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Minecraft Influencers & How They Benefits Brands


As far as brand activation is concerned, Minecraft lags behind other popular gaming platforms. But this is about to change very soon with the rise of Minecraft influencers on various social media platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Minecraft influencers play a significant role in the gaming community, wielding influence and authority among millions of players worldwide.
  • The article explores how Minecraft influencers benefit brands through sponsorships, partnerships, and endorsements, leveraging their reach and engagement to promote products and services to their dedicated fanbase.
  • Minecraft influencers create diverse content, including gameplay videos, tutorials, mods, and collaborations, offering brands unique opportunities to integrate seamlessly into their content and reach a highly targeted audience.
  • By partnering with Minecraft influencers, brands can increase brand awareness, drive product sales, and foster authentic connections with gamers, tapping into the passionate and loyal Minecraft community.
  • Collaborating with Minecraft influencers allows brands to harness the power of user-generated content and community engagement, generating buzz, excitement, and positive brand sentiment among players and fans.
Metaverse gaming platforms like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox have been gaining popularity over the years, and huge contributors to their success are gaming influencers. The gaming industry continues to be a hotspot for influencer marketing, and it's no surprise that many brands invest in gaming influencers. While Minecraft is relatively a notch behind its competitors, it is now gaining the fame it deserves partly because of the awesome Minecraft influencers and the brands that collaborate with the gaming platform. So, if you haven't heard of the best Minecraft influencers, this article is for you.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an immersive video game by Mojang Studios. At its core, the game allows players to play with blocks and venture into different adventures. The game's immersive experience allows building simple items, such as chairs or tables, to complex structures like castles, cities, houses, and complicated mechanical devices. You can think of Minecraft as a big wide world of complex LEGOs where all players have the freedom to think, design, and create anything they put their minds into.
lego plastic toy
Minecraft characters are reminiscent of Legos.
The platform's gameplay includes two modes -- creative mode and survival mode. Each gameplay mode offers a different experience while staying true to the platform's core. The game's Survival mode makes players go into quests and fight their enemies. The primary objective of this mode is for players to maximize the materials in building equipment and structures to fend off their enemies and other elements. On the other hand, the creative mode is a more laid-back, open-ended experience where players need not worry about fighting off their foes or going hungry along the quest. In this mode, players can freely explore as much as they like and create whatever structure they can imagine.
Minecraft user statistics
In 2023, the country with the highest number of Minecraft users is the United States. The United Kingdom comes second. Source: Minecraft Building Inc.

Who Are The Best Minecraft Influencers on YouTube?

YouTube is a great platform to find some of the world's best influencers in any niche, including Minecraft gaming. You can discover tons of different Minecraft content from ordinary and famous Minecraft YouTubers. Over 50,000 channels created exclusive Minecraft content in 2022. Given the number of Minecraft influencers on YouTube, it can be hard to decide who to follow. So, how do you find out who is the best Minecraft player and YouTuber? The best Minecraft influencers to follow highly depends on your taste and the type of videos you fancy. However, to make your search easier, we have curated a list of some of the best Minecraft YouTubers based on their channel subscriptions and general popularity. Here are the top ten Minecraft YouTubers who have sworn to quench your thirst for all things Minecraft:

Dream — @dream

With 31.5 million subscribers and 2.85 billion views in over 116 videos, Dream is one of the relatively old Minecraft YouTubers in the gaming landscape. Dream gets the first spot in our list of the best Minecraft influencers on YouTube because he is the world record title-holder of the most-viewed Minecraft gameplay YouTube video with over 113 million views. If you desire to be a popular gaming (or non-gaming) YouTube influencer like @dream, you need the help of a reliable video editor to produce quality content. We recommend you check out one of the best editors in this Final Cut Pro review.

DanTDM — @DanTDM

Daniel, a.k.a DanTDM, is a British gaming YouTuber who gained traction through Minecraft content and is still expanding his horizons by covering other games. He has a loyal fan base of 26 million and 19 billion total YouTube views over the past decade. While he creates content on different gaming platforms, such as Roblox and Five Nights at Freddy's, this YouTuber's primary niche is Minecraft.

