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Social Media Templates 2024: What They Are and How You Can Benefit From Them

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Your social media presence is crucial to the achievement of your goals and the success of your brand. Therefore, optimize your presence and make your channels as engaging and attractive as possible. The best way to achieve an appealing and creative social media channel is by using social media templates. What are social media templates, and what can you benefit from using them?

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced Consistency: Templates help maintain a uniform look across all social media posts, reinforcing brand identity.
  • Time Efficiency: Streamlines content creation, saving significant time and effort.
  • Scalability: Facilitates the rapid production of content, which is essential for growing brands.
  • Customization: Offers the flexibility to create tailored content that resonates with specific audience segments.
  • Engagement Boost: Well-designed templates can increase user interaction and engagement with content.

What is a social media template?

social media app icons
Social media templates allow you to post on any platform easily.
A social media template is a pre-designed layout or format that provides a pattern or framework for creating content to be shared on social media platforms. These templates are typically created using graphic design software or online tools and platforms. They are customized to fit the specific requirements and dimensions of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Social media templates often include placeholders for images, text, brand logos, and other elements, making creating visually appealing and consistent posts easier without starting from scratch every time. These templates can range from simple designs for individual posts to more complex templates for entire campaigns or series of posts. Using social media templates can help streamline your content creation process, maintain brand consistency, and save time and effort in managing your social media presence, giving you more time to do other relevant things and activities.

How do I create a social media template for my business?

Creating a social media template isn't done at random. If you want to use or create compelling and attractive social media templates for your business, you need to follow these steps:

Define your brand's identity.

McDonald's is a good example of a brand with an excellent identity.
Before creating your templates, you need to have a clear understanding of your brand identity, including your brand colors, fonts, tone of voice, and visual style. By establishing your brand's identity, you make it easier for potential clients and supporters to find you.

Determine your goals.

Your goals are the driving force of your business. So, identify the objectives you want to achieve with your social media presence. Your goals and objectives could include increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, or boosting sales, among many others. If you have determined your goals, you can identify the direction of your templates and how you want them to look.

Choose a design tool.

Select a graphic design creator tool that suits your skill level and preferences. Popular options include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and PicMonkey. These tools offer pre-made templates and customizable features that can simplify the design process.

Decide on template types.

Once you have chosen an editing tool or platform, you must determine the types of social media templates you need based on the content you plan to share on your channels. The most common types include post templates, story templates, cover photo templates, and ad templates.

Design your templates.

You need to follow several conventions when designing your social media templates. Remember that the best social media design templates are for the expansion and betterment of your business, so you must strive to make it as close to perfect as possible. Here is everything you need to remember when designing your templates:
  • Use the correct dimensions. Each social media platform has specific posts, covers, and image dimensions. Use the correct dimensions for each template to ensure optimal display. If, for example, your Facebook cover photo is the size of an Instagram Story, your visual won't appear properly, and it will put your account in a negative light.
  • Incorporate brand elements. Once you have decided on your brand's identity, always use your brand colors, fonts, logo, and visual assets to create cohesive and recognizable templates. Incorporate these elements in all of your channels and every post.
  • Keep it visually appealing. Use high-quality images, graphics, and typography to capture attention and convey your message. You can only use poor visual aesthetics if this is part of your marketing antics.
  • Make it easy to customize. You wouldn't want to waste your time starting from scratch whenever you want a new social media post. Hence, leave placeholders for text, images, and other content elements to make it easy to update and adapt the templates for different purposes.

Test and refine your social media templates.

Once you've created your templates, test them on different devices and screen sizes to ensure they display correctly. Gather feedback from friends, colleagues, or your target audience and make any necessary polishing or refinements.

Save and organize properly.

Save your templates in a format that allows for easy editing and reusing, such as PSD (Photoshop), AI (Illustrator), or editable PDF files. Organize your templates in a folder or cloud storage system for easy access, especially when working with a social media marketing or content team.

Use and update.

Start using your templates to create social media content for your business. Regularly review and update your templates to reflect your brand identity, goals, or content strategy changes. Remember to inform your loyal fans should an update happen, allowing them to stay on top of your business and continue supporting you.

