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Instagram Grid Examples: Why You Need Them To Manage Your Profile This 2024


Maintaining a beautiful and visually pleasing Instagram account takes time and dedication. And while you shouldn’t steal other people’s ideas, you may look at Instagram grid examples to help give you the momentum to start arranging your feed.

So, if you want to upgrade your Instagram account’s entire look and virtual atmosphere, you must learn what Instagram grids are, why it pays to keep them attractive, and what the top Instagram grid examples are.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram grids signify how your profile page will look with posts, creating a cohesive look and attracting users. It plays a crucial role in defining brand identity and aesthetic form and attracting users. Its parallel is a website interface.
  • Your grid needs to look good, just like a website interface. Style Your Grid: This can be achieved with the help of a consistent theme, uniform editing, color palette, mix of different types of content, consistency of posts, and by leaving sufficient white space.
  • Notable Instagram accounts such as @minimaliving, @muradosmann, @wearewildfang, and others demonstrate the impact of well-curated grids with their unique themes and consistent aesthetics. These accounts are excellent examples for those looking to enhance their Instagram grids.
  • A well-maintained Instagram grid can significantly impact first impressions, brand identity, user retention, and uniqueness. Standing out on a crowded platform and engaging effectively with your audience is essential.

What are Instagram grids?

instagram feed
Instagram templates make creating a well-put grid easier.

Instagram grids refer to the layout of your Instagram profile page, particularly when viewed in grid format. On Instagram, your profile displays posts in a grid of square tiles, with three posts per row. When viewed collectively, the aesthetic arrangement of these posts is referred to as the Instagram grid.

You may curate your grids with attention to visual harmony, consistency in themes, colors, or content types, and overall Instagram aesthetic appeal. Some users may plan their grids to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look, while others may post content organically, allowing their grid to evolve naturally over time. It all boils down to what you want your IG vibes to be like.

Maintaining a visually appealing grid is crucial for some Instagram users, especially for individuals or businesses aiming to build a strong brand identity and attract followers. It can also play a role in attracting engagement and conveying an image or message to viewers.

So, if you want to entice others into following your Instagram account, you may start by improving your grid and aesthetics. There are many Instagram grid examples you can take inspiration from.

How do you style a grid on Instagram?

Styling your Instagram grid involves curating your posts in a visually appealing and cohesive manner to create an attractive overall aesthetic. Here are some tips to help you style your Instagram grid effectively:

Choose a Theme or Aesthetic

Decide on a theme or aesthetic that reflects your personal style, interests, or brand identity. The theme could be minimalist, colorful, vintage, monochromatic, etc. Your Instagram grid examples theme or aesthetics is the first thing your follower sees, so make sure you choose the most suitable theme for your brand.

Consistent Editing

Once you have decided on a theme, edit your content according to your theme. You can benefit from using consistent editing techniques or filters to maintain a cohesive look across your posts. You can use Instagram’s built-in editing tools or third-party photo and video editing apps, like Lightroom or VSCO, to achieve your desired look.

Color Palette

color palette
Notice how every color blends perfectly with each other.

Choosing a theme entails selecting the right color palette and sticking to that palette no matter what. Sticking to a consistent color palette or set of colors that complement each other well helps create a harmonious and visually pleasing grid. You don’t have to use the same color or filter repeatedly; you may simply use hues that complement.

Alternate Content Types

Mix up your content types (e.g., photos, videos, graphics) while maintaining consistency in style and theme. Avoid posting the same content three times in a row. Imagine how your profile would look if your first grid consisted of selfies, the second of videos, and the third of textual graphics. Yes, chaotic. Upload content alternately to avoid the chaos.

Plan Ahead

Use planning tools or apps like Later or Planoly to visualize how your grid will look before posting. Doing so allows you to rearrange or schedule posts to achieve the desired aesthetic. Part of planning is scheduling your posts in advance to avoid forgetting your posting sequence or missing out on a posting date.

Planoly is among our favorite social media scheduler tools. You can check it out in our Planoly review.

Create Patterns or Sequences

Experiment with creating patterns or sequences with your posts. For example, alternate between quotes and photos or a checkerboard pattern with different content types. Doing so spices up your profile and rids it of monotony.

Use White Space

common web design mistakes
A well-put grid avoids these mistakes. Source: Truelist

Incorporate white space strategically to help your posts stand out and give your grid a clean and organized look. You can search for Instagram grid examples of white spaces to see the effect of these spaces.

Tell a Story

Instagram is the perfect platform to narrate a story through photos and videos. So, consider the overall narrative or story you want to convey through your grid. Arrange your posts in a way that tells a coherent story or captures a specific mood or theme.

Tell an excellent story through your videos using a great editor like this in our VideoPad review.

Engage with Followers

Your followers are the consumers of your content, so pay attention to their feedback and adjust your grid styling based on what resonates with your audience. If you can’t understand what they want, you may look for Instagram grid examples from users, brands, or influencers with the same audience as you. Doing so will give you a better understanding of your audience’s feedback and recommendations, also increasing your engagement rate on the platform

Experiment and Evolve

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and techniques to find what works best for you. Your grid can evolve over time as your tastes and preferences change. You don’t have to stick to monochromatic colors for the rest of your life. You can always rebrand.

Glean inspiration from Instagram grid examples of notable creators, but don’t be afraid to let your personality or brand shine through your account. Ultimately, your grid should reflect who you are or what your brand stands for. Own your grid.

What are the best Instagram grid examples?

