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How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic


How do I make my Instagram pretty and engaging? This has been the question of many brands and influencers over the years. Putting in the effort to create a well-curated Instagram feed is critical as it is one of the few things your audience and potential customers look at when they visit your account. Creating an engaging Instagram feed aesthetic can persuade potential customers to follow your business. Your feed aesthetic is what people see at first glance, and it's crucial to create a lasting first impression. Hence, it pays to put in the extra effort in organizing your feed to make it "IG-worthy," but knowing how to create an Instagram aesthetic can be challenging.

Key Takeaways:

  • Crafting an Instagram aesthetic involves curating a cohesive visual identity and style for an Instagram profile, reflecting brand personality, values, and themes to engage and captivate followers.
  • The article provides a guide to creating an Instagram aesthetic, covering aspects such as color palette selection, photo editing techniques, content themes, grid layout, and storytelling strategies.
  • Consistency in visual elements, such as colors, filters, and compositions, is essential for maintaining a cohesive Instagram aesthetic and reinforcing brand recognition and identity.
  • Strategies for creating an Instagram aesthetic include planning content in advance, using editing apps and presets for consistency, incorporating branded elements, and engaging with the community to foster authenticity and connection.
  • By investing time and effort into crafting a compelling Instagram aesthetic, users can enhance their profile appeal, attract followers, and cultivate a strong brand presence on the platform, driving engagement and loyalty over time.

Looking for the right place to start is tough. Where do you look for inspiration, and how do you organize your posts to make them look well put? What color schemes work best for your brand? How do you get aesthetic in 2022 and the years to come? These are only a fraction of what needs to be considered when curating your Instagram feed; hence, you must learn how to create an Instagram aesthetic that best fits your brand.

To help you come up with the best Instagram aesthetic, we have prepared this article for you. So, read on.

What's an Instagram aesthetic?

An Instagram aesthetic is the overall feel and look of your feed. It is the first thing followers and potential customers see when visiting a brand's profile. An Instagram account with great aesthetics doesn't have random photos flying all over the feed. Aside from looking aesthetically pleasing, a cohesive and unique Instagram aesthetic can positively impact brand recognition and contribute to brand success. Hence, knowing how to create an Instagram aesthetic is crucial if you want your brand to succeed, particularly in your Instagram marketing campaigns.

How do you get your Instagram aesthetic 2022?

Creating a unique Instagram aesthetic can drive brand traffic and increase visibility. To be able to achieve your brand aesthetic, here are some things you need to do:

Choose an aesthetic that best fits your brand.

First, decide on a style you want for your Instagram profile. You can look for inspiration from others, but it is best to stick to your business's core. Consider your target audience and the style that draws them the most. If your Instagram feed suits the interest of more than a couple of target audiences, you can gain more followers effortlessly.

Furthermore, take the time to ponder on what you'd want to see if you were an audience of your brand. Take utmost consideration of the type of content or photos you share and the consistency of the photos' overall vibe. On top of that, you must acquire a level of photo shooting and editing skills to create your own aesthetic genuinely.

Edit the photos for your feed.

Photo editing is the best way to achieve a unique, appealing, and cohesive Instagram aesthetic. To create an Instagram aesthetic, you must also learn a few photo editing skills. During the editing process, try to work around a set of filters that's best for your brand. Save your chosen filter and use it for all your Instagram posts to maintain consistency.

Today, photo editing isn't quite as hard anymore. You can download several applications on your smartphone and edit your photos there. This makes it convenient for you to edit and upload photos on your Instagram profile in no time. However, if you want to be professional and utilize a high-end photo editing software, professional photographers recommend Adobe Lightroom. If you're new, working your way around Adobe Lightroom can be time-consuming, but the results will be worth the hard work.

Plan how your feeds stay together.

If you want to succeed in getting the perfect Instagram aesthetic, be consistent and plan out how you can may your Instagram feeds stay together. Visualize how your edited photos will look together once you upload them to your profile. To leave a great impression, you must strive to keep a professional Instagram look by carefully planning how to organize your feed.

During the planning, think about what photo looks great beside another photo and what photo has to be removed. You wouldn't want your feed to look overcrowded or topsy-turvy; hence, ensure you put the right photos beside each other.

Expand the aesthetics beyond your feed posts.

Your Instagram aesthetic shouldn't just be found on your feed posts. Remember that Instagram stories can also drive attention to your brand; hence, include your IG stories when planning for your aesthetics. Creating a consistent style of Instagram stories may excite your followers to see more of your brand.

As Instagram stories are becoming increasingly popular, many brands utilize them to their advantage, and you can too. For successful Instagram stories aesthetics, exert more effort in designing creative, engaging, and unique stories. The best Instagram stories make viewers crave more.

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anatomy of a great IG post
A part of the anatomy of a great Instagram post. Source: Pinterest

How do you get more Instagram themes 2022?

Knowing how to create an Instagram aesthetic means knowing how to choose a theme. Theme here involves choosing your niche, subject matter, patterns, and compositions. The theme of your Instagram feed doesn't have to be specific or too narrowed down. You can opt for a general theme and play around with the Instagram posts that you like to put.

Having a theme helps you develop your audience, build more followers, and nurture hashtags. In choosing your theme, think about where your passion lies, such as a sneak peek into your wonderful parenting life or the beautiful places you've been to. To get and create more Instagram themes, you can choose from a pool of tools, such as the following:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • VSCO
  • Photoshop

How do you make Instagram content that shines in 2022?

