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Top 10 Female Twitch Streamers Worth Following


Twitch is a leading platform for all things live streaming. The platform’s streamers are mostly male, but there are also awesome female Twitch streamers worthy of our time and effort. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Diverse Content: Female Twitch streamers offer a wide range of content beyond gaming, including cosplay, ASMR, and lifestyle, catering to diverse audience interests.
  • Influence and Popularity: Top female Twitch streamers like Pokimane, Amouranth, and Valkyrae have garnered millions of followers and achieved significant influence within the Twitch community.
  • Virtual Influencers: The rise of virtual streamers like Ironmouse and Shylily demonstrates the evolving landscape of content creation, where digital avatars engage and entertain audiences.
  • International Representation: Female Twitch streamers hail from various countries like Morocco, South Korea, Sweden, and Canada, showcasing global diversity in gaming and entertainment.
  • Platform Accessibility: Twitch’s accessibility across multiple devices allows users to engage with their favorite streamers seamlessly, fostering a vibrant community of creators and viewers.

Live streaming and gaming have been a rising trend over recent years, with Twitch among the top live-streaming platforms. According to statistics, Twitch viewers consumed over 20.2 billion hours of content on the platform in 2023, with Fortnite being the most-streamed game. While the platform has predominantly male streamers, it also has female Twitch streamers.

Many of the most-followed and popular female Twitch streamers are not just gamers, but they also create content on other niches, including cosplay, ASMR, and fashion, to name a few. These female Twitch streamers are excellent in their craft and deserve followers.

So, if you don’t know who the top female Twitch streamers are, this article will help you.

What is Twitch?

Twitch icon
Twitch is one of the best platforms for live streamers.

Twitch is a global virtual community founded in 2011 by Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Kyle Vogt, and Michael Seibel. Users are on the platform to host live video streams on multiple niches, including Q and A sessions, performing music, demonstrating cooking recipes, and, the most popular traffic driver, playing video games.

The platform started as the spin-off of Justin Kan’s lifecasting platform The platform became a hit, leading to a rebranding in 2014, changing its name to Twitch Interactive. Later, in 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch Interactive for about $970 million.

Who are the top female Twitch streamers?

girl playing console
Female streamers are a hit today!

Gone are the days when video games were only enjoyed by males. Today, many Twitch female streamers and gamers have dominated the gaming industry. 

We researched and came up with the best female Twitch streamers worth following.


Moroccan-Canadian online personality, YouTuber, and Twitch Streamer Imane Anys, better known online as Pokimane, is known for her Twitch gaming live stream broadcasts. She often plays Fortnite and League of Legends.

Who is the most subbed female streamer on Twitch 2023? Who is the best female streamer on Twitch? Pokimane is currently the most subscribed female Twitch streamer and the best in terms of follower count. She also co-founded OfflineTV, an online organization for content creators, which she left in May 2023.

Pokimane started streaming in 2013 using her $250 PC. Her online username is a portmanteau of Pokemon and Imane.

She currently has 9.4 million Twitch followers.

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Kait Siragusa, known by her Twitch moniker Amouranth, is a Twitch ASMR streamer, cosplayer, and webcam model. With her beautiful face and jaw-dropping physique, Amouranth is among the most famous female Twitch streamers.

Who are the most followed female Twitch channels? Amouranth is among the most followed channels on the platform. Her popularity amassed over 6.4 million followers on Twitch and 700K on Instagram.

She was primarily a professional cosplayer, often appearing at kid’s parties and hospital visits. Then, in 2015, Twitch reached out to her and asked her to join the platform as a live streamer and content creator. 

Unfortunately, Twitch removed her advertising revenues without any explanation and returned them later at a reduced rate.

In October 2021, Twitch banned the content creator for the fifth time, and so did TikTok and Instagram. She joined OnlyFans the following year and quit sooner. 

Adding to her abundant cash flow, Amouranth acquired multiple businesses, including a gas station and an inflatable pool company.


Ironmouse is a virtual female Twitch streamer, singer, and VTuber. She co-founded the VTuber group VShojo in 2020 and rose to popularity due to her unique content.

