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The Best Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins for WordPress

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What are the best affiliate link cloaking plugins for WordPress you could use for your business? This is one of the most common questions you may have, especially if you're just starting your affiliate marketing journey. Once you start blogging or opening a YouTube channel you need to cloak your affiliate links. If you don't, you're creating a pitfall, preventing yourself from getting the best chances for monetizing your platform. You are also preventing your audience from getting the optimum user experience. After all, who wants to be staring at weird-looking links with random characters? There are a few alternatives available when doing link cloaking. One of them is utilizing a generic link shortening tool. However, this can still leave you with an unattractive-looking link. The better option is to use your domain or website for creating that link. This also comes with some great benefits. First, you can make your links no-follow, specifically if you're putting the links on your affiliate website. From an SEO point of view, this is going to be beneficial. How do I track affiliate links in WordPress, you ask? By doing this. You can now track the link clicks, which is super useful and important when building trust and confidence with your target audience. This is applicable whether you're placing the links on your YouTube channel, or whatever social media profile you choose. In this post, we will discuss the various paid and free affiliate link cloaking software versions to suit your needs and budget. How do I cloak affiliate links in WordPress? Let's get to it. According to W3Techs, 45.8% of all internet websites will use WordPress in 2023. This figure has slightly increased from 43.2% in 2022. In other words, over two out of every five websites utilize WordPress. With that, it is significant for web owners and developers to get their hands on the best affiliate link cloaking WordPress plugin. When choosing a good affiliate plugin for your website, you mustn't be only looking to get a free link cloaking tool. Yes, you can already get loads of functionality from free apps, but if you need a boost in functionality such as geo-targeting, you may opt for a paid version, eventually. This brings us to another one of your frequently asked questions: Can I add affiliate links on free WordPress? You can as long as your blog's main purpose is creating original content. Sites existing mainly for driving traffic to affiliate links are prohibited. Your links must be related to your website's content in one way or another. However, if you're just starting the free version will do for now.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links dashboard
Cloak, shrink, track, and redirect your links with Pretty Links
This is one of the best affiliate link cloaking WordPress plugins available right now. It lets you cloak, shrink, track, and even redirect your links. Moreover, it is not merely a link cloaking plugin, it can also create a short link for all your website's posts and pages. It costs $57 a year for the single-site license while $197 per year for the 25-site license. Its free version has basic features, allowing users to create short links.

Thirsty Affiliates

ThirstyAffiliates homepage
Everything you need to boost your affiliate marketing is with ThirstyAffiliates
The Thirsty Affiliates affiliate link manager adds a few links to your WordPress editor. In this way, adding affiliate links is made possible. You can manage this via your dashboard. It also has smart uncloaking and safe redirects. Thirsty Affiliates also provides helpful statistics and reports for tracking your affiliate link clicks. It has a free version and its pro version costs $49


AffiliateWP homepage For those who want an affiliate marketing solution that works. Reliable and easy to use, this WordPress plugin gives users affiliate marketing tools for growing their business while making more money. It also has lots of features and add-ons to choose from. You can utilize tools like referral, plus, coupon tracking affiliate management. There's also real-time reporting, email tools, eCommerce integration, shortcodes, and more for $99.

WP Affiliate Manager

WP Affiliate Manager homepage Here, users have the option to cloak their URLs. Affiliates also have the option to use a unique affiliate ID or their WordPress username in the URLs. Facilitating affiliate management is made easy by tracking referrals and providing real-time reporting. In this way, you can set up the affiliate rates and the payout either for manual or automatic payments via PayPal. You can have an infinite number of affiliates and ads, which is amazing for the price of zero dollars.

Easy Affiliate Links

EasyAffiliate homepage Easy Affiliate Links cloaking plugin comes fully packed with various tools and features that can be used for improving the link tracking of your website. This is compatible with the Classic Editor and the Gutenberg Block Editor. It also lets you track all links on your site, cloaked or not. You can also import, export, and track monthly or lifetime clicks. Or get premium add-ons needed for statistics geo-specific links, AV testing, as well as a broken links checker. This plugin is free.

Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links Pro homepage With Auto Affiliate Links, the link cloaking provides you with automatic affiliate linking using keywords. It can check your affiliate links automatically for 404 errors and integrate with Google Analytics. Auto Affiliate links also include reports with tables, charts, and more. What's more, it does not modify your content. Instead, the links will be added after your content is displayed. It includes an admin panel where you can easily make adjustments. You can get this link cloaking for free.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro homepage This is the newest and most comprehensive Affiliate WordPress plugin available that allows users to provide a premium platform for their affiliates. It uses different rewards and amounts depending on Ranks or special offers. Now turning your website into a real business and money-making machine is possible. You can just sit down, allowing others to do the leg work for you. Each of your affiliates can create its marketing campaign. This brings in more affiliates using the MLM strategy.


Affiliates homepage Affiliates provide users with a fresh and intuitive dashboard. They give your partners a greater opportunity to spread the word about your website, products, services, and brand as a whole. It includes automated affiliate registration, plus, unlimited affiliate management sections as well. Affiliates are given the capability to integrate with any platform such as eCommerce, forms, memberships, lead tracking, lead generation, and many more. It also has built-in, free and premium integrations with the most widely-used eCommerce systems available. The affiliate system works best for shops, sellers, distributors, membership sites, blogs, and microsites for product launches, among others. Now you can jumpstart your affiliate program and grow quickly.


