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Instagram Templates: A Detailed Guide 2024

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Instagram is the second most popular social media platform in the US, with over 2 billion users. While the platform is relatively easy to use and navigate, many users find curating an entertaining, engaging, and creative feed difficult. Fortunately, pre-made Instagram templates are available, and some are free. 

socmed stat
Statistics on the most popular social media platform in the US. Source: Oberlo

So, to improve your Instagram profile and content, take notes from this detailed guide on Instagram templates. 

What is Instagram?

instagram download
Instagram is available on the Play Store and the App Store, and you can access it via a PC or mobile phone.

Instagram is a popular and widely used social media platform revolving around visual storytelling. In simpler terms, it is a photo and video-sharing social network. It is a virtual space where you can share your life moments, experiences, and creativity through photos and videos. Launched in October 2010, Instagram quickly became a go-to platform for individuals, Instagram marketers, influencers, businesses, and celebrities.

The platform sports a user-friendly and straightforward interface that allows for seamless interaction. Instagram’s primary feature is the “feed,” where you can scroll through a chronological or algorithmically curated stream of content from accounts you follow. You can double-tap to “like” posts, leave comments, and engage with the community.

One distinctive aspect of Instagram is the emphasis on visual aesthetics. Filters and editing tools allow you to enhance your photos, videos, or reels, giving them a personalized touch. One of the best tools you can use to edit your Instagram content is Adobe After Effects CC. Know more about the tool in our Adobe After Effects CC review.

Instagram contains diverse content, from travel adventures to fashion trends and inspirational quotes. What once was a means to showcase photo and video content has evolved into a dynamic and influential community, bridging people around the world through visual communication.

What are Instagram Templates?

Instagram templates are pre-designed layouts or frameworks that allow you to create visually appealing and cohesive content for your Instagram posts hassle-free. These templates come in various formats, such as PSD (Photoshop), Canva, or other graphic design tools, and they serve as a starting point for your creativity.

Various templates are available, including Instagram Reel templates and Instagram Story templates, among others. When you use Instagram templates, you don’t have to start from scratch each time you want to share a new post. Instead, you can choose a template that matches your Instagram aesthetic or the theme of your content.

These templates often include placeholders for images, text, and sometimes even graphics, providing a structure you can easily customize to match your taste.

gadgets on table
You can find many Instagram templates on multiple sources.

What Are Instagram Template Examples?

Instagram templates come in various styles and formats, catering to different content needs and aesthetic preferences. Here are some examples of Instagram templates:

Quote Templates

These templates feature a visually appealing background with space for a quote. They are often used for sharing inspirational or motivational messages. Colors, fonts, and design elements can be customized to match your brand or theme.

Collage Templates

Collage templates allow you to showcase multiple images in a single post. They are great for sharing a collection of related photos or creating a visually cohesive theme.

Product Showcase Templates

Businesses often use templates to display their products in a visually appealing way. These templates may include space for product images, descriptions, and pricing.

Puzzle Feed Templates

Puzzle feed templates are designed to create a cohesive look when viewed as a grid on your Instagram profile. Each template piece contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Story and Reels Templates

Instagram Story templates feature interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, or prompts. Viewers can engage with your stories by responding to these templates. Reel templates Instagram allows you to readily create stunning, creative, and engaging IG reels. 

Travel Templates

Templates designed for travel enthusiasts and content creators often include sections for photos, captions, and locations. These templates help create a consistent look for travel-related content.

Fashion Templates

Fashion influencers and brands may use templates highlighting outfit details, fashion trends, or style inspiration. These templates often feature a clean and stylish design.

Moodboard Templates

Moodboard templates allow you to curate images, colors, and textures to convey a specific mood or theme. They are a creative way to express a particular aesthetic.

Event Announcement Templates

When promoting an event, you can use templates to create eye-catching announcements. They may include details like date, time, venue, and a visually appealing design.

Minimalist Templates

Minimalist templates focus on simplicity and clean design. They often use a limited color palette and whitespace for a modern and elegant look.

Remember that these examples represent a fraction of the diverse range of Instagram templates available. Whether you’re a business, influencer, or individual user, you can find or create templates that suit your specific content goals and aesthetic preferences.

How Do I Get Instagram Templates?

Getting Instagram templates requires little effort and time, as it is a straightforward process. Here are multiple ways you can get templates for Instagram and other social media platforms: 

Design Tools and Apps

Several other online design tools provide Instagram templates. Explore these platforms, choose a template, and personalize it to suit your needs. One of the hottest and most popular designing platforms today is Canva. 

Canva dashboard
Canva is a popular, user-friendly graphic editing platform.

Canva is a popular online graphic design platform that offers a wide range of Instagram templates. Visit the Canva website, sign up for an account (if you don’t have one), and explore the Canva Instagram templates options. Customize the templates according to your preferences and download them.

Template Websites

Websites like Creative Market and Envato Elements offer a variety of Instagram templates created by graphic designers. You can purchase and download templates that align with your style. Etsy is another platform where you can find templates, often at affordable prices.

Instagram Creator Studio

If you prefer a more integrated approach, Instagram’s Creator Studio may have some basic templates that you can use. Access the Creator Studio through your Instagram account and explore the available options.

