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Roblox Character: What Is It and Who are The Best 10 Characters?


Who is the most popular Roblox character?
Gang O' Fries is the most popular Roblox character. It is the winner of Roblox's third avatar contest and is made up of a bunch of fries packed together inside a Roblox box with fries limbs. It has varied facial expressions—the fries are smiling, angry, scared, and shocked.

Roblox is now one of the most-played and loved games, especially among kid gamers. It has over 52 million active users, half of which are kids under 13. This gaming platform has taken the internet and gaming niche by storm, and we are left wondering what it is and why it interests many users. So, let us find out what Roblox and Roblox characters are and why their users love them.

Key Takeaways:

  • The article explores the concept of Roblox characters, which are customizable avatars that players can create and personalize within the Roblox gaming platform.
  • Roblox characters serve as virtual representations of players in the Roblox metaverse, allowing them to express their individuality and style through various customization options.
  • Players can customize their Roblox characters' appearance, clothing, accessories, animations, and expressions using in-game tools and virtual currency.
  • The article showcases ten popular Roblox characters that have gained recognition and admiration within the Roblox community for their creativity, design, and uniqueness.
  • Customizing Roblox characters offers players a sense of identity, belonging, and creativity, enhancing their gaming experience and fostering social interaction within the Roblox platform.

Gone are the days of Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man. Well, not entirely, but let's admit that gamers today, kids and adults alike, are now into other "modern" games, Roblox being one. We know you've heard the term "Roblox" going around the recent years, and if you're like most parents, you may have scratched your head thinking, what in the world is Roblox, and why are its users, primarily kids, going crazy over it? Don't worry because we've got you covered.

Even if you aren't one of the game's core demographics, knowing what it is and why it is such a big deal for many people, specifically kids, can be helpful.

Play Station console
The best thing about Roblox is that users need not purchase hard disks to play games.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a popular gaming platform that functions like a social media and e-commerce app. It has various games, so its users will never get bored. Users can also create their games and chat with other users on their friend lists. Roblox is a virtual universe where its users can socialize with each other, build their own spaces, and earn and spend virtual money called Robux. Roblox calls itself the ultimate virtual universe, and many agree.

Roblox games are known as experiences, and they fall into different categories. Its users can enjoy various experiences, such as roleplay, adventure, fighting, obstacle courses, stimulators, tycoons, and much more. Most of the platform's most popular games fall into the roleplay category, including the famous Brookhaven RP and Adopt Me! The mentioned games/experiences are more virtual hangouts than actual games or challenges.

what are the most popular Roblox games statistics
Adopt Me! is the most popular experience on Roblox. Source: Backlinko

Although the platform is free, users may purchase something within each experience. These purchases may include Roblox character upgrades, such as clothing and things, or a premium server, and the creator of the game where the purchase happened will earn a portion of the sales. And how is this relevant for brands or marketing? Simple—brands who opt to build their games and strive to make them popular so that gamers will flock to that game. Once the game is filled with users, the possibility of sales increases.

What is Roblox Character?

Lego characters
Roblox characters are ALMOST similar to Lego characters.

Roblox characters or avatars are the playable and customizable entities that Roblox players use to represent themselves in the online experience. Roblox characters or Robloxians are previously called such but are now referred to as avatars. Players can use their Roblox characters to interact with other characters and move around experiences.

Roblox characters have human-like appearances that consist of a single head, torso, two arms, and two legs, although most of them are more resemblant to Legos than they are to actual people because of their blocky features. Users can customize their Roblox character, from facial expressions, clothing, hair style and color, skin color, and more. Everything about a Roblox character is customizable, so users do their best to make their own character stand out.

What are the Two Types of Roblox Characters?

kid wearing Roblox jacket
We told you, kids are Roblox's number-one fans!

There are two types of Roblox Characters—the R6 and R15.

R6 Roblox Character

The R6 characters are composed of classic, blocky features. This type has only six limbs, hence its name, so its movements and customization are limited. If you love the retro type and don't mind the limitations of the R6 character, you can use this to venture into your Roblox experiences.

R15 Roblox Character

As its name suggests, R15 characters have 15 limbs and are more modern-looking than the R6. This character type allows users to be more creative with the animations, accessories, and other customization. As a result of this creative freedom, most Roblox players prefer this character type. Here, you can opt for either a modern blocky type or a human-like figure.

Who are the Best Roblox Characters?

Roblox is a gaming platform with millions of users, and it may seem impossible to find out who the best character is. How many Roblox characters are there? There are more than a hundred Roblox characters, and some stand out. To answer the question. "who is the famous Roblox character?" we have curated a list of the best 10 Roblox characters.

1. Gang O' Fries

Who is the most popular character in Roblox? It varies and may change every year. However, the first on this list is Gang O' Fries—the winner of Roblox's third avatar contest. This Roblox character is a gang of fries packed together inside a Roblox box that has fries limbs. The fries have different facial expressions; some are smiling, angry, scared, and shocked. This amusing character surely does turn heads.

Price: 250 Robux

2. Roblox Zombie

If you want to turn the fun up by scaring your friends on Roblox, then this Roblox Zombie character may be your best option. This Roblox character is scary and in the hunt for some brains to snack on. The character has a familiar zombie face, a peeled leg with exposed bones, a Roblox symbol on its chest, and torn clothes. It sure has a super creepy look! To make the experience more horrifying, you can match your combat with Roblox Zombie's vibes.

Price: 250 Robux

3. Noob Attack - Mech Mobility

As of May 2022, Noob Attack is one of the top favorite Roblox characters and the 2018 Rthro design contest's winner. The character is a cute, rustic robot with an open chest that a noob player drives. While it's a robot with mechanical hardware, it doesn't make any mechanical sounds. But the robotic animations of its movement are convincing.