Jelly— @Jelly

Jelly, from the Netherlands, is one of the best Minecraft influencers we know. Over 23.3 million users follow this influencer's YouTube account; hence, he deserves its place on our list. On top of that, Jelly has 14.5 billion views across hundred of various Minecraft content. And recently, he entered the music landscape, making him all the more popular.

Ssundee — @Ssundee

Ssundee has 22.2 million YouTube followers making him one of the most popular Minecraft influencers from the United States. Since the opening of his YouTube channel in 2013, Ssundee gained 13 billion views across more than 3000 videos. He is widely popular for his hilarious gaming commentary and the power to transform a mundane game into something more exciting. His collaborations with other popular Minecraft influencers are also something worth watching.

PopularMMOs — @PopularMMOs

PopularMMOs live by its channel name because of its 17.2 million subscribers and 14.5 billion views across 4.6K YouTube videos. Pat and Jen, the American Minecraft influencers behind this channel, are the best in their craft and niche. Although the PopularMMos is still up on YouTube, it has been inactive since the duo's break up in 2021. Their legacy as Minecraft influencers live on, as seen by the love its community has for them.

Technoblade — @Technoblade

Since 2013, Technoblade has been one of the trailblazing Minecraft influencers on YouTube. The channel currently has 16.1 million followers and 1.5 billion views. However, Alexander, the genius behind Technoblade, lost his cancer battle in June 2022, breaking the hearts of the entire Minecraft community. While Alexander has gone home to paradise, Technoblade is very much alive as it is still gaining viewers up to this day.

PrestonPlayz — @PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz has 14.4 million subscribers and 5.21 billion views credited to his Minecraft content. He is easily one of the most famous Minecraft influencers in the US. And while he lately dived into several other gaming platforms like Roblox and Among Us, his Minecraft YouTube videos are the foundation for his influence in the gaming community.

CaptainSparklez — @CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez is one of the leading figures of Minecraft content on YouTube. This YouTube channel has 11.4 million subscribers and approximately 4 billion views. CaptainSparklez has been around since 2010 and uploaded multiple videos with Minecraft as his primary content. Aside from being YouTube famous, he is also one of the budding Minecraft influencers on Twitch.

stampylonghead — @stampycat

Stampylonghead is a famous British Minecraft YouTube creator whose channel has 10.7 million subscribers with more than 8 billion views. On Minecraft, he plays as an original character called Stampy Cat. You can find various gaming videos on his channel, but most of his content is Minecraft related.

LDShadowLady — @ldshadowlady

LDShadowlady is a Minecraft influencer worthy of emulation because, as stated in her YouTube description, "Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life." True enough, she has lived up to her proclamation, as she has 7.05 million subscribers and 3.26 billion views. Since 2010, this Minecraft YouTuber has been putting out Minecraft content, usually about building layouts and mining crystals. This YouTuber also collaborates with other Minecraft influencers. If you want to become a YouTube influencer, a great way to jumpstart your journey would be by checking out influencer marketing platforms that match you with the best brands. You can learn more about it in this Popular Pays review.

Is Minecraft Safe for Children?

mom and kids having fun with a gadget
The parent's primary responsibility is to keep an eye on their children's activity, whether on Minecraft or elsewhere.
The excessive use or intake of something is never safe for anybody. Minecraft, however, is intentionally made for children and has an E10+ rating, meaning the game is appropriate for anybody aged ten and above. Minecraft is safe and appropriate for young users as long as they follow the game's guidelines and parents check on their activity regularly and consistently. Minecraft is not gory or violent. When a player dies or gets defeated in the game, it vanishes. The weapons and dangerous in-game items are blocky and cartoon, so they are not suggestive of the actual thing. Furthermore, players in the survival mode may perish from attacks, drowning, falling, or burning, but these aren't shown, and the players can respawn after succumbing to such ill fate. While Minecraft is naturally safe, parents are accountable for their children's safety and upbringing. Hence, they should closely monitor what their child is doing in the game and what Minecraft influencers they follow. Many gaming influencers use explicit words in their content, and it is the parent's responsibility to educate their children regarding such sensitive topics.

