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Influencers Gone Wild Website: What is It and How Does It Impact Influencers?

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If you've spent more than enough time on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook, you probably have your list of favorite influencers and content creators. Often, we look up to these influencers for content inspiration, but up to what extent? What do you do if, one day, you find them on the Influencer Gone Wild website?

Key Takeaways:

  • The "Influencers Gone Wild" website is a platform that aggregates and shares controversial or scandalous content involving influencers across social media platforms.
  • The article explores the impact of the "Influencers Gone Wild" website on influencers' reputations, privacy, mental health, and relationships with brands and followers.
  • The website raises concerns about online harassment, cyberbullying, and the exploitation of influencers' personal lives for entertainment or profit.
  • Influencers may experience stress, anxiety, and reputational damage as a result of their content being shared on the website without their consent.
  • Brands and followers may reassess their relationships with influencers based on their behavior and the content featured on the "Influencers Gone Wild" website, affecting partnerships and sponsorship opportunities.

Adult influencer content has become rampant in recent years. Research by SexualAlpha shows that 98% of content on OnlyFans is adult content, and most, if not all, of these influencers with OnlyFans and content creators are getting more popular by the day. As a result, multiple adult influencer websites are gradually being developed, with Influencers Gone Wild being one.

If you rummage through the internet, you can find a wide array of articles related to social media influencers and influencer marketing. Most of these social media influencers can be found on major platforms producing content in different niches, such as beauty, health and fitness, gaming, food, travel, fashion, and lifestyle, to name a few. Recently, a handful of influencers produced content on adult websites, such as OnlyFans and Influencer Gone Wild or

If you are curious about what Influencer Gone Wild is and how adult content affects influencers and influencer marketing, read to the end of this article.

What are Social Media Influencers?

food influencer vlogging
Food vloggers are also social media influencers who can score brand deals with major food brands.

Social media influencers are individuals who have leveraged platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to build audiences around specific niches—these range from beauty and fitness to gaming and, increasingly, adult content. The evolution of the influencer concept has expanded to include those who share content that might have been considered taboo a decade ago, illustrating the diversification of content in the influencer marketing ecosystem.

A few decades back, we would never have thought that Facebook and YouTube would become giant social media platforms. But as time went by, technology and the internet evolved greatly. Consequently, we now spend a large amount of our day scrolling through our favorite social media sites.

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The total number of active social media users today almost hit 5 billion. A huge portion of these users look up to social media influencers to guide them in their decision-making. These social media influencers can be everywhere, making vlogs, blog posts, podcasts, and other content, and their audience spends hours consuming their content. Often, these social media influencers try their best to dodge controversies, so it can be pretty surprising to see our favorite influencers gone wild. The good thing is we have yet to see celebrity influencers gone wild.

Global social media users statistics, 2017 to 2027
There are 4.89 billion social media users in 2023. Source: Oberlo

Social media influencers pertain to people who have worked hard to build a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular niche or topic. They create niche-related content in their preferred social media channels, such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, to name a few. The most successful and popular influencers generate large, engaged, and enthusiastic followers who pay close attention to the lifestyle, content, ideas, and opinions of their favorite influencers.

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Brands love these influencers because they can create trends and affect their audience's decision-making, encouraging them to purchase the products or services they promote. As a result, influencer marketing has become one of the top digital marketing strategies today.

What is the Website

When we think of influencers, we automatically picture them on popular platforms, creating relatable content. However, some influencers have ventured into rated 18 websites, such as and OnlyFans (although OnlyFans isn't entirely a pornographic website). Influencers Gone Wild (or is a website for pornographic influencer content. As per Similar Web's estimation, the website gets over 21 million views a month, and according to statistics, most of its viewers are from the United States. And, these are in no way, the sexy influencers that we are used to.

Influencers Gone Wild has emerged as a notable platform in the adult content domain, boasting millions of monthly views. It features content from a variety of influencers who have chosen to explore this avenue, either as an extension of their existing personal brand or as a primary focus. The platform's growth reflects a significant viewer interest in adult content from familiar social media personalities.

