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Amazon Advertising Agency: Best 20 Agencies To Work With


Alongside the rise of Amazon advertising are agencies fully equipped and skilled to help businesses. If you want to maximize the e-commerce platform to generate ROI, you may seek the assistance of an Amazon advertising agency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon advertising agencies serve as indispensable partners for brands looking to optimize their presence and performance on the e-commerce giant's platform.
  • The article meticulously curates a list of the top 20 Amazon advertising agencies, drawing on criteria such as client satisfaction, industry expertise, innovative strategies, and proven track records.
  • These agencies offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to enhance various aspects of a brand's Amazon presence, including SEO optimization, PPC management, product listing optimization, brand consulting, analytics, and more.
  • Collaborating with a reputable Amazon advertising agency can yield substantial benefits for brands, ranging from increased visibility and sales to enhanced brand reputation and market positioning.
  • Brands seeking to harness the full potential of Amazon as a sales and marketing channel should carefully consider partnering with one of these top agencies to develop and execute tailored, data-driven strategies for sustainable growth and success.
In 1994, business mogul Jeff Bezos ditched his Wall Street job to take his chances on eCommerce. He put up his young e-commerce business, Amazon, in the garage of his home, and the rest is history as we know it. Today, Amazon is a massive force to be reckoned with, owning a net sales of over $127 billion. Statistics show that 89% of over 150 million mobile users are likelier to purchase goods on Amazon than on any other e-commerce site. Hence, businesses must implement a good Amazon marketing strategy for desktop and mobile app users. But it isn't a walk in the park. You will need insight into the algorithm and your target audience's behavior and demographics to generate successful results. Doing this by hand can be draining and frustrating, so working with an Amazon advertising agency can greatly help.

What is Amazon?

Amazon packages
Amazon is the biggest e-commerce marketplace to date.
If you haven't heard of Amazon, you must be living under a rock. Really, though! Amazon is the biggest e-commerce retailer and cloud service provider on planet Earth. What started as a book retailer company morphed into a monumental eCommerce platform and business enterprise, providing cloud computing, digital streaming, AI services, and eCommerce. With its company-to-consumer sales approach, Amazon boasts of its colossal range of products and inventory, allowing consumers to purchase anything, from clothes, books, furniture, gadgets, jewelry, beauty products, movies, food, household goods, pet supplies, toys, kitchenware, and so much more. Founded by the business magnate Jeff Bezos on 5th July 1994, Amazon has come a long way, evolving from humble roots to a multinational empire.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon mobile app
You name it; Amazon has it!
Amazon's hit gained thousands of loyal shoppers from around the world. These shoppers have become so loyal that a good percentage of their shopping experience is from Amazon. As a result, there is tight competition among the platform's sellers. This part is where Amazon advertising (and Amazon advertising agency) butts in. Amazon advertising is becoming more popular, and sellers can benefit from strategic and flexible plans to generate staggering ROI. Formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon Advertising is a service where merchants pay when shoppers click ads. This service works very much like the pay-per-click ads on Google. As the platform diversifies its products, its advertising business scales like wildfire. The Amazon Demand Side platform allows Amazon's merchants to purchase display and video ads, targeting audiences on,, Kindle, Fire TV Sticks, Freedive, and other third-party apps, platforms, and websites. What is Amazon marketing services and its benefits? Amazon advertising offers the following benefits:
  • Reduce sales cycles
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Provide data on consumer demographics and shopping behavior
  • Track results and make data-driven decisions
  • Provide a brand-safe and quality environment for advertisers
  • Improve product visibility and sales history
  • Give valuable insights into consumer habits
  • Optimize ad campaigns for targeted audiences
  • Provide strategies on the best ways to gain customers
The best way to safely and successfully tread the waters of Amazon advertising is through the help of an Amazon advertising agency.

What are Amazon Agencies?

people meeting
An Amazon advertising agency consists of marketing experts and professionals, equipped for your needs.
An Amazon advertising agency is just like any other digital marketing and advertising agency, except it focuses on Amazon. Some of the main functions of an Amazon advertising agency include doing market research, selecting media, integrating marketing efforts, coordinating multi-channel marketing campaigns, and planning and budgeting advertising. A first-rate Amazon advertising agency helps clients achieve their advertising goals, convert prospects into consumers, and generate a steady ROI. Plenty of Amazon advertising agencies offer exquisite services; you just have to find an Amazon advertising agency of record. Several full-service marketing agencies also offer Amazon advertising services, so you might want to look into those. One full-service marketing agency we trust is Rainfactory, which offers Amazon marketing services. You can learn more about this agency on our Rainfactory review.

