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Video Storyboarding Software: A Comprehensive Guide


Did you know that 94% of people watch explainer videos to learn about a product or service? Video is key in engaging users without making them read long blocks of text. Storyboarding is a key method for planning out the story of a video, film, or animation. It breaks the story down into scenes, with each one getting a drawing or image, and details like what's being said, notes, sound effects, and more. This process makes creating videos more efficient and helps avoid mistakes.
video storyboarding software

Key Takeaways

  • Video is a powerful tool for marketers to explain products, increase website traffic, and convince people to make purchases.
  • Storyboarding is the process of sketching out the progression of a marketing video, animation, or film.
  • Storyboarding can help alleviate the time-consuming nature of video preparation and increase the overall quality of the video.
  • There are various types of video storyboards, including traditional, thumbnail, and animated storyboards.
  • Video storyboarding software can help organize your thoughts, communicate ideas effectively, and identify potential problems early in the video production process.

What is Video Storyboarding?

how to create a storyboard
In a nutshell: how to create a storyboard. Source: indeed
Video storyboarding is how video makers plan their work, step by step. They draw out each scene, showing what happens in every frame. These sketches help them decide on the movement, shots, and timing for their video.

Understanding the Concept of Storyboarding

Storyboarding is key before making a video. It breaks the video into parts, like a comic book, helping creators see how it will look before they start. This makes sure everyone knows what they're doing from the start.

Importance of Storyboarding in Video Production

Storyboarding is very important. It helps video makers spot issues before shooting starts. This can save time and money, making sure the final video is just what they hoped for. It's useful for any kind of video project. With a storyboard, you're more likely to make a video that people will love to watch.

Types of Video Storyboards

Creating a video involves choosing the best storyboard method. You might use the classic paper sketches or try out animated storyboards. Each type impacts how smoothly your video making process goes. We'll look at different storyboarding techniques to help you pick what's right for you.

Traditional Storyboards

Traditional storyboards are a time-tested way to plan out a video. These sketches are drawn by hand in either pencil or ink. They let you outline every shot, scene, and camera angle. Detailed drawings and notes give you and your team a clear view of the video's direction. It's great for complex scenes needing careful planning.

Thumbnail Storyboards

Thumbnail storyboards are a faster option. These are quick, small sketches showing the main points of your video. They may be simple but allow for swift outlines of video content. They're perfect for basic videos or brainstorming sessions.

Animated Storyboards

Animated storyboards are a dynamic way to lay out your video. They're sequences of sketches shown like a mini-movie. This illustrates the timing, pace, and look of each scene. They're ideal for complex shots, effects, or action scenes. It's a great option if you're more visual or want to clarify complicated shots. The right storyboard method varies based on your video's needs and your style. Trying different approaches can help you discover what works best for you. This exploration can lead to a smoother video-making process and more creative results.

Benefits of Using Video Storyboarding Software

As a video creator, I've found that using video storyboarding software offers many benefits. It helps me plan better with storyboarding and communicating ideas with storyboarding. This tool is now a key part of how I work.

Organize Your Thoughts and Plan Better

Video storyboarding software is great for organizing my thoughts and planning. It brings all my ideas together into one clear vision. This helps me keep everything on track and avoid missing important details.

Communicate Ideas Effectively

Communicating your ideas to the team is crucial.
Storyboarding is crucial for communicating ideas with storyboarding. When I show my plans to others or work with my team, they easily understand through the visuals. This clear communication makes everyone work together better, leading to a smooth and successful project.

Identify Potential Problems Early

Storyboarding software is amazing because it helps me spot issues before they become big problems. I can see problems with props, special effects, or what equipment to use before shooting starts. Dealing with these early saves time and money later on. In conclusion, video storyboarding software is key in helping me plan better with storyboarding, communicate ideas with storyboarding, and identify problems with storyboarding. This makes my video production process more efficient and successful.

Essential Features to Look for in Video Storyboarding Software

a storyboard
A storyboard is crucial for video marketers.
When picking a video storyboarding software, look for specific essential features. These features should help you work smoothly, making your creative ideas real easily. Being able to add and remove scenes easily is essential in storyboarding software. Your projects change. You'll need to adjust and refine your storyboards. Also, it should let you grab images from the web. This helps you show your ideas quickly. Working together is crucial in making videos. So, choose storyboarding software that makes teamwork simple. It should let you comment, track changes, and easily share storyboards with others. Make sure the software lets you customize your storyboard's look. You should be able to change colors, layout, and more. This makes your work look pro. Also, being able to save your storyboard in different ways, like PowerPoint or PDF, is critical for sharing with others. If you want to do more, look for advanced storyboarding software abilities. These can include planning camera shots, adding scripts, or even making simple videos of your storyboard. These features help you perfect your vision and catch problems before they happen.
Must-Have Storyboarding Software Features Advanced Storyboarding Software Features
  • Easy scene addition and deletion
  • Web-based image incorporation
  • Collaborative tools (comments, changes tracking)
  • Customizable color, formatting, and layout
  • Export options (PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Camera movement and angle planning
  • Script import
  • Animatic or rough video creation
Focus on essential must-have storyboarding software features. Also, think about advanced options. Doing this helps you find the best storyboarding software for your video project. It makes your creative dreams come to life easily.