Social Media and Design Communities

Joining social media and design communities where creators often share resources is a great way to get your hands on the best templates while starting new connections. Platforms like Pinterest and Behance may have templates available for download.

Free Websites

Many websites today are dedicated to offering free design resources, including Instagram templates. Websites like Freepik, Pexels, and Unsplash may have free templates you can download and use. 

When using templates, ensure you have the necessary permissions, especially if you do not own the creations and they are not free. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist design, a trendy aesthetic, or a specific theme, many options are available to suit your preferences.

How Do I Find Trending Templates on Instagram? 

pinterest icon
Pinterest contains multiple IG templates.

How do I find Instagram Stories templates?

Finding trending templates on Instagram involves keeping an eye on design trends, exploring popular design platforms, and staying connected with the creative community. Here are some tips on how to discover trending Instagram templates:

Explore Design Platforms

There are numerous platforms that can help you learn about trending Instagram templates.

Canva Trends

If you use Canva, check out their “Trending” section that showcases popular and up-to-date design trends. Doing so can give you insights into what’s currently popular on Instagram.

Template Websites

Visit graphic design marketplaces such as Creative Market, Envato Elements, and Etsy. These platforms often feature trending templates created by designers. Look for sections or tags like “Trending” or “Popular” to find the latest designs.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are also a great source of trending Instagram templates. Exploring them will help you learn about new templates.

Instagram Explore Page

Does Instagram still have templates? Definitely! Use the Explore page on Instagram to discover trending content, including templates. The Explore page algorithm tailors suggestions based on your interests, so you might find popular templates that align with current trends.


Pinterest is a source for discovering design trends. Search for terms like “Instagram templates,” “Instagram design trends,” or specific themes you are interested in to find inspiration.

Follow Design Influencers

Identify and follow graphic designers, artists, and influencers on Instagram who specialize in creating templates or regularly share design trends. Their content can be valuable for staying updated on the latest design styles. Just make sure not to copy their designs outright, as doing so will lead to legal issues. 

Use Hashtags

Search for and follow relevant hashtags related to Instagram templates and design trends. Popular hashtags like #InstagramTemplates, #DesignTrends, or niche-specific tags can lead you to trend content. Hashtags aren’t just for viral or trending content. They are useful in navigating the platform and making your search easier. 

Join Design Communities

Engage with design communities on platforms like Behance, Dribbble, or Reddit. These communities often showcase cutting-edge designs and can be a source of inspiration for trending templates.

Stay Informed on Industry News

Keep up with design and social media news to stay informed about emerging trends. Websites, blogs, and newsletters focused on design trends can provide valuable insights.

Experiment and Analyze Engagement

Try using different templates and monitor the engagement of your posts. The templates that receive positive responses from your audience can indicate current trends that resonate with your followers. You can do this using a social media monitoring tool like YouScan. Learn more about the tool in our YouScan review

Remember that trends can vary based on different niches and industries, so consider your target audience and the aesthetics that align with your brand or personal style. By staying observant and exploring various sources, you can discover and implement trending templates that improve your Instagram content and aesthetics.

Why Use Instagram Templates?

instagram feed
Instagram templates make things easier for you.

The flexibility of Instagram templates allows you to maintain a consistent look and feel across your posts, creating a cohesive and visually appealing Instagram feed. Whether you’re a business aiming for a professional image or an individual expressing your brand, these templates offer a convenient way to elevate the visual impact of your content.

Using Instagram templates saves time and effort in the design process. You can focus on the content rather than spending excessive time and effort on the layout and design elements. Whether you’re sharing quotes, promotions, announcements, or lifestyle snapshots, Instagram templates enable you to present your content in a polished, creative, and engaging manner, enhancing your overall Instagram presence.

Additionally, Instagram templates can help maintain your branding’s consistency by building a visual format and feel that enables your Instagram content to look and feel like your website or other marketing assets. Consistent branding can increase brand awareness, reach, and revenue. 

What Are Potential Issues in Using Instagram Templates?

Knowing how to use Instagram templates, where to get them, and their benefits isn’t enough. Like every other asset on the internet, these templates come with potential issues. While minor, these issues may affect your productivity and efforts in the platform. 

Be acquainted with the following issues to help you decide whether or not using an Instagram template is worth doing. 

Limited Designs

By merely utilizing Instagram templates, whether on your Stories, Reels, or regular posts, you will be limited in the design work you can apply to customize every Instagram post. You would want to use different designs sometimes, but sticking to templates may block you from doing so. 

Loss of Creativity

While templates are beneficial, there’s no denying that constant reliance on pre-made templates may deteriorate your creative senses. To avoid this, you may alternate using pre-made templates and original ones. You can set a target for original posts to keep your creativity running. 

Design Uniqueness

The thing with pre-made Instagram templates is that they won’t make your content unique. Working with templates readily available to the public makes multiple accounts look almost the same. If you can notice the similarity, so will your followers. 

Use Instagram Templates Wisely

Using Instagram templates has its fair share of pros and cons. While you can use these templates to improve your Instagram presence, avoid excessive use and choose one that clearly represents your brand.

Aside from learning about Instagram templates, you can benefit from learning about writing the best Instagram captions in this “171 Short Instagram Captions That Will Get You Noticed” article. 

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