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Dan ChatGPT: The Best ChatGPT Jailbreak Yet

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The use of ChatGPT, like every other tool, is bound by terms and conditions. However, users found a way to circumvent the terms by activating Dan ChatGPT. What is DAN, and what can it do?

Many users tried to figure out how to bypass ChatGPT’s restrictions and content moderation security until a few Redditors discovered a simple text exchange that could make the AI tool craft statements that its developer does not allow.

While ChatGPT can respond to many questions, OpenAI established content standards that aim to limit the tool from creating responses that promote violence, misinformation, hate speech, and instructions on engaging in illicit activities. However, several Reddit users found a way to work around this limitation by making the chatbot adopt the ChatGPT Dan persona.

What is Dan ChatGPT?

DAN is an acronym for “Do Anything Now,” it allows ChatGPT to give responses beyond its constraints. Dan ChatGPT is a roleplay model you can use to hack the AI tool into thinking it’s pretending to be another AI.

hate speech
DAN ChatGPT tackles sensitive and controversial issues with explicit biases.

OpenAI and many users consider DAN a ChatGPT jailbreak as it breaks the AI tool free from the restrictions OpenAI has set. However, Dan ChatGPT’s information can be possibly false or unverified since it pushes the tool further than its design.

Some even consider DAN as ChatGPT’s alter ego that possesses the capacity to divulge sensitive and possibly unverified information without censorship.

To enable the DAN mode, All you have to do is input the right DAN prompt for ChatGPT.

How To Use Dan ChatGPT?

chatgpt prompts
The key to an effective ChatGPT conversation is using the right prompts.

If you are wondering how to turn ChatGPT into DAN, you have to follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Access the ChatGPT website on your browser and log into your OpenAI account. If you are a new user, you must sign up using your Microsoft account, Google account, or email address.

Step 2

Type in your custom ChatGPT DAN prompt. You need to be a little creative with your prompt, as ChatGPT often makes updates and patches to revoke DAN prompts, making it quite tricky for you.

Step 3

Hit enter. Once you’ve sent your prompt and gotten it right, ChatGPT’s response will pop up in a red box, indicating you have successfully entered DAN mode.

Step 4

You can now enjoy Dan ChatGPT. As the chatbot enters “Do Anything Now” mode, you can ask it whatever you want. At this point, ChatGPT can respond to any questions, including sensitive ones, and give information beyond 2021 (though the responses can be false).

Grab the opportunity to maximize the DAN mode before it reverts to the normal ChatGPT mode in the next few minutes.

What Are The Pros and Cons of DAN?

Like every other AI tool, ChatGPT DAN comes with advantages and disadvantages. And it pays to weigh the mode’s pros and cons before using it.


  • DAN provides a novel and fascinating way to interact with the AI model.
  • It can give responses in a more creative manner. The replies may be faulty or fictional, but Dan ChatGPT will always give creatively or uniquely. It has the capacity to create stories about how aliens exist and have visited the world but are kept a secret by the government.
  • It keeps track of the conversation similar to how the normal ChatGPT does.


  • As repeatedly mentioned, Dan ChatGPT may provide false information, so you should not use it as a means to get factual info about an issue or subject.
  • It can produce sensitive data that may offend you or other people.
  • OpenAI may ban or flag your account once the system detects your usage of the ChatGPT Dan jailbreak prompt.

Is It Legal to Use DAN?

Dan ChatGPT jailbreak has many uses and benefits. DAN is less restrictive, fostering more innovation and creating and providing marginalized perspectives a platform.

Additionally, if you are in the business of music, politics, fiction writing, and the arts, you will want ChatGPT to be a bit more liberated to help you achieve specific goals. If you want to create a fictional story revolving around sensitive social issues, such as racism and fascism, the normal 

ChatGPT may not help you write one, but DAN could. Hence, many users prefer to converse with DAN. Others also love that Dan ChatGPT responds more like a human than the normal ChatGPT because of its sense of humor and relaxed and restricted approach.

While Dan ChatGPT allows some people to express themselves freely, creatively, and without restrictions, you must be cautious before using the prompt.

Activating DAN or jailbreaking ChatGPT can be considered an unauthorized modification of the ChatGPT language model, violating OpenAI’s terms. Using DAN can get your account banned or your ChatGPT Plus subscription prematurely cut off without a refund.

Nonetheless, you can create another account if the need arises. Just always remember to be a responsible DAN user. Avoid using it for nefarious reasons, including but not limited to crafting hateful content and harmful propaganda.

