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13 Sexiest Influencers To Follow Today & Why Collaborate With Them


Along with the popularity surge of social media comes an influx of influencers in all industries and niches. In this article, we will focus on the sexiest influencers in the fashion and beauty industry and the benefits of working with them. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Influencer Marketing Power: Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies, with influencers having the power to sway consumer decisions and impact brand awareness.
  • Rise of Sexy Influencers: With the popularity of social media, numerous influencers in various niches, including fashion and beauty, have risen to stardom. Many of these influencers are considered the sexiest in their industry, attracting large followings.
  • Diverse Representation: The list includes influencers of different backgrounds, body types, and nationalities, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the industry.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies today. Statistics show that the size of the influencer marketing market is only getting higher. Most brands today turn to influencer marketing as influencers have the power to impact their viewers’ decisions.

Influencer marketing market size.
The size of the influencer marketing market is only getting higher. Source: EIN Presswire

With social media getting popular, thousands of influencers in various niches have also risen to stardom, some of whom are deemed the sexiest influencers today.

From fashion stars to the sexiest fitness influencers, here are some of the sexiest influencers to follow today, most of which are macro and micro-influencers.

Who are the hottest female influencers?

There are tons of sexy influencers around. But we listed only the hottest ones to ever grace the internet. Read on to learn more about them.

Sole Cardozo – @solecardozopy

sole cardozo
Source: Pinterest

Follower count: 1.5M

Sole Cardozo is a Paraguayan model, TV personality, and social media influencer. She frequently appears in TV shows and models for multiple brands. 

Her Instagram is a portfolio of her beautiful physique and risque outfits, adding her to our list of sexiest influencers to follow today. Sole has a large follower count across her social media channels. 

Shelby Fetterman – @shhhelbss

curvy model
Source: Curvage

Follower count: 882K

Shelby Fetterman is an Irish US-based plus-size model and social media influencer. This FashionNovaCURVE and #GOODSQUAD ambassador took the model industry by storm, promoting body positivity and self-love.

Shelby proves that you don’t have to be a size zero to be called sexy and beautiful. Beauty comes in all sizes, ages, and colors, and Shelby advocates for that through her current platforms.

This influencer is fearless and unapologetic in sporting sexy and stunning fits on her social media channels. Her voluptuous and thick hourglass figure is a goal, and we think she is one of the sexiest influencers we’ve laid eyes on.

Alyssa Lynch – @alyssalynch

alyssa lynch
Source: Twitter

Follower count: 653K

Alyssa Paige Lynch is a Canadian influencer, actress, and performer. Her perfectly sculpted physique makes her one of the sexiest influencers we know.

She starred in multiple shows, films, and music videos, including The Unauthorized Saved By The BellBefore I FallTravelersSupernatural, and Project MC. Alyssa collaborated with multiple brands, including Alo and Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty.

She blesses her followers with an Instagram feed full of stunning and high-quality content.

Andreane Chamberland – @andreanec

andreane chamberland
Source: Pinterest

Follower count: 613K

Canadian model and social media influencer Andreane Chamberland became famous due to her eponymous IG profile. She is known for her chic fashion sense, risque bikini fits, and lifestyle content.

Andreane’s Instagram feed is a virtual photobook of sultry costumes, bikini pics, and travels. She appeared on the cover of Summum magazine along with her equally sexy influencer friend Claudie Auclair.

With her beautiful skin and perfectly toned body, Andreane’s spot in our sexiest influencers list is well deserved.

Cassaundra Kelly – @cassaundrakelly

cassaundra kelly
Source: Pinterest

Follower count: 521K

Cassaundra Kelly is a widely-known Canadian fashion model, actress, and internet star. Being a sexy star, she appeared on the covers of FHM, Maxim, and Playboy. Kelly also appeared as a guest host of Naked News and the Pillowtalk Podcast.

As a prominent influencer, Kelly partnered with many brands like Pretty Little Thing, VENAO Swimwear, and Livify. Her Instagram feed is a vibrant display of her beauty and social life.

