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15 Best Influencer Marketplaces to Help You Grow Your Brand


Finding the right influencer marketplaces to grow your business can be tough, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve done the research for you! In this article, we’ll explore the 15 best influencer marketplaces on the web to help you find that perfect influencer to fit your brand or project needs and make your business grow like never before. As social media use continues to grow, so does the use of influencer marketing. Brands are now turning to professionals with large online followings to recommend their products and services. And this can be an effective way to reach new consumers and increase brand awareness. You might have heard of Instagram influencers or even affiliate marketing, but do you know how you can work with an influencer? Or where should you look to find the best influencer marketplaces? See below our list of recommendations in order of popularity and ease of use, with our top pick coming in first.

Key Takeaways

  • Influencer marketplaces are vital tools for brands to collaborate with social media influencers effectively. These platforms streamline the process, from finding the right influencer to managing collaborations and legal agreements.
  • The top influencer marketplaces include ShopStyle Collective, PartnerUp, and Intellifluence, which cater to various needs from fashion to tech, ensuring brands can find the right fit.
  • Each platform offers unique features, like detailed analytics, a wide range of influencer options, and tools for campaign management, catering to both large brands and small businesses.
  • Utilizing these marketplaces allows businesses to enhance their marketing strategies by tapping into the influencers' engaged audiences, which can lead to increased brand awareness and sales.

What is an Influencer Marketplace?

Infographic on different types of influencers
Influencers aren't just creators; they're leaders with a vision.
With social media influencing more purchasing decisions, more and more businesses are looking for new ways to get in front of their audiences. One way they’re doing that is by working with influencers through an influencer marketplace. An influencer marketplace allows businesses (through an agency or directly) to work with influential people across a variety of verticals. It can reach larger audiences than your company would be able to by itself. Not only does an influencer marketplace make it easier for you to find top-tier talent quickly, but it also takes care of all legal agreements. Additionally, an influencer marketplace often provides tools, such as analytics dashboards and insights reports on what content is working best.

15 Best Influencer Marketplaces

Here are 15 of the best influencer marketplaces available today to help you get started with the growing influencer marketing trend. Finally, you can get your brand in front of new customers who are already interested in what you have to offer by selecting the best marketplace for your business.

ShopStyle Collective

ShopStyle Collective is a free influencer marketplace that has partnerships with some of the world’s biggest retailers, including Urban Outfitters, AllSaints, and Anthropologie. When you sign up for an account, you can browse the platform for partner brands or find a specific brand you want to work with. ShopStyle partners include H&M and Puma. Top-tier fashion bloggers and social media influencers can also sell their products directly on the platform. This means you don’t have to deal with any middlemen—you just purchase straight from them. In other words, you get access to name brands at a steep discount—all from someone else’s closet.


Want an Instagram influencer? PartnerUp matches creators with brands and marketers who want their products promoted on social media. It’s a free influencer marketplace that offers the services of professional and amateur influencers, so you can choose based on your budget and marketing needs. Creators are vetted by PartnerUp before being allowed access to marketing campaigns, ensuring quality content across your account. With no fees for joining or promoting products, it’s one of the favorite places to connect brands with creators online.

Style Coalition

You may ask: which platform is best for influencers? The Style Coalition is another free influencer marketplace designed to help influencers find brand deals and brands find creative talent. With millions of monthly visits, it’s one of America’s most-trafficked community forums for independent style creators. Members can browse through more than 1,000 categories to discover new products and services from top brands. They can also search by location or category to connect with local businesses in their area. If you want your product or service in front of an audience that’s passionate about fashion, beauty, home décor, and lifestyle products—and you don’t mind working with an up-and-coming creator—the Style Coalition might be right for you.


Most small businesses or content creators have a limited budget, so why not connect with influencers who are interested in your products or services and share them with their audiences? Grin is a free influencer marketplace that makes it easy for both parties to find each other. Simply create an account and browse through thousands of influencers, find those you like, and make a pitch. This platform aims to create quick connections between companies looking for exposure and social media personalities eager for it.