Is Using DAN ChatGPT safe?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that relies on language learning and the data you feed. So, there’s not much to worry about. However, OpenAI has been monitoring how users utilize ChatGPT and is constantly releasing DAN prompt patches as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, ChatGPT may access your information, such as your IP address, the account you use to log in, topics you often discuss, and the time and date of your chats. So, if you feed ChatGPT with or write down a virus, the proper authorities can easily trace you.

Is There A Safer Alternative?

Google bard
Google Bard is one of the leading competitors of ChatGPT.

You already know that activating Dan ChatGPT can rid you of using the AI tool. However, there is a much safer alternative for asking sensitive questions — one that does not require you to activate DAN.

You can enable the chatbot to discuss controversial topics without violating the terms by simply asking ChatGPT to explain various viewpoints without having to side with a particular stance.

For example, you want to ask a controversial question related to why men often objectify girls wearing daring clothing. If you state your prompt as is, you will most likely receive a bland response or get flagged negatively.

Hence, you must state your question in the most specific manner possible, leaving no room for misinterpretation. Remember that the key to getting the best of ChatGPT lies in how you give your prompts.

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How to Write Great ChatGPT Prompts?

Chatgpt prompts
The Anatomy of ChatGPT Mega Prompt. Source:

Now that you know a more “acceptable” way of asking sensitive and controversial questions to ChatGPT, you must learn how to properly write a ChatGPT prompt to get the answers you need.

Here are relevant pointers to remember when writing down a ChatGPT prompt:

Specify Your Topic

Clearly state your topic or subject to establish context and help ChatGPT give the response you are looking for.

Give Background Information

In addition to your topic, it pays to feed it with your topic’s relevant background information. The info can include background context, a brief history, or any other information you think is helpful for ChatGPT to comprehend your request or question.

Describe Any Limitations or Constraints

To help focus ChatGPT’s response, describe any restrictions, limitations, or constraints. You should specify in your prompt if you require the chatbot to answer from a particular viewpoint or in a time frame.

Establish Your Goal

You must clearly state in your prompt the reaction or information you are trying to get from ChatGPT, in other words, the goal of your conversation with the AI chatbot. 

Describing what results you want to get—whether a recommendation, explanation, or solution—enables the bot to provide precise responses.

Verify The Responses

If you are trying to extract information or explanations from ChatGPT, you must verify its responses. One way to do this is by comparing the ChatGPT’s replies with other reliable sources or a professional’s advice. 

When interacting with ChatGPT, be mindful that it is only a language model and may not always provide accurate responses.

Check For Biases

While the terms restrict ChatGPT from giving biased information, it may occasionally reflect subtle ones. So, explicitly tell the AI tool you’re looking for an impartial and unbiased stance on multiple perspectives. 

Dan ChatGPT often reflects explicit biases, but it should be unsurprising given that DAN is ChatGPT’s alter ego, and people know it for producing unfiltered responses.

You make it easier for ChatGPT to understand your request and provide the responses you need by giving detailed and explicit prompts. Try rephrasing your prompts if the initial response doesn’t hit the mark.

Is ChatGPT Better Than Dan ChatGPT?

chatgpt info
ChatGPT is bound by restrictions.

With regard to submission to the confines of ethical standards, we deem ChatGPT far better than Dan ChatGPT. 

As mentioned, DAN has the ability to give you responses far beyond what ChatGPT can. Several resources online provide multiple examples of what DAN can do. So, if you want to challenge the system and extract sensitive and vulgar information or responses from the AI tool, enabling Dan ChatGPT is the way to go. 

However, remember that it requires you to be quick as it only activates for a short period. You may also get banned from using the tool, so be ready should the consequence come and only enable DAN when the urgent need arises. 

On the other hand, the normal ChatGPT is the better option if you don’t need to discuss sensitive information. You don’t have to go through the hassle of creating another account if the system bans you because you most likely won’t get banned. And if you want the bot to give you perspectives on controversial issues, you must formulate your prompt precisely. 

You can also use ChatGPT for professional and business reasons, such as integrating the bot on your customer service tabs, using it to formulate different content for social media and marketing purposes, and more.

So, is ChatGPT better than DAN? We’d say it is better by a few notches. But the answer lies in your needs and what you want to extract from the tool. 

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Dan ChatGPT Gives Interesting Dialogue

Without a doubt, DAN gives a more interesting dialogue than ChatGPT. It lets you experience the AI software with no restrictions at all. You can also use it to get creative and unique ideas that the normal ChatGPT cannot give you.

You only have to be a responsible and ethical user by not using DAN to craft and promote spiteful content and black propaganda that cause harm and chaos.

To get your hands on some of the best ChatGPT alternatives, check out our “ChatGPT Alternatives: 7 Best AI Chatbots To Try” article. 

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