What are the top tools to create social media templates?

editing tools
These are the top tools for professional designers.
Now that you know the crucial details needed in creating your social media templates, your next agenda will be what tool to use. The internet contains all types of graphic designing tools for every designer. So, it can be pretty hard to choose. Worry no more because here are the top graphic design tools and platforms available for creating social media templates, each with its own features and benefits:


Canva is a popular and user-friendly graphic design tool offering a wide range of pre-made templates specifically tailored for social media posts, stories, covers, ads, and more. It provides drag-and-drop functionality, a vast library of customizable elements, and collaboration features. Canva offers some of the best free social media templates, but you can upgrade your subscription if you want access to more designs.
canva dashboard
You can access Canva's templates with a single click.
Is Canva the best design app? This is not necessarily true for everyone, but it is among the best and the most user-friendly. So, you can try using the platform to speak for yourself.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a suite of design tools that includes Spark Post for creating social media graphics. It offers professionally designed templates, a user-friendly interface, and integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing seamless editing across devices.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and versatile graphic design software widely used by professionals. While it has a steeper learning curve than other tools, it offers extensive customization options and precise control over design elements, making it ideal for creating customized social media templates. Adobe also has a video editing tool you can check out in our Adobe Premiere Pro review.

Adobe Illustrator

How do you make a good social media poster? Through Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is another Adobe Creative Cloud tool suitable for creating vector-based graphics and illustrations. It's great for designing intricate and detailed social media templates, such as logos, icons, and infographics.


PicMonkey is an online graphic design tool that offers templates, photo editing features, and design elements for creating social media graphics. It's known for its ease of use and affordability, making it a popular choice for small businesses and individuals.


Crello is an online graphic design tool for creating the best social media reporting templates, graphics, posters, flyers, and other visual content. It offers a vast library of templates, stock photos, design elements, and easy-to-use editing tools.


Figma is a collaborative interface design tool that allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. While the tool is primarily used for UI/UX design, it can create social media templates with its versatile design features and real-time collaboration capabilities. These are just a few options, and the best graphic design tool for creating social media templates ultimately depends on your specific needs, preferences, and level of expertise. Many of these tools offer free trials or free versions with limited features, so you can explore them and see which works best for you.

Why use social media templates?

If you want to practice your creative juices or the inner graphic designer in you, you may start designing from scratch. However, using pre-designed social media templates can be beneficial for the following reasons:


challenges in creating visuals
Use a social media template to conquer these challenges. Source: 99Firms
Templates help maintain a consistent look and feel across multiple social media channels and posts. Consistency is the key to building brand recognition and fostering trust among your audience. Furthermore, maintaining a consistent social media aesthetic instantly makes you recognizable.


Creating a new design from scratch for each social media post can consume a chunk of your time. Templates streamline the process by providing a pre-designed framework that you can customize quickly, giving you the luxury of time to enjoy other things and helping you become efficient in your social media marketing process. You may also streamline your social media marketing efforts to save time through a social media management tool. Among our favorites is Social Champ. You can read more about it in our Social Champ review.

Brand identity

Remember that to start building your social media templates, you must establish your brand identity first. At the same time, these templates will enable you to stick to this identity by incorporating your brand's visual identity, including colors, fonts, and logos, into your social media posts.


Well-designed templates can enhance the professionalism of your social media presence, making your brand appear more polished and credible to your audience. The modern-day audience doesn't trust brands that seem "sketchy," a.k.a. disorganized and unprofessional. Hence, it's crucial to maintain the professional vibe of your brand to attract new consumers.


Templates can be scaled to fit different social media platforms and content types, ensuring your posts look good across various channels and devices. Always remember that your viewers consume content differently- some often use mobile phones and tablets, while others use PCs. Social media templates allow you to cater to all your viewers.


Templates can be easily adapted for different purposes, such as promoting new products, sharing announcements, or running marketing campaigns while maintaining a cohesive visual style. Gone are the days of spending hours and days on various brand and campaign materials, all thanks to graphic designing tools and social media templates.


Eye-catching and visually appealing templates can help grab your audience's attention and increase engagement with your social media posts. However, to receive maximum engagement, use aesthetics that match the overall vibe and tone of your brand or business. If you are running a pastry shop, you can incorporate pastel colors, but if your business is anything related to sports equipment, blue, black, red, and white are your safest bets. The point is that your audience will engage with you the most if your content and social media templates are creative but cohesive.


  • What are social media templates? Pre-designed frameworks used to create consistent, branded content across social platforms.
  • How can templates save time in content creation? They provide a ready-to-use structure, reducing the need for designing each post from scratch.
  • Can templates help with brand identity? Yes, they ensure consistency in style and theme, reinforcing brand recognition.
  • Are social media templates customizable? Absolutely, they can be tailored to fit specific branding needs and audience preferences.
  • How do templates contribute to engagement? Well-designed templates can make content more appealing, thus boosting user interaction.

Use social media templates now

If you want to establish a compelling social media presence for your business, use the best social media templates. You can find hundreds of templates on the internet, and the most basic ones needed to run your channels are often free, so take advantage of that today. You can also learn a thing or two about maintaining your Instagram account in our "Instagram Templates: A Detailed Guide 2024" article.
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