Intellifluence is a leading B2B influencer marketing platform designed specifically for brands, agencies, and marketers. They help connect brands with bloggers and social media users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and beyond. These influencers provide original content creation services as well as amplification across their social networks and blogs. Through strategic research, Intellifluence’s team of brand strategists find only high-quality authentic voices that fit your brand.
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As a tool, social media should be used to showcase your brand and impact people.

Collective Digital Studio (CDS)

CDS is an influencer marketing platform that also features a content network with creators from around the world. It’s geared toward small and medium-sized businesses looking for a simple way to distribute branded videos, photos, and other digital content. The CDS marketplace is relatively small compared to others on our list of best influencer marketplaces, but it provides access to over 750 creators. This could be a good option if you have limited resources or don’t have time to spend vetting individual influencers. Creators on Collective Digital Studio must sign up through their social media accounts, which can help eliminate fake accounts and increase transparency between creators and brands. Overall, CDS provides a useful platform for getting your brand in front of targeted audiences while giving you access to thousands of different types of content from all over the globe.


If you’re an entrepreneur on a small budget who wants results, TradeSkillz may be for you. The platform is designed for individuals and teams looking to expand their brands without breaking their marketing bank. It connects entrepreneurs with influencers in exchange for compensation, such as a shoutout on social media or product endorsement. If you don’t have $10,000 to drop on your next marketing campaign, consider using TradeSkillz’s platform. You can also use an influencer collaboration tool like the one in this Mention review.


Heepsy is an influencer marketing platform that lets you discover and work with social media influencers. The good thing about this platform is that it allows you to filter by topics, budget, location, and much more. That way, you’ll only be getting in touch with real influencers who are relevant to your business and industry. And if you don’t have a big budget, don’t worry because they have plenty of options starting at $1 per post.


Klear is one of the best influencer marketing platform for small businesses. It’s committed to making it easier for all kinds of brands, agencies, and influencers to connect, by working on technology solutions that make discovery and collaboration easy. The platform also helps brands manage their influencer programs, local campaigns, and campaigns across different countries. Overall, Klear helps you match your business needs with a perfect program for all marketing activities, including product or service launches, events marketing programs, and re-engagement strategies.


For brands with modest budgets that want access to influencers, Influencity is a top choice. The service allows for one-to-one engagement with social media stars on channels like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, giving you unmatched targeting and personalization options that larger platforms can’t match. The service indeed boosts engagement compared to other networks. Brands also get their own dashboards where they can see all their data at once, along with detailed analytics reports. Influencity comes integrated with Google Analytics so you don’t have to worry about double-tracking your efforts. Lastly, the platform offers great training programs if you need help learning how to work it all out.
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Engagements aren't bought, they're built. And to be successful on social media, you simply need to be social.


Afluencer is one of the best influencer platforms for creators and small businesses. They offer their services on demand or for a set fee and can be hired for anything, from making personalized videos to promoting a brand’s products. The platform usually features high-profile social media personalities who have thousands, sometimes millions, of followers on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. In addition to offering influencers access to promote brands, Afluencer also lets brands offer certain perks in exchange for more exposure.

Tribe Dynamics

Tribe Dynamics is a platform that connects brands with micro-influencers. These types of influencers have a much stronger bond with their followers, so they’re more likely to engage with your brand in authentic ways. Because they’re smaller and less established than social media celebrities, micro-influencers are typically willing to do it for less money—and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to get access. Another way to connect with the best micro-influencers on the Internet is by using the tool in this Capssion review.

Fourstarzz Media

Fourstarzz Media is a full-service creative agency with more than 25 writers, designers, strategists, and social media experts working collaboratively across media channels to build visibility and awareness for your brand. It belongs to the list of “The Best Influencer Marketplaces for Small Businesses” as well as “The Top 10 Best Influencers in History.” This is because Fourstarzz Media partners with top creators from all over the world who are influential and authentic.