Price: 250 Robux

4. Rogue Space Assassin

If you are into combat Roblox experiences, this character will make for an exciting duel. This customization won't help with improving your combat skills, but it can be used to intimidate your opponent. Rogue Space Assassin is a darker version of Marvel's popular assassin Taskmaster.

Price: 500 Robux

5. Knights of Redcliff: Paladin

Paladin is the Roblox knight inside a golden armor. Although entirely free, this unique character has no reliable alternatives, making it one of the best characters to use if you're on a tight budget. This warrior character is the Korblox's—the most expensive character in the entire Roblox history—sole enemy. Its unique design seems out of touch in the Roblox world, but if you look closely, you can see the game's elements showing, mainly through the grey head that peaks through the knight's helmet.

Price: Free

6. Elemental Crystal Golem

Elemental Crystal Golem is definitely one for the buck! Using this character allows you to turn into a Golem composed of floating rocks connected by a golden crystal. This character is made of black stones with golden crystals growing off its head and back. The black and gold colors make for a beautiful contrast. It may be quite expensive, but its beautiful character makeup is worth the Robux.

Price: 400 Robux

7. Bull Demon King

Bull Demon King is a character that comes straight out of Chinese tales and is something you don't want to mess with. The character has powerful spells, deadly weapons, and a horrifying demeanor. While only a horrifying demeanor is the only achievable characteristic in Roblox, the character is still an excellent addition to your collection. The demon king character has a bull's head with a buffed warrior's body clothed in heavy armor. Its lightning-cut blonde hairstyle accentuates the whole character making it look like an anime that never made it to the screens. This daunting character is a worthy character you don't want to miss.

Price: 500 Robux

8. Ten Million Robux Man

This mega-expensive Roblox character is a topic of debate among Roblox players. The Ten Million Robux Man is a status symbol in the world of Roblox. Players who can afford it love this character, while those who can't don't. TMRM is a man in a suit that's worth 5000 Robux. In real-world currency, its price is around $60, which is too much. But because of its popularity and price, players who have the money purchase it just to flex to their friends. It's not entirely useless because you can use TMRM in dating simulators or roleplaying titles.

Price: 5000 Robux

9. Tenko The Nine-Tailed Fox

Tenko, like Noob Attack, is one of the 2018 Rthro Design Contest winners. This character looks like your typical modern anime with the power to transform into a man, woman, young, or old. He can unlock this power by putting on his fox mask. You can get this character at a relatively lower price.

Price: 250 Robux

10. Medic Lily

Since most of the Roblox characters you can find possess human-like figures, the best way to stand out is by putting on an animal character. The last character in this list is a cat space medic. Medic Lily's unique space costume resembles a soldier's armor with a green medical cross. To further accentuate her medic appearance, Medic Lily has an ambulance siren on top of her head with a cute cat head peaking out of its helmet.

Price: 400 Robux

What is the Coolest Roblox Skin?

Roblox skins are an integral component of Roblox characters. Your skin can make or break your character. Since Roblox has hundreds of players, there isn't a definite answer to this question. There are a lot of cool Roblox skins, and the definition of cool varies from user to user.

How Do You Customize Roblox Characters?

If you don't have enough Robux to purchase Roblox Characters, the best option to upgrade your character's looks is customizing it. There's an in-app Roblox character maker or customizer that's free of charge. The steps vary on the device used, but we'll show you how to do it via a PC browser. First, you have to access "Avatar" on the navigation menu. Then, you can choose from the following.

Add an Item

You can choose a category on the Avatar Editor menu by tapping on any available pull-down menus. If there are numerous items for a specific category, you can scroll down until you find your desired item. Once you have picked out an item, tap on that item's icon.

If you want to add more than the given limit, click "Advanced" in the lower-right corner of the screen. You may add up to a maximum of 10 items by putting in the Asset ID found in the item link.

Remove an Item

Click on Recent or select the most appropriate category on the Avatar Editor menu. Under the Recent menu, recently worn items are on top of the list. Scroll down until you can find the item you want to remove. Then, tap on the highlighted icon.

Create Your Own Roblox Character

For marketers and brands, Roblox is more than just a gaming platform.


What are Roblox characters, and how do players customize them?
Roblox characters are customizable avatars that players can create and personalize within the Roblox gaming platform using in-game tools and virtual currency. Players can customize their appearance, clothing, accessories, animations, and expressions.
Why are Roblox characters important in the Roblox metaverse?
Roblox characters serve as virtual representations of players in the Roblox metaverse, allowing them to express their individuality, style, and personality while engaging in gameplay and social interactions within the platform.
What customization options are available for Roblox characters?
Players have a wide range of customization options for their Roblox characters, including hairstyles, facial features, clothing items, accessories, animations, and expressions, enabling them to create unique and personalized avatars.
Who are some popular Roblox characters within the community?
Some popular Roblox characters within the community have gained recognition and admiration for their creativity, design, and uniqueness, showcasing the diverse creativity and talent of Roblox players.
How do customized Roblox characters enhance the gaming experience?
Customizing Roblox characters offers players a sense of identity, belonging, and creativity, enhancing their gaming experience by allowing them to express themselves, stand out in the virtual world, and engage in social interactions with other players within the Roblox platform.

Roblox is an excellent place for its users to unwind through games and spend time with other users. But above all these, Roblox is a great digital marketing tool, especially now that younger audiences are almost uninterested in traditional advertising. Many big brands, such as Nike, Chipotle, and Ralph Lauren, have already leaped and taken the opportunity to maximize the gaming platform for their marketing efforts.

There are also other valuable tools that brands and marketers can use to help achieve their marketing goals. Check out two of our favorite tools that can help ease the burden of social media marketing in this Lately review and Postfity review.

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