What is the Best Amazon Advertising Agency?

top amazon advertising agencies
These are some of the top Amazon advertising agencies you can work with.
Does Amazon have agencies and what agency is the best? An Amazon advertising agency directory may lead you to many impressive and reliable digital marketing and advertising agencies, but a few stand out. With businesses going digital, we can expect an influx of advertising agencies. Identifying who to work with can be a daunting and worrisome decision. Hence, we have come up with some of the best Amazon agencies:

Nuanced Media

Nuanced Media is an e-commerce and Amazon advertising agency for its PPC and Amazon strategy services. The agency has been around for over a decade, providing a complete spectrum of marketing services. It has worked with notable clients, including Unisox, Krush Kandy, and Seat Covers Unlimited, to name a few. Due to the agency's skill and expertise, Nuanced Media generated over $18.5 million for Lunt Solar Systems. Needless to say, it has developed successful, process-driven Amazon marketing strategies over its years in practice. The agency's key Amazon marketing features and services include user experience design, product page and campaign optimization, consulting, ongoing bid management, keyword research, listing copywriting, graphics, and image development, Amazon vendor and seller management, content development, brand registry support, and analysis and strategy. Pricing: $100 - $149 per hour (with a minimum spend of $1000 per project)

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising is another Amazon advertising agency that maximizes product exposure through product ads. The agency forges strong, results-based relationships with its clients, helping them hit their Amazon and e-commerce goals and objectives. The agency pays careful attention to every detail of its Amazon ad campaigns, from targeting to creative concepts. Their services include PPC management, life cycle marketing, site testing, web analytics, and more. Their key Amazon marketing features are SEO, campaign optimization, marketing strategy, listing optimization, and keyword research. Disruptive Advertising worked with clients across varied industries, such as Hardware Tree, Xactware, and EMP Shield. Pricing: $100 - $149 per hour (with a minimum spend of $5000 per project)


If the Sun were an Amazon advertising agency, it would be Sellozo. A beacon of bright light among Amazon agencies, Sellozo is prominent for its AI-driven Amazon Ad Optimization service and other fully-managed services, catering to a broad scope of businesses. Currently, Sellozo has an unrivaled Amazon advertising optimization service, offering tools like Campaign Studio. Campaign Studio simplifies pay-per-click strategy execution by automated keyword harvesting. The agency consists of Amazon advertising experts who ensure proper implementation of advertising strategies and continuous optimization for growth. To further prove Sellozo's proficiency in the field -- its clients, including Commerce Canal and LEGO Wear, experienced an ad-profit increase of over 70% within eight weeks from the campaign commencement. Other notable clients include the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLA, Rolex, New Balance, and Hanes. The agency's key Amazon advertising features are extensive analytics and reporting via the ProductVu dashboard, complete PPC management, and an AI-driven advertising growth suite. If we were to vote for the best Amazon advertising agency in 2023, it would be Sellozo. No further explanations are needed! Pricing: Flat-fee pricing model (specs available upon request)


SmartSites, one of the premier marketing agencies in the world, is capable of helping businesses drive sales through Amazon advertising. This Amazon advertising agency provides full-scale Amazon advertising services and solutions that help clients captivate their target Amazon users. The agency's comprehensive ads management solutions include custom ads, sponsored products, and display videos, allowing vendors and businesses to showcase their products across the platform's ecosystem and redirect users to their respective websites. SmartSites' key Amazon features are data-driven strategies, actionable insights, market segmentation, Amazon FBA product promotion, real-time reporting, advanced bidding, and local and national PPC. Pricing: $100 - $149 per hour (with a minimum spend of $1000 per project)

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Texas-headquartered, full-service marketing agency Thrive Internet Marketing Agency offers everything you need for your Amazon advertising and digital marketing efforts, including creative and web solutions, Amazon services, eCommerce services, and social media marketing and management. Thrive offers SEO, advertising and PPC, Amazon marketing, storefront, and branding solutions on the Amazon front. The agency's marketing experts are always on top of the trends, providing clients with updated data and strategies. As proof of Thrive's regal status as a marketing agency, it earned the Top SEO Provider Award, Best in Search Agency Award, and a National Excellence Award in previous years. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency's primary Amazon advertising features include listing optimization, pricing strategy and testing, brand registry, account management, keyword research, and catalog organization. Pricing: $100 - $149 per hour (with a minimum spend of $1000 per project)