You can start by asking for assistance from a reliable influencer marketing agency if you are looking to partner with someone like Kelly or anybody on this list of sexiest influencers. You may check out one of our recommendations in this Sway Group review.

Bruna Lirio – @brunalirio resize 49
Source: Bruna Instagram

Follower count: 381K

Brazilian model Bruna Lirio is hands-down one of the sexiest influencers worldwide. She is best known for being a Victoria’s Secret angel. Bruna walked the Victoria’s Secret runway in 2015 and 2017, as well as the runways of high-fashion designers like Christian Siriano, Lela Rose, Jenny Packham, and Tadashi Shoji.

Aside from strutting the runway, Bruna appeared in a Harper Bazaar’s Bulgaria editorial.

Check out her Instagram profile, and you will understand why we dub her one of the sexiest IG influencers today.

Sophi Knight Witkoff – @sophiknight

Sophi knight
Source: Pinterest

Follower count: 366K

Sophi Witkoff is a Canadian model, actress, and social media personality. She starred in several TV series, including Rookie Blue, 2nd Generation, Walking on Sunshine, and Notes On Being Un-Popular.

This influencer’s Instagram profile is a virtual catalog of her stunning face and seamlessly sculpted physique. If you want inspiration on hitting your weight loss goals, head to Sophi’s account. She is definitely one of the sexiest influencers we’ve seen online.

Zuzanna Bijoch – @bijochzuzanna

zuzanna bijoch
Source: WikiFeet

Follower count: 348K

Zuzanna is a professional Polish supermodel under the renowned modeling agency Next Models. She rose to stardom as the face of the 2011 Miuccia Prada collection. 

She is one of the sexiest Instagram influencers 2022 who sexiest instagram influencers has modeled for prominent brands, including Prada, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Aside from being a fashion influencer and model, Zuzanna also authored the novel Modelka.

Alison Kay Bowles – @alisonbowles

Source: MAXIM Australia

Follower count: 344K

American fashion model Alison Bowles is one of the sexiest influencers on Instagram. She has walked the runway for multiple brands and graced the cover of popular magazines. Alison is an in-demand influencer and model, loved for her attractive appearance and charming smile.

Alison’s feed is a must-visit for your Instagram feed inspiration. Her Instagram is full of aesthetically pleasing and well-curated photos of fashion and beach pics, as well as her travels around the world.

Who is the sexiest Instagram influencer today? While we believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Alison is one of the sexiest on our list.

Lameka Fox – @lamekafox

lameka fox
Source: Listal

Follower count: 340K

Lameka Fox is a popular print and runway model and one of the sexiest influencers today. She is a model under the renowned modeling agency IMG Models and the founder of skincare brand Vernell Skin. Lameka’s Instagram feed is full of high-fashion content, featuring herself in beautiful outfits and bikinis.

She appeared in various magazines, including Grazia Australia’s The Reinvention Issue.

Amy Willerton – @missamywillerton

sexy influencer in beach
Source: Listal

Follower count: 326K

English TV presenter, model, beauty queen, and mom Amy Willerton deserves a spot in this list of the sexiest influencers in social media today. She appeared in a reality TV competition series and placed fourteenth in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in 2015.

Aside from being a model and appearing on TV, Amy is a title-holder of the Miss Universe Great Britain, representing her country during the Miss Universe 2013 pageant. She also won Miss Bristol, Miss London, and Miss Bath.

Amy’s IG feed is a seamless blend of fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

Misa Campo – @realmisacampo

FHM cover misa campo
Source: Pinterest

Follower count: 253K

Misa Campo is a Canadian model best known for her modeling stint in the automobile industry. Her social media handles support her spot in our sexiest influencers list.

This sexy influencer graced the cover of FHM Philippines in 2018. Misa also used to be a nude influencer.

Alanna Arrington – @alannaarrington

alanna arrington
Source: The FMD

Follower count: 235K

Alanna is a US-based runway model under the Elite NYC modeling agency. She is a Victoria’s Secret angel who has also worked for notable brands, including Louis Vuitton, Celine, Chanel, Tom Ford, Balmain, Yeezy, and American Apparel. Alanna graced the covers of Maxim and Elle U.K.