What is Instagram grid example? As mentioned above, many Instagram accounts sport the best grids, and it isn’t wrong to benchmark your grid against theirs.

These Instagram channels have some of the best Instagram grid post examples:

  • @minimaliving – this account features minimalist home decor and interior design. The grid consists of clean lines, neutral colors, and carefully curated images of minimalist spaces. The account has one of the best Instagram grid layout examples.
  • @muradosmann – travel influencer Murad Osmann‘s Instagram grid is known for its breathtaking travel photography, often featuring his signature #followmeto series where he captures his wife, leading him to iconic destinations worldwide. His account is a good Instagram grid example for couple travelers.
  • @wearewildfang – Wildfang is a clothing brand that celebrates tomboy style and empowerment. Their Instagram grid example features bold, edgy fashion imagery with empowering quotes and behind-the-scenes glimpses into their brand.
  • @ohhcouture – Leonie Hanne’s Instagram grid example is a visual feast of high fashion, luxury travel, and lifestyle content. Her grid features vibrant colors, stunning landscapes, and impeccably styled fashion photos, a perfect inspo if you want to be a fashion and lifestyle Instagram model.
  • @abeautifulmess – A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Their Instagram grid example is a delightful mix of DIY projects, home decoration inspiration, and personal snapshots, all featuring a vibrant and playful aesthetic.
  • @lauraponts – Laura Ponts is a travel influencer known for her dreamy, pastel-colored travel photography. Her Instagram grid example is filled with whimsical images of picture-perfect destinations worldwide, creating a cohesive and enchanting aesthetic.
  • @minimalistbaker – Minimalist Baker is a food blog known for its simple and delicious recipes. Their Instagram grid example features beautifully styled food photography with a clean and minimalist aesthetic, making it a feast for the eyes.
  • @wethepeoplestyle – We The People Style is a fashion and lifestyle blog by Jessie Bush. Her Instagram grid showcases her impeccable sense of style with a mix of fashion inspiration, travel adventures, and glimpses into her daily life.
  • @mattcrump – Matt Crump is a photographer known for his vibrant and colorful images. His Instagram grid features a unique style of photography characterized by bold colors, geometric shapes, and playful compositions.
  • @natgeo – National Geographic’s Instagram grid is a visual celebration of the natural world, featuring breathtaking photography of wildlife, landscapes, and cultures from around the globe.

These are just a few Instagram grid examples that stand out for their creativity, consistency, and visual appeal. Whether you like minimalist aesthetics, vibrant colors, or stunning photography, there’s inspiration in the diverse array of Instagram grid examples available.

What are the strategies for arranging your Instagram grid?

You can arrange your grid in two different ways — the 9-grid and the 6-grid layouts. How are they different, and how can you achieve these arrangements?

9 Grids

What is the 9 grid strategy on Instagram? This strategy involves a single large image split into nine parts, a series of related images, or a more extensive design created by arranging individual posts in a specific order.

A 9-grid Instagram layout organizes your Instagram posts to form a larger cohesive image or message when viewed together on your profile grid. Instead of a single image split into six parts (as in a 6-grid layout), a 9-grid layout involves arranging your posts in a 3×3 grid pattern, creating a larger and more intricate visual effect.

6 Grids

What are the 6-grid Instagram grid examples online? How to do a 6 grid post on Instagram?

A six-grid Instagram layout refers to a method of organizing your Instagram posts to form a larger cohesive image or message when viewed together on your profile grid. This layout involves splitting a single image or content into six separate posts and arranging them in a specific order on your profile grid. It could be a large image, a collage, or even a message split into six segments.

You can use a photo editing tool like Adobe to achieve these Instagram grid layouts.

Why should you maintain a pleasing Instagram grid?

instagram feed
An example of a neat, fresh, and airy IG aesthetic.

Now that you already have an idea of styling your Instagram grid and the best Instagram grid examples to follow, you also need to know why you should maintain a compelling and visually pleasing Instagram grid and how it could benefit you.

Here are some convincing reasons why you must maintain a pleasing Instagram grid:

First Impressions

As stated above, your Instagram grid is often the first thing visitors see when they land on your profile. A visually appealing grid can make a positive first impression and encourage users to explore your content further, even making your grid one of the best Instagram grid examples to follow.

Brand Identity

Consistently styling your grid according to your brand’s aesthetic helps reinforce your brand identity. It allows you to convey your brand values, personality, and message visually, enabling you to attract the right audience and build brand recognition.


A pleasing grid encourages users to stay on your profile longer and explore more of your content. Maintaining a pleasant grid can increase the likelihood of them following you and coming back for more. Not only does a compelling Instagram grid catch new followers, but it also retains the old ones.


With millions of users on Instagram, having a unique and visually appealing grid can help you stand out from the crowd. It can make your profile memorable and distinguish you from competitors or profiles like yours.

Algorithm Favorability

vintage aesthetic
An appealing aesthetic improves your performance on Instagram.

While Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t explicitly favor aesthetically pleasing grids, a visually appealing profile can boost engagement rates, improving your visibility on the platform. Try to check your Instagram’s most suggested accounts and use them as Instagram grid examples.

Strive to maintain an impressive Instagram grid

A beautiful Instagram grid isn’t only for influencers, celebrities, or brands. A well-curated Instagram aesthetics and grid is for everyone on Instagram. So, if you haven’t arranged your grid yet, waste no time and do it now.

You can also glean Instagram grid examples from the influencers in our “Top 10 Sexiest Instagram Models To Followarticle.

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