An example of content from the website is Natalie Roush Influencers Gone Wild leaked content and Meg Turney Influencer Gone Wild leaked videos from OnlyFans. Meg Turney is a popular American Twitch streamer, internet personality, vlogger, model, and cosplayer. Aside from that, Turney is also an OnlyFans creator with a VIP account. Her leaked OnlyFans influencer gone wild videos can be found on on the site.

Impact on Influencer Marketing

woman lying down
Influencers must be aware of the risks before putting content on rated sites or posting sensual images.

People have varied opinions when it comes to sexual imagery, especially when influencers are involved. For some, gone are the days when sex was taboo, while others are adamant about the idea. Knowing that influencer marketing is all about being able to influence or encourage a particular audience, how does creating sexual content or websites like Influencer Gone Wild affect influencers and influencer marketing in general?

The integration of adult content into the portfolios of social media influencers has nuanced implications for influencer marketing. While some brands shy away from association with adult content, others see it as an opportunity to tap into highly engaged audiences. The key lies in alignment with brand values and audience expectations. Influencers associated with adult content may face challenges in securing traditional brand partnerships but also access unique monetization avenues that can be significantly lucrative.

The unstoppable innovations in technology and social media platforms are linked to the evolution of the different forms of work and content, and these include the mainstreaming of pornographic imagery and content and the 'porn chic' aesthetic. Numerous brands and digital marketers make use of sexual imagery and nudity, whether full or partial, to sell perfume, clothing, or even food. One famous example is YSL's controversial graphic campaign in 2017, where a model can be seen photographed at crotch level with her legs being spread widely. The campaign stirred so many people from all over the world that Forbes dedicated an article on Parisians enraged at the porno chic ad.

What happened with YSL proves that putting a sensual or sexual touch on an ad campaign is a risky move and doesn't guarantee a hundred percent positive results.

While a lot of brands and businesses are becoming more inclusive, some allegedly don't want to deal with X-rated social media influencers, such as Corinna Kopf influencers gone wild. According to Lena The Plug's interview with Forbes, 95% of her revenue comes from OnlyFans and premium Snapchat subscriptions and only 5% from YouTube, Instagram, adult tube sites, and merchandise combined.

In her words, closing brand deals or generating high YouTube revenue is difficult when an influencer is X-rated or a sex worker. YouTube content created by pornographic influencers gets demonetized even if the videos abide by the platform's terms and conditions.

Hence, treading this path, a.k.a becoming an X-rated influencer, is a risky choice to make. Many followers may support the choice, but a hefty portion might also consider canceling the influencers as well as the brands that collaborate with them. Thus, making the influencer marketing campaign ineffective. Aside from that, some brands put utmost importance on working with influencers who reflect the company's personality and values, and a lot of these brands have very little room for conspicuous obscenity.

Several brands prefer to stick with safe and non-controversial marketing strategies. According to Coco Chanel, "Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity." So, if a social media influencer can be found in Influencers Gone Wild, we can't tell how many chances they have in scoring a deal with the luxury brand Chanel or other brands who share the same perspective.

Is a Safe and Legitimate Website?

security button on a computer screen
Access a website with caution. Always protect your data and privacy.

The safety and legitimacy of platforms like Influencers Gone Wild are crucial for both creators and viewers. Recent evaluations suggest that these platforms have taken steps to ensure user safety and content legitimacy. However, influencers and users alike are advised to proceed with caution, mindful of privacy, security, and the potential for content misuse.

A tech blogger and qualified Microsoft Windows systems administrator, Mat Diekhake, conducted a series of tests this year to find out if Influencers Gone Wild is a safe and legitimate website. He ran malware and browser scans a couple of times and found nothing wrong with the website. According to him, he was able to browse Influencers Gone Wild without being interrupted by any issues. Furthermore, the results of the malware scans were negative, meaning no malware was detected.

What are Other Examples of Influencers Going Wild?

influencer filming video
Don't expect influencers to be perfect, as they are humans too.