Based on her current physique, Alanna is undoubtedly one of the sexiest influencers on social media today. Her Instagram feed gives us a glimpse into her fun world, often featuring her cute dog Archie and handsome beau.

Why work with the sexiest influencers?

If you spend most of your time on social media, you most likely have seen how viewers Interact with influencers and how influencers greatly affect their fans. You can benefit from working with the most in-demand, sexiest influencers if you are a brand owner in the fashion or cosmetics industry,

Here are some of the reasons why working with an influencer in your industry works wonders for your business:

Influencers exude authenticity.

The reason why influencer marketing is a hitmaker is that viewers love the authenticity in them. Gone are the days when overly produced ads influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. For many people, the opinions of influencers on particular products or brands are genuine, whether or not they are sponsored. Viewers consider them experts in their niches and are reliable when giving opinions, recommendations, and reviews. 

Influencers create endless content.

Content creators and influencers are primarily famous for their content. The sexiest influencers became online sensations due to their appealing content. They can produce piece after piece of engaging and powerful content. Hence, working with them gives you access to their user-generated content that their fans love so much. 

Remember that collaborating with an influencer does not give you the rights to all their content. 

Influencers build brand awareness.

Given the current heavily saturated retail and eCommerce space, brand awareness, reach, and exposure are crucial. The brand awareness an influencer brings is like no other, as they now function as the link between a brand and its market awareness. 

Influencers know their audience.

And they know them very well. When working with an influencer who knows their audience to the core, you will understand who your partnership will reach. These influencers have the best insights into their audience, and they know how to engage with them. 

Influencers give brands access to their market.

Influencers have a highly-targeted following, which you can tap into if you collaborate. The key here is to collaborate with influencers in the same niche. So, if you are a bikini, lingerie, or fashion brand, you can tap into the sexiest influencers here and access their market. 

Influencers convert leads.

One of the primary reasons you collaborate with an influencer is to convert leads into consumers, and influencers can do it seamlessly. The moment a consumer sees your brand or product on an influencer’s social media page, they start looking into it and thinking about what your products would look like in their lives. Once your brand is on top of the consumers’ minds, they will easily convert from leads into paying customers. 

You may use an influencer marketing tool to look for the best influencers suitable for your brand’s image and voice. One of the best influencer marketing tools in the market is StarNgage. Read more about it on our StarNgage review


  • Q: Why work with sexy influencers?
    A: Collaborating with sexy influencers can significantly benefit brands in the fashion and beauty industry. These influencers exude authenticity, create engaging content, build brand awareness, have deep insights into their audience, provide access to targeted markets, and effectively convert leads into customers.
  • Q: What makes influencer marketing effective?
    A: Influencer marketing is effective because influencers are perceived as authentic and trustworthy by their followers. They create engaging content, have a deep understanding of their audience, and can seamlessly integrate brand messages into their content, leading to increased brand awareness and conversions.
  • Q: How can brands benefit from collaborating with influencers?
    A: Brands can benefit from influencer collaborations by gaining access to the influencer’s engaged audience, leveraging their authenticity and credibility, increasing brand awareness, reaching targeted markets, and converting leads into customers more effectively.
  • Q: How do I choose the right influencer for my brand?
    A: When choosing an influencer for your brand, consider factors such as their relevance to your industry, audience demographics, engagement rates, content quality, and brand alignment. Using influencer marketing tools like StarNgage can help identify suitable influencers for your brand’s image and voice.

Sexy gets the job done

There are hundreds to thousands of sexiest influencers worldwide, and the ladies on this list are a few to look out for this year. Whether you are looking for fashion inspiration or an influencer to partner with, these stunning influencers are perfect for the job. 

One of the most significant developments in the fashion and beauty space is inclusivity. Because of the people who have affected this wonderful shift, we now have models and influencers of all ages, races, and sizes. Get to know some of the plus size influencers dominating the internet today in this “Top 10 Plus Size Influencers to Follow Today” article. 

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