The content creator initially planned on pursuing a career as an opera singer. However, the stars did not align for her as she was diagnosed with CVID or common variable immunodeficiency, leaving her isolated and bedridden. In 2017, she started her career as a Twitch streamer because she felt lonely and looked for a great diversion.

Hesitant to reveal her face, Ironmouse continues to conceal her identity behind a digital avatar, primarily inspired by the Japanese entertainer Kizuna AI. Ironmouse’s avatar takes on the look of a horned demon with purple and pink hair.

Her online influence as a virtual influencer amassed 1.8 million Twitch followers. She is proof that you do not have to show your actual face to become one of the top female Twitch streamers.


Lululuvely is among the best female Twitch streamers from America. You can find Lulu playing Valorant, Diablo IC, Apex, and Final Fantasy XVI on Twitch. She keeps her loyal viewers on top of her Twitch live streams by often reminding them of her Twitch streaming schedule.

Aside from streaming on Twitch, Lulu is also active on her Instagram social media, posting daily events like vacations, skincare, hangouts, and work. You can also find her posting her chic fashion style and beautiful selfie photos.

Lululuvely has over 1.3 million followers on Twitch and 320K on Instagram.

lady in neon background playing
Gaming is for everyone.

Anne Munition

Anne Munition is one of the most famous female Twitch streamers and content creators with 624K followers. Anne streams Minecraft, Lethal Company, Planet Zoo, and Overwatch 2.

Before becoming a live streamer, Anne Munition pursued a degree in graphic design and worked as a UI/UX designer. For reasons untold, she quit her job and became a full-time streamer and content creator.

Besides streaming on the platform, she spends a lot of time with her pet dogs and dedicates a highlight section of her Instagram account to them.


Jinnyty is among the famous female Twitch streamers, hailing from South Korea. She uses the platform to post outdoor and gaming live streams and other entertaining and creative concepts. Her creative mind accumulated over 985K Twitch followers. 

This female Twitch streamer is not just popular on Twitch but also on her other social media channels. She has over 340K followers on Instagram, where she shares lifestyle content; 216K on TikTok, where she discusses pop culture; and 368K on YouTube. 

While South Korean ladies are known for impressive KDramas and bop KPop music, Jinnyty treads the path for gaming content. 


Kyedae is one of the best and most popular female Twitch streamers who streams online games like Valorant, Overkills, The Walking Dead, and Overwatch 2. This Japanese-Canadian online streamer is the creator of 100 Thieves, an LA-based lifestyle brand and gaming organization. 

Her fiance, e-sports player TenZ, introduced her to gaming streams and taught her how to play. Kyedae eventually learned to play Valorant, followed by other online games. As she became more skilled as a gamer, she began streaming on Twitch and met with other online gamers. 

Kyedae has 2.6 million Twitch followers as of this writing. She also has a sister, Sakura, who also streams on the platform. 


Like Ironmouse, Shylily is a professional VTuber and virtual streamer. She is famous for her Professional Ocean Oreo VTuber skill, attracting over 1.3 million followers on Twitch. 

Shylily is a hybrid orca avatar who comes from the seas to shed light upon people and guide them. Lily has long blue hair with two white strands, reflecting an Orca’s two primary colors. She also possesses sapphire blue eyes, blue skin tattoos, and a long orca tail that follows when she moves. 


Olivia Sigg, better known by her online moniker Loeya, is a Swedish gaming influencer and live streamer best known for her Fortnite streams. She is the top female Fortnite player and third biggest female gaming streamer globally, landing her a spot in our list of the best female Twitch streamers to follow. 

A friend introduced Twitch to Loeya in high school. She fell in love with the platform’s concept and tried to make it her full-time career after leaving high school. The streamer started streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and later on made the switch to Fortnite. 

Her parents were initially unsupportive of her career choice, but later on accepted her choice. Loeya has a whopping 1.6 million followers on Twitch and hundreds of thousands on her other channels. 

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Last but not least on our list of the top female Twitch streamers is Rachel Hofstetter, popularly known online as Valkyrae. She is an American online personality who co-owns the LA-based gaming organization 100 Thieves and has been YouTube’s most-watched female streamer since 2020. 