AdSanity homepage AdSanity plugin makes it easier to insert self-hosting and network ads anywhere on your website. It features loads of add-ons available for detecting adblocking software. They are displayed based on conditions, Google Analytics, custom ads, widgets, sizes, and more. The app is built from the ground up with WordPress developers in mind. It has included filters and actions that developers can use for customizing and adding power to the plugin. The price starts at $59 annually.

Amazon Auto Links

If you're still searching products manually and pasting Amazon affiliate links in your WordPress posts, it's time to make some changes. Are you constantly worried that your products will become outdated eventually? Using this plugin allows you to be worry-free and you no longer have to do repetitive and tedious tasks. All you need to do is choose the categories that best suit your site. Then it will display the links automatically to the products of Amazon. URL cloaking is also available so you can prevent it from being blocked by the ad-blocking add-ons of browsers.

Easy Azon

EasyAzon homepage Easy Azon cloaking plugin is the fastest way to create Amazon affiliate links within the WordPress post editor. Now, users can create text affiliate links directly to any product on without having to go through the harrowing steps of creating links manually on the Amazon website. This saves you a lot of time and energy which can be used productively elsewhere. The text affiliate links can be toggled to open in new windows or put the no-follow attribute. All these can be controlled via the plugin setting page defaults. You also have the option to control it on a per click basis. Their Developer Site package costs $67.

Affiliates WooCommerce Light

Affiliates WooCommerce Light allows users to add their affiliate program to their WooCommerce website. It has a free version as well as several pro versions. The price starts at $59. The plugin creates referrals automatically after each sale. You're free to set the commission rates. There's also an option for users to include advanced integration to synchronize referrals with order status. The plugin also cloaks all external links on your WooCommerce site automatically. Choose your URL slug by clicking on Settings » Permalinks page (woocommerce light)

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

This cloaking plug-in pushes users to sign up as your affiliates while sharing their referral links. It also gives you a better opportunity for collaborating with social media influencers through this plugin by offering them a percentage of the sales that have been generated through their ads, articles, or social media platforms. Now you can build your automated advertising campaign to promote your products and services without having to invest money. The affiliates will only be paid via commissions per sale through them. Tracking conversations, visitors, commissions, and payouts are super easy with their integrated dashboard. Not only will you be driving traffic to your website, but you'll also be generating qualified leads and increasing SEO ranking. This is accomplished via numerous backlinks to your website using your affiliate blogs, websites, and social pages. The price starts at $72 Need to boost your digital marketing game? Read this Lately review.


Go green faster than ever with ClickerVolt
Traditional Push, POP, or PPC traffic sends you visitors from hundreds, even thousands of various placements. And this scattered traffic is burning a hole in your pocket. The trouble with other trackers is that users have no idea which among these placements to cut before spending your offer's payout to every one of them. Nor do you know which placements to whitelist until they generate a conversion. ClickerVolt's AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action} integration allows users to quickly know if the traffic coming from a certain placement is interested in what you are offering or not. There is no need for you to wait for a conversion to happen. There is also no need to wait to spend your payout before you can find out if a placement is good or bad. ClickerVolt comes with an unlimited version, which includes all its great features. However, there is no support or other add-ons. Its paid plans start at $95.88 annually.


Your all-in-one WordPress affiliate plugin
Last but not least on our Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins for WordPress is Lasso. This platform makes it super easy to manage links, and create product displays while increasing your affiliate income. Help your visitors quickly find your recommendations by customizing them to match your website's branding. You can now manage all your crucial links in one place. View links to products across your website by using their link index. Switching a product link from Amazon to Walmart across your entire website is quick and easy. Everything is in sync, and you will also get alerted once an important link is broken or has gone out of stock. Want to boost the customer experience of your website visitors? Check out this MobileMonkey review.

How to Choose an Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugin for WordPress

How do I cloak my affiliate links? Well, we just gave you 15 of the best affiliate link cloaking plugins for WordPress to help you decide. These will help you in masking long affiliate links using your domain name. This makes it safer from an SEO perspective. Affiliate links tend to be ugly, and if your links are unattractive, to say the least, your visitors are less likely to click on them. And the fewer clicks, the less money you earn. Moreover, lengthy links hamper SEO performance. Cloaking affiliate links are shorter and clearer, which makes your target audience feel more assured. Without these cloaked links, your website will appear spammy and full of advertisements. Now, if you are an influencer, it's one surefire way of boosting your affiliate marketing program. Short, clean, masked links give your links a much better appearance but will never affect your website's SEO. Therefore, investing some time, effort, and even money once you can afford it is crucial if it can make the entire process easier for you and your business. The faster you learn and understand the benefits and leverage this can give you online, the better. So what are you waiting for? Get the best affiliate link cloaking plugins for WordPress today! Now, if you're interested in leveraging video in your marketing programs, check out our article "114 Video Marketing Statistics 2021: What Marketers Should Know."
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