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Building A Business Website: 6 Shortcomings To Overcome Today

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If you are building a business website from scratch, nothing could be more adventurous for you. Having a website will give you an online presence that you have never enjoyed before. You could become popular among your audiences and even enjoy an additional stream of income. All in all, building a business website could turn out to be a rewarding experience both for your company and your customers. But every website out there has a few shortcomings, and your website will be no different. This article talks about a few such aspects that you should bear in mind when creating a business website:

Forgetting To Create An Interesting Landing Page

Have you ever opened Amazon? This website has a different landing page every time.
  • Dynamic display that keeps on moving
  • Four or five sliders
  • Video that reveals the latest launches
  • The blocks underneath give you a categorized view of your searches
It is time to get inspired.

Looking To Design It Yourself

Let's assume that you are a web designer. You also have a lot of knowledge about coding and backend development. But that does not mean that you have an excellent idea of what a business website should look like. Unless you have had professional experience in web design, you should not try your hand at it at all.

Not Knowing The Purpose Of The Website

If you are not aware of the purpose of the website you are creating, you won’t be able to get into a relationship with your customers. There’ll be no connection with your viewers. The website that you are trying to create should be able to address the issues that matter to your audience. You must hire backend developers who are capable of delivering a website that raises the concerns of your target market and promises to give them the most appropriate solutions. Now, if you are creating an online marketplace, you must ensure the following:
  • A long list of sellers
  • Filtering features
  • A wide spectrum of payment options
  • 24-hour delivery option
  • Incredibly fast loading times
  • Dynamic web page layout
  • Dedicated review section
There are plenty of features that will be determined by the purpose of your website.

Do You Have A Lot Going On?

Laptop on a table Did you forget to display more relevant business information in favor of design elements that your website does not need? This could be one of the biggest shortcomings of your business website. If you have added tons of images and videos, it is only going to distract your user from the actual purpose of the visit. And, the same goes for your call-to-action button. It is also going to create a lot of confusion for your prospects, which could result in decreased organic traffic. Remember, you are not supposed to cram too much visual information, or an excess of anything for that matter on your business website. The design has to be clean with intelligent use of white space as well.

Bad Bad Bad CTA

Yes, you just came across the word CTA, which is your call-to-action button. A badly designed call-to-action button will result in your visitors avoiding clicking. In fact, the clearer you are in choosing this text, the better it is going to be for your company and your customers. Your CTA has to be very concise. It should tell your customers what exactly is going to happen once they click on that button. For example, it should tell them that it is going to take them to a different page or perhaps to an online form that they have to fill out. It could also lead them to automatically sign up for your weekly newsletter or perhaps order a free or highly discounted sample of your product. Unless these points are clear, your CTA is bound to fail.

Not Making It Mobile-Friendly

Your website has to be mobile-friendly. If it is not, your users are going to reject it completely. The majority of customers today use some kind of smart device that is constantly connected to the internet. It could be a smartphone or a tablet. They are looking for instant gratification on the go. Forgetting to make your website mobile-friendly or not optimizing it for smart devices is a big mistake.


Building a website from scratch is interesting, but only if you follow a few norms that are prevalent in the industry. Get inspired by your contemporaries. Take a look at what other players in the industry are doing. Conduct market research wherever necessary and make sure that your website is something your customers will talk about.
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