There are two ways to become popular on the internet—one, by producing quality content, and second, by creating a major controversy. Through the latter, we witness influencers gone wild. Influencers gone wild don't just pertain to X-rated content; there are other ways where influencers may go raunchy and wild. Take these examples of influencers gone wild over the years:

Nudity in front of a sacred tree

Alina Fazleeva, a famous Russian yoga influencer, made rounds on social media and news outlets after being deported from Bali for posing nude in front of a 700-year-old sacred Banyan tree.

Shortly after the incident, the Russian influencer apologized and admitted her ignorance of the offense she caused against the Balinese and Indonesians. She claimed that she regretted her actions, had no knowledge of the place, and didn't mean to offend the people of Bali.

Selling fart in a jar

How crazy would this list get? Stephanie Matto, dubbed the "fart jar girl," created her name as an influencer for selling her fart and other bodily gases and fluids online. This might not be as scandalous as the first one, but it is still wild. This influencer gone wild describes herself as a "fartrepreneur" for earning a revenue of over $200,000 by selling her farts in jars.

This over-the-top influencer ended up in a hospital in 2022 due to excessive gas build-up just for her to fill the jars. Since then, Matto saw the light in her business and did an expansion by selling her queef and boob sweat.

Selling replicas of an actual baby

The Ingham Family, a famous YouTube account with over 1.2 million subscribers, made it to this list of influencers gone wild. The Ingham Family took to YouTube how they collaborated with the dollmaker Mary Shortle and created a life-like replica of their own four-month-old baby Jace.

Some of their followers were thrilled by the announcement, but others felt weirded and creeped out by what they were doing. However, the Mother of the family came to the defense and told Insider that the dolls weren't the exact mold of the baby's face and body.

Posting revealing photos at 13

Danielle Cohn, a famous YouTube and internet personality, became controversial in 2019 when many users threw questions about her actual age and commented on her revealing posts and older boyfriends. Then, in September of the same year, the influencer's father posted a statement on Facebook confirming that Danielle was indeed still a minor, 13 years old at the time, and it was her mom who forced her to post revealing images and date older boyfriends.

Danielle then went back at her dad on Instagram, stating that she doesn't do anything that she doesn't like to do and that she was happy her dad was out of her life. Can you stomach influencers gone wild at a young age?

Bullying a small business

Influencers are expected to well, influence and not bully other people on social media. However, the Jade Tunchy case speaks otherwise and shows her as one of the influencers gone wild. Jade Tuncdoruk, an influencer who goes by Jade Tunchy on Instagram, came under fire in 2022 for bullying Hunter Valley into giving her a refund for a non-refundable honeymoon deposit. The influencer made a booking earlier in the pandemic via the travel company Weekenda. The company had a clear no-refund policy for canceled services.

However, when Tunchy caught COVID, she wrongfully assumed that the rule didn't apply to her and targeted Weekenda with her Instagram rants. She even went as far as threatening the small company by taking them to Fair Trade. Unfortunately, Weekenda gave in to the influencer's tantrums and gave the public an awesome chance to win Tunchy's accommodation through a competition called "Shame She Can't Stay Giveaway." Talk about a major clapback!

Other Examples of Influencers Going Wild

Beyond adult content, "going wild" can encompass a range of behaviors that push societal norms or engage in controversy. From unconventional marketing tactics to boundary-pushing content, influencers often navigate the fine line between viral fame and public backlash. These instances highlight the diverse strategies influencers employ to capture attention in a crowded digital landscape.

Strategic Implications for Influencers

Influencers venturing into adult content face a pivotal decision that can redefine their brand and audience engagement. This move requires a strategic approach:

Audience Segmentation and Communication

Influencers must clearly understand their audience segments to communicate effectively and manage diverse expectations. Transparent communication about the nature of the content can help maintain trust and minimize backlash.

Brand Diversification

Engaging in adult content may necessitate the diversification of the influencer's brand portfolio. This could involve maintaining separate channels for different content types, allowing for targeted engagement while minimizing cross-audience content mismatches.