It doesn’t get much easier than Brybe—just sign up and link your social accounts. Once they’re verified, you can start looking for influencers. The platform’s database has thousands of Instagrammers, video-makers, bloggers, and content creators across various verticals and categories. What users love most about Brybe is that it has a separate database for travel influencers, making it easy to find them without wading through a ton of non-relevant search results.


When your business grows and you’re seeking big-name celebrities or influencers, it can be hard to find exactly what you need. Fortunately, that’s where BuzzGuru comes in. The app connects brands with top influencers on YouTube. Even better, unlike other social-media powerhouses like Instagram and Snapchat, YouTube is less restricted when it comes to content monetization.

Who Are the Top 5 Influencers in Social Media?

An influencer recording a video of herself
Social media influencers are talented creators. And the impact of their influence relies on how people like and share their content.
Do you want to know who the top social media influencers are? It’s no surprise that Facebook and Twitter dominate the social media landscape, but there are also plenty of rising stars that you need to be following. If you’re wondering, “who are the top 3 influencers in social media,” look no more—we’ve provided you with more than what you could’ve asked for!

Tai Lopez

Lopez’s videos are great for beginners who are just starting out with YouTube marketing. He breaks down how one can make money on YouTube in an entertaining and helpful way. It’s also easy to watch his videos. Most importantly, you can actually feel like you learned something from Lopez's content rather than watching someone fiddle around with their camera for 10 minutes.

Gary Vaynerchuk

If you're serious about social media, you have to follow Gary Vaynerchuk. The New York Times bestselling author and CEO of VaynerMedia is a go-to expert on all things social media, making him a top influencer in any industry. Vaynerchuk's daily content features engaging advice on how to grow your business using Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram, and more. He also has almost 1 million followers across Twitter and Facebook.

John Lee Dumas

Dumas is a serial entrepreneur best known for his podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire (EOF). He interviews some of the top entrepreneurs around and gives great advice on starting and growing your business. This information alone makes him a great influencer. However, he also does an amazing job of promoting others through his platform. Dumas talks about other people in such a way that his listeners automatically want to follow their every move.

Lewis Howes

An entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author, Lewis Howes uses social media to share his passion for helping people discover their personal best and achieve their goals. With a focus on self-development, you’ll learn new ideas from him daily—and find yourself more motivated than ever before.

Mark Manson

With more than 900k followers, Mark Manson is one of the people’s favorite writers on social media. If you’re looking for some great insights into relationships and communication, check out his feed. He also has a book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” and has been listed as one of Inc.’s “Top 100 Influencers.”


  • What is an influencer marketplace? An influencer marketplace is a platform that connects brands with influencers, facilitating collaborations for marketing campaigns. These platforms offer tools for managing interactions, ensuring legal compliance, and tracking campaign success.
  • How do influencer marketplaces benefit brands? These marketplaces simplify finding and collaborating with influencers, providing tools for communication, agreement management, and performance analytics. This helps brands efficiently reach target audiences and maximize ROI.
  • What should brands look for in an influencer marketplace? Brands should seek marketplaces with a robust selection of influencers, strong management tools, and detailed analytics. Compatibility with the brand’s niche and marketing goals is also crucial.
  • Can small businesses use influencer marketplaces effectively? Yes, many influencer marketplaces are designed to be accessible for small businesses, offering scalable solutions and budget-friendly options to leverage influencer marketing effectively.

Choose the Best Influencer Marketplace for Your Business

Influencer marketing market size 2016 to 2021
The influencer marketing market size is growing rapidly each year, and it's not stopping anytime soon. | Source: Oberlo
If you’re trying to scale your influencer marketing efforts, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. And it’s no wonder why—there are hundreds of influencer marketplaces out there, many with confusingly similar names and offers. To cut through all that clutter, look for three things in an influencer marketplace: diversity of influencers, built-in analytics, and a campaign management system. On another note, if you want to know what channels are most popular for influencer marketing, check out this blog post: “Choosing the Right Influencer Marketing Platform: 7 Questions To Ask To Land the Best One.”
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