Top Video Storyboarding Software Options

free vs paid creator tools
There are free and paid tools.
Storyboarding software is key in today's video production. It helps creators and teams plan their videos efficiently. The market has a wide array of options. These include both free tools and professional-grade software for any budget.

Free and Open-Source Tools

If you're on a budget or just starting, free storyboarding tools are available. Storyboarder by Wonder Unit, Plot, and makeStoryboard are great examples. They let you sketch your ideas, organize scenes, and work together with others easily.

Paid and Professional Solutions

For those looking for more features, paid software is also an option. FrameForge Storyboard Studio, Studiobinder, Boords, and PowerProduction Software lead this category. They offer 3D layouts, animatics, and strong collaboration features. This makes them perfect for those with more experience or working professionally in video production.
Software Cost Key Features
Storyboarder Free Basic storyboarding functionality, sketching, scene organization
Plot Free Intuitive interface, storyboard templates, collaboration tools
makeStoryboard Free Simple and easy-to-use, integrates with other tools
FrameForge Storyboard Studio Paid 3D layouts, animatics, extensive library of templates and assets
Studiobinder Paid Collaborative features, shot planning, script integration
Boords Paid Intuitive interface, real-time collaboration, video export
PowerProduction Software Paid Advanced features, customizable templates, integration with other tools
You can also check out this DaVinci Resolve review to learn whether or not you can use the tool for storyboarding. Choosing the best storyboarding software requires considering your budget and team size. The right tool improves your production process. It helps you think clearly, share ideas well, and spot issues before they grow.

Video Storyboarding software: A Game-Changer for Video Creators

lady filming
Video creators need storyboards.
I'm a video creator, and I can tell you that video storyboarding software changes everything. It has revolutionized our video-making process. Now, we can turn our creative ideas into videos much more easily and quickly. Storyboarding software is great because it helps us organize our thoughts and plan our videos better. We can see our ideas visually and plot out our video's path. This way, we can spot issues early and fix them before filming starts. It saves us a lot of time and makes sure our final video is top-notch. This software also makes teamwork much smoother. We can share our storyboards and gather feedback from others. This helps us all understand the video's vision clearly. It's a key part of making sure our videos connect with our audience. It doesn't matter if you're doing marketing videos, explainers, or full-on movies. Video storyboarding software is a must-have. It makes the whole video-making process smoother and helps us avoid problems. If you want to improve your videos, check out this software. I think it could really help you.


Video storyboarding software is now a must-have for many creators. It helps plan, visualize, and share ideas easily. This makes my video-making process smoother and less error-prone. Whether picking a free tool or investing in a premium one, storyboarding boosts my video quality and reach. For all kinds of creators, from social media marketers to movie directors, this tool changes the game. Its features let me order my ideas, spot and solve issues early, and keep my projects focused and successful. As I dive deeper into video storyboarding software, I expect more tools to come. The goal is to support more video creators with better planning and organization. This way, I can concentrate on being creative. Knowing my project's details are handled helps me make videos that truly stand out.


  • What is video storyboarding?
    Storyboarding involves creating a visual plan for a marketing video, animation, or film. Each part of the story is shown in a simple sketch. This helps with planning and sharing the video's idea.
  • Why is storyboarding important for video production? It helps you think clearly, plan efficiently, and share your vision well. It also lets you see issues early, which saves time and money.
  • What are the different types of video storyboards? There are a few types. Traditional storyboards use drawings. Thumbnail storyboards are small sketches. Animated storyboards show how scenes might look and flow.
  • What are the benefits of using video storyboarding software? Video storyboarding software makes everything more organized. It helps plan your video better and see any issues early. This makes your videos turn out better in the end.
  • What features should I look for in video storyboarding software? Look for software that lets you add, remove, and adjust scenes easily. It should let you add images and work together with others. Also, it needs to let you choose colors and layouts and export to common formats.
  • What are some of the top video storyboarding software options? Some free tools are Storyboarder, Plot, and makeStoryboard. Paid options include FrameForge Storyboard Studio, Studiobinder, Boords, and PowerProduction Software. Or check out this Adobe Premiere Pro review to see if you can use it for storyboarding.
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