How Much Does Minecraft Cost?

Minecraft game on mobile phone
You can play Minecraft on different devices.
The gaming platform is available for use on almost any gadget, but its price varies depending upon the technology from where the players access it. The game's PC version retails at $26.95, while you can get the mobile version for $6.99 and the Xbox version for $20 or 1600 Microsoft points. In addition, in-game items and add-ons are available for purchase through Minecoins (the platform's in-game currency).

Is Minecraft Beneficial to Brands?

Minecraft avatar
Minecraft characters closely resemble Roblox avatars.
It is no surprise that you can find brands where the people are. Brands have leveraged in-game marketing to hit their goals as part of digital marketing and advertising innovation. Aside from gaming influencers, many brands tap into the branded experience to market to a different audience. We have seen popular brands who have taken advantage of gaming platforms to increase engagement, brand awareness, new followers, and their ROI. And they are nothing but successful in their efforts. Some brands that dived into gaming marketing include Nike, Cartier, WeChat, Gucci, and Chanel, to name a few. However, late last year, Burberry made headlines as it partnered with Minecraft for its in-game experience. The century-year-old iconic, high-fashion brand made another grand entrance into the metaverse. The Minecraft: Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond in-game experience allows players to go around a virtual London packed with characters and motifs in a Burberry theme. To show gratitude to their players, the brand gives out 15 free downloadable skins. The best aspect of this collaboration is the humanitarian cause behind it. According to Burberry's press release, the brand and Minecraft donated to help protect over 500,000 trees and plant 25,000 more. What a brilliant way to preserve and protect the environment, and we look forward to more similar collaborations between brands and gaming entities. Furthermore, the collaboration between Burberry and Minecraft is the brand's third in the metaverse. Earlier in 2022, Burberry released virtual handbags on Roblox. This strategy by Burberry proves that more and more brands have seen how beneficial gaming is as a channel for customer engagement, revenue increase, and more.


Who are Minecraft influencers, and what role do they play in the gaming community? Minecraft influencers are content creators who produce gameplay videos, tutorials, mods, and collaborations within the Minecraft gaming community, wielding influence and authority among millions of players worldwide. How do Minecraft influencers benefit brands, and what opportunities do they offer for partnerships? Minecraft influencers benefit brands through sponsorships, partnerships, and endorsements, leveraging their reach and engagement to promote products and services to their dedicated fanbase, offering unique opportunities for brands to integrate seamlessly into their content and reach a highly targeted audience. What types of content do Minecraft influencers create, and how can brands collaborate with them? Minecraft influencers create diverse content, including gameplay videos, tutorials, mods, and collaborations, providing brands with opportunities to collaborate on sponsored content, product placements, in-game events, and custom creations that resonate with their audience and align with brand values. What benefits do brands gain from partnering with Minecraft influencers? Partnering with Minecraft influencers allows brands to increase brand awareness, drive product sales, and foster authentic connections with gamers, tapping into the passionate and loyal Minecraft community, and leveraging the influence and creativity of content creators to reach a highly engaged audience. How can brands identify and collaborate with the right Minecraft influencers for their marketing campaigns? Brands can identify and collaborate with the right Minecraft influencers by researching their audience demographics, engagement metrics, content style, and brand alignment, fostering genuine relationships and creating impactful partnerships that resonate with both influencers and their audience.

More than just a game

Minecraft is a great platform to let your imagination run wild. Hence, many gaming influencers and ordinary players are hooked on the game. However, Minecraft benefits brands, marketers, and influencers besides being a fun and creative channel. So, if you love Minecraft and are thinking of creating a YouTube channel dedicated to Minecraft content, remember to visit the top 10 Minecraft influencers on this list to gain inspiration. Now that you know who the top 10 Minecraft YouTubers are, you might want to check out this article on "The Top 15 Roblox YouTubers to Check Out This 2023."
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