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2024’s Sexy YouTubers You Can’t Miss


Influencers have taken the world by storm, and YouTubers are among those who blazed the trails of influencer marketing. Statistics show that 81% of businesses' most preferred platform for their influencer campaigns is YouTube, and 93% of influencers claim YouTube is the best platform for driving viewership. Hence, we can find thousands of YouTube influencers in various niches, including sexy YouTubers.
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The platform is full of talented, gorgeous, and sexy influencers making a name for themselves in their respective industries. From fashion and makeup tutorials to health and fitness motivation, YouTube does not fall short of inspiring female and male influencers. But it is undeniable that several YouTube influencers and creators stand out, not only for their content but for their beautiful physique. We did our research and came up with the top male and female sexy YouTubers you can't miss this year. So, go over this list, and may they inspire you to look your best.

Who are sexy YouTubers to follow?

Along with time, mainstream celebrities have become YouTubers or influencers. But we shall focus on non-celebrity influencers in this list. Out of the thousands of non-celebrity sexy YouTubers, these are our top twelve:


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Lia Shelesh, known by her online moniker Sssniperwolf, is a YouTube influencer from Britain. She is among the top sexy YouTubers and is famous for her vlogs, reaction videos, and gaming streams. Alia gained significant social media traction for her entertaining content, particularly in the gaming industry. Who is the most popular girl on YouTube? While the answer to this question isn't Lia, she is significantly popular, with over 34 million subscribers.

Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda
Source: The Sun
Are you looking for fitness inspiration? Look no further than Simeon Panda's social media channels. Simeon Panda is a British social media personality in the fitness industry, fitness model, and professional bodybuilder. He gained prominence because of his godlike physique and contribution to the fitness industry. What viewers love most about Simeon's online presence is his fitness advice, workout routines, and inspirational content on YouTube and Instagram. Who is the most popular man on YouTube? Simeon may not have the most-subscribed channel, but he is definitely one of our favorite sexy YouTubers.

Ariana Dugarte

ari dugarte
Source: Viral Model Hub
Ariana "Ari" Dugarte is a lifestyle, fashion, and travel influencer and fitness model from Mexico who has over 700K subscribers on YouTube. She has built a stable following through her engaging fashion content, mostly consisting of bikini and dress try-ons. Who is the most beautiful girl on YouTube? Beauty is subjective. So, we say yes, Ari Dugarte is one of the most beautiful girls on YouTube.

Lele Pons

lele pons
Source: T13
Lele Pons is a Venezuelan-American influencer, comedian, actress, and singer. Her booming presence on Vine and Instagram greatly contributed to her social media stardom today. Lele is famous for her comedic sketches and collaboration with big internet stars. Aside from being a hot and sexy YouTuber, Lele is actively involved in philanthropy and advocacy activities. We stan a beautiful and benevolent influencer! Although, it would be wonderful to see more of her on YouTube this year, as her latest YouTube video was uploaded nine months ago.

Ulisses Williams Jr.

Ulisses Williams Jr.
Source: Generation Iron
Ulisses Williams Jr, also known as Ulisses World, is a renowned professional bodybuilder, health and fitness model, and social media personality. He is among the male sexy YouTubers today, widely famous for his impressive form and dedication to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. The fitness influencer often shares his workout routines, fitness journey, and other nutrition tips on YouTube and Instagram. Becoming an icon in the bodybuilding and (online and offline) fitness industry helped Ulisses acquire hundreds of thousands of fans and followers worldwide.


Source: Dot Esports
Imane Anys, more prominent by her online pseudonym Pokimane, is a Moroccan-Canadian female Twitch streamer and social media personality. The influencer attained widespread recognition due to her Twitch live streams, where she streams household names in the gaming world, like Fortnite and League of Legends. In addition to gaming, Pokimane has now diversified her content to reaction videos, vlogs, and collaborations with other prominent influencers. Without even trying, she is easily one of the top sexy YouTubers to follow this year.

Corinna Kopf

corrina kopf
Source: Pinterest
Corinna Kopf is an internet celebrity and content creator hailing from America. Like Lele Pons, Corinna earned early recognition on Vine and Instagram but later expanded her reach to YouTube and Twitch. She is known for her lifestyle content and association with prominent social media personalities. Aside from her fame as a sexy YouTuber and streamer, Corinna is exceptionally famous for being an NSFW and nude influencer on OnlyFans. In one of her videos, she mentioned quickly earning a million dollars through the OnlyFans platform. Corinna is one of the renowned influencers with OnlyFans.


Source: Featured Magazine
  Azra Bajrami, better known online as AzzyLand, is a Canadian internet personality and gamer. Azzy became famous through her YouTube channel, consisting of gaming content, reaction videos, vlogs, and challenges. She often publishes content on multiple topics, including riddles, puzzles, and online trends. AzzyLand is one of our favorite sexy YouTubers, whose stunning and sultry photos you can find on Instagram.

