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5 Best AI Logo Generators Today

What is the best AI logo generator?
The best AI logo generator is Wix Logo Maker, as it allows you to design logos in a few minutes, requiring you to input your brand name and tagline, indicate your preferred designs, and select your industry. It lets you to change the generated design's color, font, and icon and start over if you are dissatisfied with the result.

A logo is a window to a brand’s soul and the bedrock of every business branding, so slacking on your logo isn’t a good idea. Designing a logo takes the utmost time and effort, but with the best AI logo generators, you can generate your logo with a click. 

The unending digital innovation and evolution continue to shape and reshape today’s realities, and it has become crystal clear that artificial intelligence plays a fundamental role in this development. 

While AI undergoes constant improvement, its true power lies in accomplishing processes, increasing efficiencies, and supplementing functions and tasks exclusively executed through human expertise. Among these tasks is logo designing. 

The art of logo designing involves the creation of a unique and striking visual representation or emblem that capsulizes a brand’s overall voice and values. It primarily demands an intricate process fulfilled through the right combination of strategic thinking and creative talent. Hence, designing a logo takes intense brainstorming, time, and dedicated effort. 

However, with the development of the best AI logo generators, many designers have introduced and enjoyed a different level of creativity and automation. 

What are the best AI logo generators?

With generative AI being the talk of the town today, you might ask, “Is there an AI that can create a logo?” 

Yes, and, in fact, there are lots of best free AI logo generators you can use to create your brand logo. A great-performing AI logo maker can generate multiple logo designs in a short period at a cost-effective price. So, if you are considering working with a logo designer, try exploring the best logo AI generators before fully deciding. 

Which AI creates logos for free? Here are find the best AI logo generator free and paid to try this year:

Wix Logo Maker

Wix pricing
Wixi Logo Maker pricing. Source: Ecommerce Platforms is a web development company famous for its website-building services. Wix offers the right tools to help clients create mobile and HTML5 websites. Seeing the need to address further client needs and concerns, developed Wix Logo Maker. 

Wix Logo Maker allows you to design logos in a few minutes, only requiring you to input your brand name and tagline, indicate your preferred designs, and select your industry. It also allows you to change the generated design’s color, font, and icon and start over if dissatisfied with the result. 

This logo maker is ideal if you are a small or medium enterprise planning on creating an online business website, as most of Wix’s paid plans come with a free logo. Once you have polished your logo, you can automatically place it across your website.

Pricing: Free logo maker, Just Logo Basic Plan for $20, Just Logo Advanced Plan for $50, and Logo + Website Plans. 

Aside from generating logos and creating websites, Wix has a marketing and newsletter builder and editor. You may find out more about this on our Wix ShoutOut review


LogoAI homepage. Source: SoftwareAdvice

LogoAI is a revolutionary tool and one of the best AI logo generators that simplifies and makes efficient the process involved in designing a brand logo. With the tool’s smart engine, LogoAI combines user-provided data and the best logo-designing practices to generate professional and appealing designs that accurately represent your brand. 

Unlike several AI tools that depend on templates, LogoAI starts from scratch and creates a unique and personalized logo design for every user. Doing so ensures you get a distinct logo that represents your brand identity. 

There are three easy steps involved in LogoAI’s creation process. 

First, you must input design preferences and logo names to generate multiple design options. Next, select your desired design and edit the logo’s layouts, including the fonts and symbols, until everything goes together. Then, download your logo package consisting of a PDF, transparent PNG, high-resolution JPG, and vector source files.

Pricing: The lowest pricing is $29 per month, plus several other plans. 

Designs.AI is an efficient and effective go-to AI logo maker, making it one of the best AI logo generators today. 

The tool uses advanced AI technology to produce a myriad of unique and powerful brand logo designs, giving you a great brand identity. is not your typical AI logo generator; it is a brand builder that can instantly generate full-packaged brand collateral. 

One of its best features is the browser-based intuitive logo editor that you can access on your browser without the need for software installation. It also comes with an extensive step-by-step logo creation guide and real-time logo changes that allow you to save time and cost.

Pricing: The Basic Plan is priced at $29 per month, while the Pro Plan is offered at $69 monthly. They also offer an Enterprise Plan with a custom price rate. 


Logomaster home page. Source: StartUp Resources can generate your logo of dreams. While creating a professional-looking brand logo in a few seconds sounds unbelievable, makes it possible and believable.

This best AI logo generator makes logo designing easy, eliminating the need for design skills. Logomaster allows you to start creating your logo from scratch or choose from over a hundred templates to jumpstart your design. 

