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Working With the Best TikTok Templates 2022

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Whether you're an influencer, a business marketer, a creative, or just someone who loves having a blast with socials, working with the best TikTok templates 2022 can do amazing things for you! While most of these videos are merely a minute or less long, so many factors come into play for you to capture your audience's attention and get the best results.

Crafting fun and captivating videos is not as intimidating as it used to be. Gone are the days when hiring professionals was the only choice for your brand to be noticed and heard. There are lots of TikTok templates free of charge that you can utilize to get your feet wet while learning all the dynamics. Also, you could benefit greatly from using the best social media management tools. Know more about it in our Mish Guru review.

So, today we are going through 10 of the best TikTok trending templates that you can use for free. In this way, streamlining social media marketing will be a whole lot easier. Once you discover all their resources and editing tools, you'll be more inspired to come up with creative shoots to boost your social media presence. Let's get started!


Canva logo
Create and edit TikTok videos without the need to download any software

Is Canva good for TikTok videos? Most people know Canva as something you use to create graphics. But the good thing about it is you could make and edit your TikTok videos without having to download any software. There's a difference between the paid and free versions, but right now we're going to focus on the latter.

Can Canva post to TikTok? Absolutely. There are vertical videos specially made for TikTok, so this is usually 1080 by 1920. The good thing about Canva is there's no need for you to know all the nitty-gritty technical stuff. All you need to do is just look at the video tab, or type in the kind of video you want to make.

On the templates page, there are so many templates to choose from. You can preview them so you know which one best suits your content. Right then and there you can add more clips based on your template. You add, delete, and edit as many times as you like. This is super helpful when you're creating your videos from scratch. There are also lots of premade videos that you can use for free, and those you have to pay for.


VistaCreate logo
Awesome designs and editing features await you with VistaCreate

Where can I find TikTok templates, you ask? VistaCreate is another mobile app you can try. Here, you can create awesome designs using its editing features. All you need to do is browse the library to find a template you wish to use, then get rid of the elements you don't want to be a part of your design.

Click on the text blocks in the template so you can switch them with your own text. Choose which color you like then play around with its fonts and sizes. There are also objects you can utilize for your background so your text would pop out.

Another cool feature of this up is the mask. Masks make designs fun and eye-catching. You can either use a static or animated mask. First, choose a mask shape and content you wish to use for the mask. Then choose from its files or upload your own videos or photos. Now you can edit and position them in the design. These dynamic elements simply make your designs stand out.

You can also play with animations. To animate objects, click on them then choose the effect. Next, select the music that goes well with your chosen design. You can choose from a wide variety of music tracks in different genres. Cut the track and viola! You're done! You can now download it in the format that you need, in this case, to all your TikTok followers.


Kapwing logo
Quick and easy editing now made easy with Kapwing

Are there templates in TikTok you can use from Kapwing? There sure are. Kapwing allows you to make the editing process quick and easy. Everything from filming, editing, and sharing your TikTok video with your audience. And now it has partnered with TikTok to give you a simpler way to reach your viewers with your video.

The app now has a Share to TikTok button that opens a whole new flow for creation and content sharing. This gives you the freedom and flexibility in making your videos and takes away the hassle of manually downloading and uploading your finished videos to share them on TikTok.

In the past, it required a lot of clicks but now it's reduced to just a few. Start by using one of their TikTok templates which they have an entire library to choose from. These are free stock assets with zero copyright, which include video clip images, GIFs, and music.

Once you're done creating your video, tap on the export button found in the top right corner. On the final video page, once your video is finished loading, you will see a TikTok button. Go through the steps to connect your TikTok account to Kapwing. Your video will then automatically be in the TikTok app on your phone. On your notifications in your app, you will be able to click the video or add anything else you want to via the TikTok editor. Choose your caption and thumbnail, then publish your video.


Vimeo logo
Produce and publish content directly on TikTok with Vimeo

Now here's some good news for SMBs looking to utilize TikTok in their marketing efforts. TikTok has partnered with Vimeo to launch the SMB Ad tools.

Vimeo and TikTok teamed up to deliver various advertising options to folks with small and medium-sized business enterprises. There are more creative tool offers for these SMBs, showing that TikTok is evolving into the kind of digital advertising competing with Instagram and Snapchat.

TikTok's shift towards SMB and revenues reminds users of Facebook's entry into the digital advertising realm. This was after it became the first non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion downloads. Vimeo Create uses AI tools to help brands produce as well publish content directly onto TikTok. This makes TikTok an aggressive digital ad competitor vying for its own market share.