Loren Gray

Source: Headline Planet
Loren Gray, whose full name is Loren Gray Beech, is an American singer, social media personality, and actress. While she is one of the sexy YouTubers on this list, Loren became famous through her viral TikTok videos. She gained attention for her lip-syncing and dance videos on the platform, where she became one of the most-followed users. After becoming internet famous, Loren ventured into her music career, writing her songs and filming music videos. Aside from music, the influencer also expanded her niches to modeling and acting.

Tana Mongeau

tana mongeau
Source: TMZ
Tana Mongeau is an American social media influencer and singer from the City of Angels, Los Angeles, Nevada. Tana initially gained attention through her YouTube channel, where she posts vlogs, storytime videos, hauls, and challenges. The influencer is notorious for her bold and controversial personality and her online entanglement with other influencers. You can find much of her sexy content on Instagram, often showing herself in beautiful bikini fits. Without a doubt, Tana deserves her rightful spot in our list of sexy YouTubers.

Alissa Violet Butler

alissa violet
Source: Wikitubia
Alissa Violet Butler, simply known as Alissa Violet, is an American social media influencer, content creator, actress, and model. She initially became prominent because of her presence on Instagram and Vine. Then, she became associated with "Team 10," a social media circle created by YouTuber Jake Paul. From then on, Alissa expanded her reach to YouTube. However, like Lele Pons, her latest YouTube content was published nine months ago and is more active on Instagram. So, if you want to see more of this sexy influencer, her Instagram account is the ideal platform to visit.

Brandon William

brandon william
Source: Trending American
Brandon William is a fitness influencer and among the sexy YouTubers to look out for this year. His fitness content ranges from inspirational to comedic. He likes to challenge himself by performing fitness routines to attain the physical qualifications of a Navy SEAL or an FBI agent. Among his most popular videos is the "US MARINES VS BODYBUILDERS," which acquired over 12 million views in only two months. If you want inspiration in getting those six packs, you might want to check out Brandon William's YouTube channel.

Where can you find sexy influencers?

If you want to find sexy influencers on the internet, social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok are popular hubs where many influencers share sultry content. Aside from social media platforms, you can look for sexy influencers on multiple websites and sexy YouTubers forums, including OnlyFans, Reddit, and Sexy-YouTubers Forum. However, the Sexy YouTubers Forum is currently unavailable, so another forum emerged, hoping to become bigger than the Sexy YouTubers Forum. Nudostar is the fledgling forum for sexy YouTubers. Furthermore, you may use influencer marketing software if you are a brand or business owner wanting to source for influencers to collaborate with or represent your brand. One of the best tools for discovering different influencers and content creators is BuzzGuru. Read more about it in our BuzzGuru review.

Are sexy influencers effective in marketing?

In marketing, leveraging sexy YouTubers or influencers can be effective depending on your target audience and overall brand image. Sexy influencers often possess a significant following drawn to their attractive and alluring content, which can translate into increased visibility for your products or services. These influencers' appeal captured a specific demographic's attention, driving engagement and potentially boosting brand awareness. However, aligning the influencer's image with your brand values and messaging is crucial to ensure authenticity and avoid any potential backlash. Striking the right balance between sensuality and brand identity is the key to leveraging the effectiveness of sexy YouTubers and influencers in your marketing strategy. Always consider your target market and the nature of your products or services when exploring partnerships with influencers to ensure a cohesive and impactful campaign. Sexy influencers are most effective in working with brands that sell lingerie, bikinis, sexy clothing, fitness products, and alcohol. So, if your business provides products and services like these, your chances of a successful campaign with a sexy influencer are high. The key to an effective collaboration with sexy influencers is appropriateness and balance. You may seek the assistance of a reliable influencer marketing agency if you want to work with a sexy influencer. Read more about it in our The Shelf review.

What are the best practices for working with sexy YouTubers?

When working with sexy YouTubers, it's essential to adhere to a set of best practices to ensure a successful collaboration and maintain a positive brand image. First and foremost, thoroughly research the influencer you want to work with to understand their audience and ensure alignment with your brand values. Tell them what your expectations and campaign goals are to avoid any misunderstandings. Then, prioritize authenticity by allowing influencers creative freedom while providing brand guidelines to maintain consistency. Influencers and content creators rose to prominence because viewers find them genuine and reliable. Gone are the days of overly produced advertising content, as viewers and consumers want unfiltered results and feedback. And the best way to provide authentic results and feedback is by working with content creators or influencers. Finally, establish transparent and fair compensation agreements. In addition, ensure compliance with advertising regulations to maintain ethical standards and healthy relationships with your chosen influencers.

Follow The Sexy YouTubers Now

Whether you are looking for influencers to work with or merely looking for fitness inspiration and motivation, the sexy YouTubers in this list can do the job exceedingly. They are excellent and effective at what they do, hence their prominence in their respective niches. We've got more for you on our "13 Sexiest Influencers To Follow Today & Why Collaborate With Them" article. Make sure to check it out!
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