Digital Operative

International digital marketing agency Digital Operative has offices in different parts of the world -- the United Kingdom, Tokyo, San Diego, New York, and Denver. The agency has been operating for over 25 years and knows how to address all marketing needs, including creative direction, Amazon marketing, digital strategy, UI/UX, and web design and development. The agency has a unique expertise in behavioral targeting, allowing it to craft content alluring to its target audience. Implementing this technique results in lower ad costs and higher click-through rates. They offer various services on the Amazon front, such as product review optimization, A/B testing, and embedded video creation. Digital Operative's primary Amazon features include omnichannel fulfillment, A+ content development, reviews management, new seller program setups, conversion rate optimization, marketing strategy, analytics, new product launch programs, and Amazon listing optimization. While the agency is quite costly, it has successfully worked with clients from various industries, including Baby Tula, WaterWipes, and Injinji. Pricing: $150 - $199 per hour (with a minimum spend of $50,000 per project)


Founded in 2009, Emplicit has a long-running portfolio of successful Amazon-related solutions to help vendors market and manage their online stores. The agency is a full-service Amazon advertising agency focusing on Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Product Ads, and Sponsored Display Ads. Today, the agency has expanded its specialties to other marketing efforts and activities. This Amazon advertising agency helps clients research target consumers, optimize keywords, and plan campaigns. Emplicit is among the best Amazon advertising agency choices because of its high-end technologies, software, and data-driven services. The agency's key Amazon features include tracking and reporting, bidding strategies, listing optimization, campaign planning, and customer research. Pricing: Minimum spend of $5000 per project

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency is a full-service, international digital marketing agency with offices across Asia, North America, and Europe. Unlike all the other agencies in this list, Digital Marketing Agency only offers Amazon SEO. So, if you are an Amazon merchant looking to optimize your storefront for search, DMA is the perfect agency for your Amazon marketing needs. The agency has successfully helped brands with product reviews, paid search, and organic search engine conversion optimization. Aside from being Amazon SEO experts, DMA is experienced in Bing Ads campaigns, Google AdWords, and social media management (for small-medium enterprises). As a feather on their cap, Digital Marketing Agency was a Drum Search Awards finalist, Lincolnshire Digital Award finalist, BIMA Award nominee, and a CrowdReviews recognized digital marketing leader. Pricing: Undisclosed If you are looking for another full-service digital marketing agency, we recommend you check out our Metric Theory review.
amazon ad revenue stats
Amazon's ad revenue in 2021 fell second to Google's. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub


What specific criteria were utilized to identify the top 20 Amazon advertising agencies? The selection process involved rigorous evaluation criteria, including but not limited to client testimonials, industry recognition, specialized expertise, innovative strategies, and demonstrable success stories. Do these agencies specialize in specific product categories or industries? While some agencies may specialize in particular product categories or industries, many offer a broad spectrum of services catering to diverse client needs across various sectors. What range of services do Amazon advertising agencies typically offer? Services encompass a wide array of offerings, including Amazon SEO, PPC advertising, product listing optimization, brand strategy development, analytics and reporting, competitor analysis, and ongoing campaign management and optimization. Are these agencies suitable for businesses of all sizes, including startups and small businesses? Absolutely! Many of the listed agencies cater to businesses of all sizes, offering customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client, regardless of their scale or budget. How can a brand discern the most suitable Amazon advertising agency for their specific requirements? Brands should undertake a comprehensive assessment of factors such as their budget, specific marketing objectives, industry alignment, agency expertise, past performance, and compatibility with the agency's culture and values to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Invest in A Credible Amazon Advertising Agency

With everything going digital, e-commerce is booming, with Amazon being on top of the ladder. We're not surprised many businesses work with an Amazon advertising agency to help with their Amazon advertising efforts. So, if you are on Amazon and you want to get the best of Amazon advertising, investing in the agencies listed here will help you hit your goals. These agencies have a proven track record, expert approach, and stellar customer support. Thus, your business will be in great hands. While we are on the e-commerce topic, you might want to read more about e-commerce agencies in our "Ecommerce Agency: A Complete Guide + Top 5 Agencies" article.
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