Being present on every social media platform is no longer enough to get the needed engagement. To stand out, you must identify what content shines and what dulls your sparkle. Here are some tips to help you create content that shines:

Learn to photograph like a pro.

man adjusting camera settings
Learning how to take great images can improve your Instagram feed.

Brands and influencers must learn to photograph (or take videos) like a pro. It isn't enough to get a product and randomly take shots. The product must look great on your feed, and you don't need the best camera to do this. You can use your phone, get good lighting, pick the right background, and use props if needed.

Involve your community.

The truth is that your audience is a massive part of your brand, so make them feel like it. For starters, you can ask feedback from your audience or make a poll for whatever marketing stint and let them choose what they think is best for your brand.

Post content in batches.

pexels Instagram feed
Consistency is the key to maintaining a flawless Instagram aesthetic.

Do you know what's more difficult than starting? Being consistent. Consistency is crucial in maintaining your IG feed, and keeping up with posting can be challenging. As a remedy, you can try posting content in batches to maintain a regular posting schedule. To accomplish this, you can start by planning your content for the month and categorizing them into content pillars. Ensure the content is aligned with your marketing objectives; then, plot when you'd want to post your content. If you post in batches, you won't feel like a part of the rat race of influencers and businesses on Instagram.

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Play with various video techniques.

Today's audience is now hooked on videos; hence, TikTok and reels. It would be great for your brand to create eye-catching videos that can grab followers' attention. Different transitions and video-editing techniques can be fun to play with.

What are stunning Instagram themes?

To achieve your Instagram aesthetic, you must choose a theme and color palette for your content. Here are some examples of stunning Instagram themes that you can incorporate into your feed:

Black and White

Since time immemorial, black-and-white themes evoke sophistication and class. We don't mean shooting your content in a black-and-white filter; we mean posting content with subjects in the shade of black and white. This lack of color draws viewers into a photo's main subject and suggests timelessness. To give you an idea, you can go over @Lisedesmet's account and draw inspiration.


Going minimalist is the best option if you want an artsier and cleaner edge to your feed. Like the feed of @ewmng, simple and minimalist content is calming and more serene. A minimalist feed is less distracting and makes the viewer feel cozy and warm.

Bright Colors

If you want to be playful and fun with your content, choose a bright theme. Bright colors grab viewers' attention and can be attractive to the younger ones. Check out @Aww.sam's feed for the best bright-colored content.


pastel-colored french macarons
Pastel colors are fun and pleasing to the eyes.

A pastel-themed feed is captivating. You might want to create a pastel IG aesthetic to give an eye-candy feast. This theme goes best if you have an ice cream or cake business, but even if your business is none of the mentioned, you can still enjoy a pastel-filled IG feed like @creativekipi.

Unique Angles

Portraying mundane things and activities at unique angles is a sure way to draw followers to your profile. You can take images of different subjects from unique, similar angles to do this. Once successful, you will see that you can unite any photos into a uniformed theme. Check out @gramy.crackers' account to figure out what we're talking about here.


Creating a puzzle off your IG feed takes courage and a lot of planning. While the process is complicated, the results regarding audience engagement and uniqueness are significant. Your content will only make sense if followers view it as a whole and not individually. Plus, individually posting puzzle piece pictures can stir your followers' curiosity. Take it from @Juniperoats.


Hand taking flatlay photo
Flatlay is an excellent Instagram theme.

If your primary goal in posting Instagram content is to market your products, then you will find that posting flatlay images of your products is the best option. Flatlay is an effective way of telling your story by arranging your products in a certain way, such as laying flat on a colored background. It is uncomplicated and directs your viewers to your products. Head over to @thedailyedited's account and discover the beauty of flatlay.


Vintage is a creative aesthetic that looks artsy and gives a nostalgic approach to your brand. With this, you don't have to post content with vintage items as the subject. You can simply use a soft, hazy filter that makes images look like they're taken straight off an old Polaroid or film camera. @rusticbones has one of the best vintage-themed Instagram feeds.


What is an Instagram aesthetic, and why is it important for brands and creators?
An Instagram aesthetic refers to the visual identity and style of an Instagram profile, reflecting brand personality, values, and themes to engage and captivate followers, enhancing brand recognition, and identity on the platform.
What are the key components of creating an Instagram aesthetic?
Key components of creating an Instagram aesthetic include color palette selection, photo editing techniques, content themes, grid layout, and storytelling strategies, contributing to a cohesive and visually appealing profile that resonates with the target audience.
How does consistency contribute to maintaining a cohesive Instagram aesthetic?
Consistency in visual elements such as colors, filters, compositions, and content themes is essential for maintaining a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, reinforcing brand recognition and identity, and creating a unified and visually appealing profile experience for followers.
What strategies can creators and brands employ to create an effective Instagram aesthetic?
Strategies for creating an effective Instagram aesthetic include planning content in advance, using editing apps and presets for consistency, incorporating branded elements, and engaging with the community to foster authenticity and connection, driving engagement and loyalty.
What benefits can creators and brands expect from investing in a compelling Instagram aesthetic?
By investing time and effort into crafting a compelling Instagram aesthetic, creators and brands can enhance their profile appeal, attract followers, and cultivate a strong brand presence on the platform, driving engagement, loyalty, and conversions over time, maximizing their impact and success on Instagram.

What's the importance of an Instagram Aesthetic?

Your Instagram aesthetic refers to your feed's overall look and feel and is significant in increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your account. To turn feed passers-by into followers and followers into customers, you must curate a visually-appealing feed that would make them want to spend more time on your Instagram account. A consistent Instagram aesthetic makes you recognizable as you show off your products excitingly and creatively.

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