Biteable logo
Stunning TikTok videos in just a few clicks is now possible with Biteable

Do you want to create a stunning video in just three easy steps? Now you can do this using Biteable's latest version. TikTok has evolved from being a source of entertainment to a source of valuable information. So whether you're doing an ad, explainer, presentation, or any kind of video all you have to do is do these three steps.

First, add a scene. These are the building blocks of any video. Videos can be created from a single scene or many different scenes. Next, select what you wish to show in your scene. You can choose from a million images or 800,000 video clips.

There is a search function for finding exactly what you're looking for. Finally, add your text. Each scene has its own text field which you can move around. Or, you can also add or delete one. To make the text pop out, add a splash of color then animate your text with a single click. It's that easy.

What if you're truly in a rush, you say? Or your creative juices are not in the mood on this day? No worries because there's a way to cheat all of these three steps by using its ready-to-edit templates. Use them as they are, or make them your foundation for your upcoming video.


Clipchamp logo
Create amazing TikTok videos using Clickchamp's templates collection

Here is another TikTok integration that you will love. First, you create your video using its ready-made made TikTok templates collection. Once you're done with editing you can begin exporting. Head over to the right-hand side and click on the export button. Choose your resolution then click continue.

It will now begin exporting so you have to wait for that to finish. Once the export is complete it will be saved to your computer. For the TikTok integration, hover over to where it says save or share your video. A new option will appear that lets you send to TikTok. Connect your TikTok account by authorizing it.

Once your TikTok account is connected, you can now send straight through to TikTok by clicking send. Once the upload is complete the video is now sent straight through your TikTok app. You will get a notification to let you know that your video is ready to post.

Next, jump out of the editor and go straight to the TikTok app on your phone. There, you will see how simple and easy the integration is to use. Go to the TikTok app and go straight to your inbox. At the very top, you're going to see a notification from Clipchamp to let you know your video is ready. Click on the notification for the next step. Now you can go ahead and complete the normal steps to uploading a TikTok video.


FlexClip logo
Spice up your TikTok uploads with FlexClips awesome customizable templates

Using FlexClip's customizable template is another exciting way to perk up your TikTok uploads. First, drag and drop or browse to add photos or videos into your media library. Next, add media to the storyboard. Add this as a background or use it for creating a picture-in-picture effect. Step 3 is adding text, and step 4 is adding elements. Step 5 is adding music to your amazing video. Now, your video is up and ready to upload on TikTok! It’s that easy.


Simplified logo
Take away the complications of your TikTok journey creation with Simplified

Editing videos can be complicated, and if you're new, you might be too daunted to continue your TikTok journey as a creator. This is why you should use the Simplified Video Editor, the simplest way to edit your videos. There are loads of templates to choose from. Create videos in every dimension and customize them using premium stock videos.

Add and adjust easily by using one-click presets. But if you like, you can also customize every detail as you please. Then add music that best suits your content. Real-time editing allows you to collaborate instantly if you have a team. Everything you will ever need is already Simplified.


Pexels homepage
Get stunning visuals for your TikTok creations with Pexels

Here is another royalty-free and no copyright image site for getting stunning visuals for your business or personal use. And in this case, for your TikTok creations. It has thousands of images and videos to fit your specific needs. You can also create collections within the site, but you don't have to, and you can just download what you need and then edit it the way you see fit. Then you're good to go! Also, try to increase your social media engagement using social media management software. Learn more about it in our Denim Social review.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements homepage
Take advantage of Envato Elements' free trial and try out its creative assets and graphic templates for your TikTok videos

Now, Envato Elements is a subscription-based service. We included it here among the free list simply because it offers a free trial. It will give you access to millions of creative assets, which include royalty-free photos and graphic templates that you can use for your TikTok videos.

Members can have unlimited downloads and utilize any asset from the library elements. It also offers various deals and discounts as well as other Envato services. It is very easy to use and has a convenient all-in-one search feature. Results include photos, videos, animations, and music, and include everything related to your search keywords.

Stand Out by Using the Best TikTok Templates 2022

TikTok is the one place where creatives, influencers, and marketers can get massive, organic reach. Here, you can find new people and new audiences that would love what you have to say. You only need one video to go viral and this can literally change your life, your brand, and your business. Everything can change and explode overnight without you even knowing it. Once you master TikTok, you can master all other social media platforms.

So, start this venture the right way by doing your own research. Whether it's using the best templates, learning the best way to edit videos, or how to create eye-catching captions, among others. Again, this may start as a hobby, but it could end up becoming a real life-changer for you. In the end, it's all up to you. To get a better idea of how to make awesome TikTok content, read our post "Get Into The Groove: Top 15 Best TikTok Dance Challenges 2022."

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