The platform has an AI-driven generation process that can give you proposals based on your design preferences and industry. Then, you can review these proposals, customize your logo, and download the files, giving you more control over the results. 

Logomaster generates web-ready and print-ready files and allows unlimited revisions on your logo, so you know you get your money’s worth. 

Pricing: Logomaster offers a one-time free trial, while the Basic Plan is priced at $29, the Premium at $69, and the Enterprise Plan at $109. All these come at a one-time cost. 


Looka allows you to see what your logo looks like on your products. Source: HostingAdvice

Looka is a dynamic and one of the best AI logo generators that designs logos reflective of your brand while avoiding generic-looking ones. 

In addition to designing logos, Looka offers a branding solution. So, when finalizing your logo, the platform’s Brand Kit allows you to do a logo try-on on different marketing materials and merchandise, including shirts, business cards, social media profiles, and more. 

Furthermore, Looka offers 20 templates to choose from and allows you to customize your social media pfp and cover photos for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 

The AI is intuitive and has a user-friendly interface that you can use to generate custom logo mockups. Upon purchasing, you get more than 15 high-resolution file types, including PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS, in colored, transparent, and black-and-white backgrounds. 

Pricing: Looka’s services start at an affordable $96 per year. 

Another great way to save time and effort in managing your brand’s online presence is with a top-notch social media management tool. We have a lot of recommended tools to choose from, but you can start by checking out this CoSchedule review

Does your business need the best AI logo generator?

AI usage stat
Based on the trends, the usage of AI-powered tools is increasing every year. Source: Oberlo

AI logo generators can be good for you if you are looking to design your logo quickly and affordably. The best AI logo generators can generate multiple designs in seconds, and you can easily customize the outputs to better reflect your company’s image or branding. 

To help you realize whether or not an AI logo generator is what your business needs, we have curated the pros and cons of using an AI-powered logo maker.


First, an AI logo generator can generate a variety of designs in a short period, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your brand. Second, most logo generators allow customization, so you can tweak and play with your designs to come up with the right logo. 

The third benefit of using an AI logo generator for your business is they are easy to use. Most of these logo generators are straightforward and user-friendly and don’t require downloading external software, making you work your way around the platform. Using these generators doesn’t require expertise and experience in logo designing, making it accessible to anybody. 

Finally, these AI logo generators are relatively more affordable than working with a freelance designer or an agency. If your budget is tight or you believe an AI logo generator can do the job well, investing in the best AI logo generator is the way to go. Aside from being affordable, using a logo generator saves you so much of your time, giving you extra hours to work on other significant things. 


While working with an AI logo generator has various benefits, doing so also has several potential drawbacks. 

AI logo generators often generate logos that are almost too similar to other logos, making your logo lack originality. If you want to stand out, it pays to invest in a credible designer or agency whose expertise lies in designing impressive brand logos. AI-generated logos may not be as unique as those created by professional graphic designers. 

Additionally, AI-generated logos may not accurately reflect your brand identity, as they are often too generic. If you don’t want to make the necessary adjustments, you are better off working with a professional designer. 

How do you choose an AI logo generator?

If you think that an AI logo generator is what your business needs, you ought to know how to choose the right and the best AI logo generator. Some generators produce disappointing results, but many are effective; you only have to know how to look for a well-performing generator. 

When assessing your options, it’s beneficial to take note of the following factors:


AI logo generators are priced differently, depending on the package and services offered. So, you must identify how much your budget for the logo is and find a generator that suits your budget. Many platforms charge a one-time fee, so you might want to look into these platforms, as you don’t need an ongoing subscription for your logo (unless you plan to customize often). 

Ease of Use

Since you won’t use the assistance of a professional, it’s good to invest in a user-friendly platform to make it easy for you to customize your logo should the need arise. 

Customer Support

When using any platform, keep an eye on the quality of customer support it offers because it is where you turn to when issues arise. We recommend using an AI logo generator that offers 24/7 email, chat, or phone customer support. 

File Formats

Depending on how and where you will use your logo, you will need various file types. Therefore, look for a logo maker that supports most file formats to avoid spending for another. 

Comprehensive Tool Features

Some platforms, such as the Wix Logo Maker, offer other features than generating logos. Investing in a logo maker that doubles as a website builder and social media graphics designer will save you time and effort. This tool may be a bit costlier than tools limited to logo making, but it is well worth your investment. 

Invest in The Best AI Logo Generator

The internet has different software and platforms, including AI logo generators. Hence, if you plan to get your brand logo done by artificial intelligence, you should work with the best AI logo generator.

If you are having a hard time deciding what generator to choose, make sure to reread this article and choose the best from our list. 

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