the right choices.

Influencer Relationship Management: The Bottomline

When all is said and done, Influencer relationship management is all about building and maintaining genuine connections with influencers to boost your brand’s reach and impact. It involves choosing influencers who truly resonate with your brand, nurturing those relationships over time, and using data to see what’s working. When done right, this approach can take your marketing efforts to the next level, creating lasting partnerships that benefit both your brand and the influencer. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about building trust and authenticity, which can lead to long-term brand loyalty and success.


What is Influencer Relationship Management (IRM)?
IRM involves managing every aspect of engagement with influencers, from initial outreach to post-campaign follow-ups to building lasting partnerships that enhance the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns.

How do IRM tools help in influencer marketing?
IRM tools streamline collaboration with influencers by providing insights into their talents, content preferences, and audience demographics. They simplify campaign management and enhance communication.

What are some best practices for successful influencer relationship management?
Best practices include evaluating influencers thoroughly, building mutually beneficial partnerships, and regularly evaluating campaign effectiveness using the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

How do you measure the success of influencer campaigns?
Success can be measured using KPIs such as reach (audience size, impressions), engagement (likes, comments, shares), conversions (sales, sign-ups), and Return on Investment (ROI).

What are some examples of influencer relationship management tools?
Examples include Sideqik, CreatorIQ, TapInfluence, IZEA, and Traackr, which offer features for influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance analytics.

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