Legal and Privacy Considerations

Navigating the legal landscape, including copyright, content rights, and privacy laws, is crucial. Influencers should employ robust measures to protect their content and personal information from misuse or unauthorized distribution.

Strategic Implications for Brands

For brands, the decision to engage with influencers known for adult content involves a nuanced assessment of potential risks and rewards:

Brand Alignment and Values

Brands must ensure that any partnership aligns with their core values and brand image. Engaging with influencers in the adult content space can offer access to highly engaged audiences but must be approached with an understanding of the brand's tolerance for risk and controversy.

Target Audience Considerations

Brands must closely consider their target audience's perceptions and openness to adult content. For brands targeting more progressive or adult-oriented demographics, these partnerships can offer a unique opportunity to engage with audiences in a candid and unfiltered manner.

Risk Management

Engaging with influencers in this niche requires comprehensive risk management strategies, including contingency planning for potential public relations challenges and closely monitoring public and customer feedback to navigate potential controversies proactively.

Future Trends in Influencer Marketing

The integration of adult content into influencer marketing points to broader trends and potential future developments:

Increased Normalization and Acceptance

As societal attitudes continue to evolve, the normalization of adult content within mainstream social media and influencer marketing is likely to increase, opening new avenues for content creation and brand partnerships.

Regulatory and Platform Changes

The growing prevalence of adult content in influencer marketing may prompt regulatory changes and adjustments in platform policies. Influencers and brands will need to stay informed and adaptable to navigate this shifting landscape.

Innovative Monetization Models

The expansion into adult content is driving the development of innovative monetization models, from subscription-based platforms to premium content offerings. This trend is likely to continue, offering influencers new ways to engage with their audience and generate revenue.

Ethical Considerations and Social Responsibility

As influencers and brands navigate this space, ethical considerations and social responsibility will come to the forefront. Stakeholders will need to balance commercial objectives with the impact of their content on audiences and society at large.

Learn a thing or two from influencers who have gone wild

The intersection of adult content and influencer marketing represents a dynamic and complex facet of the digital landscape. For influencers, it offers an opportunity to explore new content and engage with audiences on a different level. For brands, it presents both challenges and opportunities to connect with target demographics in innovative ways. As this space continues to evolve, strategic, informed decision-making will be paramount for those looking to navigate its opportunities and challenges successfully.


What is the "Influencers Gone Wild" website, and what type of content does it feature?
The "Influencers Gone Wild" website is a platform that aggregates and shares controversial or scandalous content involving influencers across social media platforms, including videos, photos, and posts.
How does the "Influencers Gone Wild" website impact influencers?
The website can impact influencers' reputations, privacy, mental health, and relationships with brands and followers by sharing controversial or scandalous content without their consent, leading to stress, anxiety, and reputational damage.
What are the ethical implications of the "Influencers Gone Wild" website?
The website raises ethical concerns about online harassment, cyberbullying, and the exploitation of influencers' personal lives for entertainment or profit, highlighting the need for greater respect for privacy and consent in digital spaces.
How can influencers protect themselves from the negative impact of the "Influencers Gone Wild" website?
Influencers can protect themselves by being mindful of their online behavior, setting boundaries for sharing personal information, and taking legal action against unauthorized use of their content or image.
What should brands and followers consider when engaging with influencers featured on the "Influencers Gone Wild" website?
Brands and followers should consider the context and authenticity of content shared on the website when assessing influencers' credibility and suitability for partnerships or collaborations, prioritizing ethical and responsible engagement.

Whether it is from influencers on Influencers Gone Wild or from influencers who have literally gone wild with their antics, there is one thing we can learn: give only what you can take. If you're an aspiring influencer who doesn't mind taking a slap of criticism and a handful of rejections from fans, followers, bashers, and brands, then do whatever your heart desires, whether it be filming X-rated content or going as wild as selling fart or feet pics online.

However, it is important to remember that influencers are expected to become beacons of positivity, encouragement, empowerment, and quality content. If you can only take respect and love from others, then it is what should radiate from you and your content. If you can't take wild reactions, then try to avoid becoming a wild influencer.

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