She began her career as a Twitch streamer in 2015 and experienced her breakthrough by playing Fortnite in 2018 and joining the 100 Thieves as their first female content creator. In 2020, she moved from Twitch to YouTube, signing an exclusive contract with the latter. 

Shortly after moving to YouTube, the streamer saw a relatively high follower growth. It reached peak viewership when playing Among Us, allowing her to win the Game Award’s ‘Content Creator of The Year’ and Streamy Award’s ‘Best Live Streamer.’ Additionally, Adweek named her ‘Gaming Creator of The Year’ in 2021 and was one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2022. 

Valkyrae initially worked at GameStop when she began sharing her gaming hobbies on Instagram, earning a decent following. After being encouraged by her IG followers, the streamer started conducting live streams on Twitch. 

She became the fastest-growing female streamer in 2020, surpassing Pokimane. She also appeared in several music videos, including Bella Poarch’s, ‘Build A Bitch’ and ‘Inferno’ and Machine Gun Kelly’s, ‘DayWalker.’

Why is Twitch popular?

Twitch usage stats
The number of users on Twitch is increasing. Source: Backlinko

Twitch has become a widely used platform, not only because of its female Twitch streamers but also due to its unique and novel space that allows content creators to share their experiences in real-time. Unlike traditional video-sharing platforms (although most also offer the Live feature), Twitch thrives on live interactions, allowing viewers to engage with their favorite streamers and creators through its many interactive features. 

This distinct and dynamic aspect fosters a strong relationship between content creators and their avid fans. 

While we all know Twitch for its gaming content, the platform has expanded its scope to various content categories, including music, art, talk shows, cooking, ASMR, and more. This expansion broadened the platform’s user base, attracting viewers with different interests and making the platform an excellent entertainment destination beyond gaming.

In addition, we can attribute Twitch’s prominence to the major gaming tournament it hosted. The live-streaming platform has become a hub for professional e-sports tournaments and competitive gaming, drawing massive audiences from around the world. 

How do you access Twitch?

If you have not accessed Twitch and checked out the top female Twitch streamers, now is a great time to do so and explore the platform. 

To access Twitch and watch your favorite streamers, you must create a Twitch account by visiting their website and clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button. In this step, you must provide a username, password, email address, and other information the platform requires. 

After creating an account, you must verify your email address by clicking the confirmation link sent to your provided email address. Once you have done this, you may log in, explore the platform, watch content, follow your favorite creators, and engage with streamers and other users. 

You can access the platform straight from your website, gaming consoles, mobile application, and desktop application. 

Who is the best female Twitch streamer?

female streamer
There are many great female streamers on the internet today.



  1. What is Twitch and why is it popular?
    Twitch is a live streaming platform founded in 2011, renowned for hosting diverse content, including gaming, music, art, and talk shows. Its popularity stems from its live interaction features, diverse content offerings, and hosting major esports tournaments.
  2. Who are the top female Twitch streamers?
    Top female Twitch streamers include Pokimane, Amouranth, Valkyrae, Ironmouse, and Loeya, among others. They attract millions of followers with their engaging content and personalities.
  3. How do I access Twitch and watch streamers?
    To access Twitch, visit the website and create an account. After verifying your email, you can explore the platform, follow your favorite streamers, and engage with other users. Twitch is accessible via web browsers, gaming consoles, mobile apps, and desktop applications.
  4. Who is the best female Twitch streamer?
    Determining the “best” female Twitch streamer is subjective, as it depends on individual preferences and interests. However, popular streamers like Pokimane, Amouranth, and Valkyrae are widely recognized for their influence and content quality.
  5. Are virtual streamers becoming more popular?
    Yes, virtual streamers like Ironmouse and Shylily are gaining popularity, offering unique and engaging content through digital avatars. They represent an emerging trend in content creation, blurring the lines between reality and virtual entertainment.

All the female Twitch streamers on this list are superior at what they do. Viewers have different interests and fancies, so we cannot single out who the best female Twitch streamer is. One thing is for sure: these female Twitch streamers are worth following. 

Now that you know who the top female Twitch streamers are, you might want to learn more about virtual streaming in this “Virtual Stream 101: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide” article. 

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